2 Chapter 2: First Training, ‘WOW’

‘ You need to drown yourself to come in this world’

That’s the only word that gives her sane. It is insane to drown yourself. “ No, maybe I’m insane right now! But that really seems real like it would happen!” Lisa talked to herself in her bedroom. ‘It is real’. Again, Oerin voice sounds again. If she inhuman world, they just can hear the voice. Lisa too speechless, like yeah what is this. ‘ Not drowning yourself kid, I’m just kidding, if you want to come here, our world… just come to La Vine forest, There is a door between these two worlds.’ Oerin give a true explanation.

After her lunch, Lisa forward to the La Vine forest, it is a public holiday today. She wanders around the forest and searches for ‘the door’ that Oerin said but it wasn’t there. But then, she saw a deep bush like a cave. “ Is it that door?” but it looks creepier like it is a bear cave. However, her inner self says to her to go in there. ‘go, go, go’ Like there is someone else in her. Lisa slowly walks into the bush and there is a super bright blue light. Like she was passed in nothing. She’s in another world.

“ Wow! Why so beautiful?” her eyes being fall with the scenery there. “ So, this is Glaverstone Kingdom? Also, Glaverstone City in my world.” Lisa whispered to herself. Suddenly, there is an arrow shoot in front of her eye!!! “ There is him! The intruder! Catch him!” a loud and crowded of people nowhere come like they are chasing something. And then there is someone come out rushing like being chased. He bumps into Lisa. “ Auch! Who are you? “ Lisa asked first but the situation is urgent, The boy garb Lisa’s hand and they run together. ‘ The intruder?’ Lisa remembered a few people said just now. “ Wait! I’m not the intruder like you!” Lisa said while running along. “ But now, you are!” they keep running.

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They find a secret place to hide. Lisa out of breath. “ Who are you?” Lisa asked this suspicious guy. The guy sat down slowly and stares at her. “ I’m Sean Bradly, called me Sean” Sean started to intro. “ You’re ?” “ Human. Just like you.” Sean continued his words. “ Wow! Well, it’s not just me but why they called you intruder?” Lisa curious. “ Well, I don’t know, when I’m started reach here, they suddenly chased and call me that. So, I happen to bump into you so, I drag with you along… My bad sorry!” Sean explained. “ I’m Lisa btw,” Lisa just sigh. She keeps observed the hidden place. “ We need to get out there and go to Headow palace.” She already determined.

“ They’re here!” One of the crowd people found them. “ We’re busted! Come, Lisa!” Sean quickly urges them to go behind the bush. Again, they become a runner! But not at that time. “ Aargh!” Someone attacks Lisa from behind. A boy. “ Why you run girl!?” the boy asked. Lisa gives anger stares. She’s hurt from the kick just now. Rudeboy! ‘ Well, Lisa, you also have basic Karate!’ She tried to fight back. Unfortunately, the forest becomes darken, and her sight too. She collapsed. All dark!

Lisa opens her eyes, she already in the Headow Palace. “ aah! My head dizzy!”. “ Welcome, Lisa!”. She saw Oerin, Sean, and a few people here. “ Wow! What’s happened? Sean we’re caught?” Lisa in confused. Sean grinned. “ You’re succeed on your first test my dear,” Oerin compliments make her blank. “ What?”. “ This is the first test, running and catch! Sean is your senior here and he also a human just like you, as a bait to make you run from those guards and you’re caught by Cecil, the one who kicks you from behind just now…” Oerin explained more. Lisa just smile. “ But I’m being caught…” … “ Yes, but at least you have a desire to fight back, that’s enough for today… I will pass you to Agrada, God of Armour. She will train you.” Oerin leaves.

The few people approach her. “ Hi! I’m Thora and this is Eileen, we’re also your team. And that’s is Trixx and Kay, they are senior like Sean and Cecil.” Thora starts to approach this new girl. While Kay and Trixx leave as they show no interest to Lisa. Eileen also smile to her. “ Well, Lisa you already knew your ability?” Eileen start to join so. Lisa shakes her head, “ I don’t know, I just had a few nightmare” “ A future vision to be exact…” Sean join the conversation. He smiled at Lisa. Lisa just sigh. “ Maybe,”. “ Sean, come practice dude!” Cecil asked him to leave the newbie there. “ So, to more, Thora, me and you is new here…” Eileen said that. They’re three is newbie. “ You’re human too?” Lisa asked. “ No, we’re are soul only. in this soul kingdom. Well, here we’re same from physically…” Thora explain.

After, her first test, Lisa being summoned to Patrice’s Hall by Tugros. Not only her but all the trainees. Sean, Cecil, Trixx, Kay, Thora, Eileen, and Leon, he is a senior too. “ So, the eight of you have been met. Your team is complete right now, you may start your first training as a team!” Tugros is the King here. “ Yes, your Majesty!” all eight answer the King order! They leave the hall. As there is a hierarchy here, The group split again, senior and junior. But then, “ Three of you please catch up with us!” Sean called for them. Sean basically is the team leader. Others just listen to him. Even Kay and Trixx also can’t object him.

All eight of them in the training field. Lisa and Eileen were figuring out what to do as they don't have any idea to train first. Thora already knows her ability which is her strength is 10X of normal people. So, she already catches up with Trixx and Kay. Things are not some happen to Lisa and Eileen. “ Both of you, follow Leon and start practicing…” Sean give the order. In their eyes, Leon seems too be a chilly senior among all. “ Come on, girl…” Leon just smirks. For Lisa, she expect tough and exciting training while Eileen thought it will be so furious and adventurous. What kind of practice they had for the first time!?...

“ Oh no! This is terrible!” Lisa starts to complain while her back already carried two bucks of water. “ Leon, is this reality of training?” Eileen asked. Both have been carrying the waterbucks and keep walking around the garden. “ Yes, and this is about our five rounds!” Lisa tired. She put the bucks down. Eileen followed. “ Are you serious?!” Lisa is about to lose her temper. Leon smiled. “ This is it, your first training! To know what’s level of your strength…” Leon explained. “ That’s a little, loser…” Trixx come nowhere and annoyed Lisa. Lisa stares and continues carrying the bucks. She will do. “ Come on Eileen! We can do it!”. They continue to practice it. “ That girl, really have a temper… we need to watch out, especially you Trixx!” Leon warns Trixx for teasing the newbie.

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