19 Chapter 19: Untold Story.

Stanley Marguerite was a bright and cheerful person ever, she had the dream to be a successful singer idol together with her twin sister. Even though, her sister Perry Marguerite debut before her but that does not lose her hope to train more and more. Her twin sister, Perry debut as a solo singer while she wants to do as a girl group idol. Stanley scouted by her sister’s company entertainment as she also got all her talent like Perry. She trained with other trainee idols and prepared for the debut stage. Everything was fine until last year, Stanley suddenly changed. She lived with her twin sister but then she was asked to live at the dormitory together with her member that will debut soon.

“ Why should you live there?” Perry opposed her decision.

“ I want to stand on my feet, I don’t want to live with you anymore!”

She said that with a high voice, they argue with each other as her twin sister opposed her decision to move into the dormitory. Perry speechless with Stanley’s behavior. Her Stanley was never rude like this. She’s a polite and obedient sister. Stanley rushes herself packing her luggage as she wants to move right away.

“ O…Okay, but at least tell me!” Perry tried to understand her.

Stanley turns to Perry and stares at her. “ You won’t understand me! I’m leaving!”

Stanley firm with her decision and left the house. Perry can’t do anything unless let her go. Since that day, Perry becomes apart from her twin sister and the obvious is Stanley is avoiding her actually.

After leaving her sister’s house, she regretted but how should she do it? She’s crying in the taxi heading to her dormitory. All she does is protect herself and her sister. This is the only decision she had. She hates when other trainee said she got scouted because of her twin sister, Perry. She had to be discriminated against while she is on trainee time. It’s almost a year she got bullied by other trainees, but she keeps it on herself and not telling anyone else. Stanley tears p when she reminds it suddenly.

Stanley comes into the dormitory room that was given to her. She scared but she mustered up her courage.

“ Hey, you already arrived huh. Slug!” Stephanie greets her with the harsh words already.

Kira smirks and giggles at Stephanie’s jokes. It’s not a joke it’s slander actually. Stanley only looks at the floor. She needs to hold it.

“ Stop it!”

It’s her, Ying, the only true friend and always kind to Stanley. Ying took the luggage.

“ I will show your room, all of us will have our own room.” Ying helped Stanley to her room.

Kira and Stephanie annoyed and just saw them leaving the living room.

“ Ugh! I hate seeing her!” Kira leash out her anger.

“ Me too! That’s bitch will not be able to keep it up with us! She’s nothing but her twin sister!”

They both hate Stanley because they were jealous of her without realizing it. They also spread false rumors about Stanley among the trainees. So, who are they exactly who jealous of Stanley's life?


Her real name was Stephanie Jonathan Allison. She was the Chairwoman Nita’s niece. She one of the members of STARRY that will be debut soon. She’s the one who hates so much on Stanley because Stanley got everyone's attention during the first trainee day.


Her real name was Kirana Walls. She’s the real kick-ass person as she closed to Stephanie because she wants to gain more popularity around her. However, she hates Stanley and became a companion with Stephanie to bullied and harsh toward Stanley. She is also a member of STARRY that will be debut soon.

These two who keep harassing Stanley during trainee time until now. Their hatred increased when Stanley also in the lineup to debut as a STARRY girl group. What’s about the one who always with Stanley?


Her real name was Eying Mei. She’s Chinese mix Mexican. She’s the only one who kind to her. Ying always cleans up messes made by Stephanie and Kira anywhere. She’s also one and the last member of STARRY.

“ It’s okay, I’ll always there for you, Stanley…”

The time has come! It was their debut stage day. All four of them get ready to perform their debut song. Stanley was so brights the time has come. She did it! She’s finally a singer! And also, dancer! Stanley look at Ying and gave her a big smile!


They start performing! Their song became hits and they also had their fandom!

Stephanie annoyed seeing the smile on Stanley's face! After their performance, Stephanie and Kira grabbed Stanley to their waiting room. They locked the door so Ying can’t come to back her up! Ying currently went to the bathroom.

Stephanie pushed Stanley hard to the wall. Stanley fells on the ground due to the strength. Looks like Stephanie mad at her this time.

“ What’s so happy huh? I already told you not to smile! Bitches!” Stephanie slapped Stanley’s face!

“ It’s disgusting to see you smile!” Kira joined to mock her! She also poured juice on Stanley’s clothes.

Stanley holds her fist. She can’t hold it anymore! Before this, she holds it because she needs to debut. That’s why she never pays back to Stephanie and Kira. Now! She’s already debut. Stanley stands up and pushes Stephanie and Kira behind.

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“ Get off!”

Stanley quickly unlock the door and went to the bathroom and get change. They will be held a fan meeting in no time. Her action startled Kira and Stephanie. But it’s also increased their annoyance to her.

“ She’s daring huh. Just you wait Stanley at the dormitory soon!”

“ We will get you back! Erghh!”

During the fan meeting, Stanley again got more attention from the fans and also, she’s smiling all the time. What’s more, is her uniform is different from others… That’s why she catches everyone's attention and she also has various talents. “ She’s really got on my nerves!”

Stanley really polite and friendly with her fans. She knew this action may harm her soon but what? She’s already holding it in a long time. She’s not someone who can pushover. All she does is she doesn’t want to trouble her twin sister. Stanley saw her sister. She’s excited and gets up!

“ Perry!”

Yes, her twin sister comes to her fan meeting and debut stage to show her appreciation and congratulate her.

“ Congratulations girl!”.

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