18 Chapter 18: Vampire Mission!

Sean and Thora Situation…

Both of them find a good place for their undercover. Thora and Sean separated and hides in two different places but not so far from each other.

“ Thora, remember what I said.” Sean reminds her before he left her alone.

“ I get it.”

Thora uses her 10X vision to scan the whereabouts of Mr. Han.

“ He’s coming, Leon’s prediction is right, he is aiming for this woman who lived alone.”

Thora gives the signal to Sean. Mr. Han is about 200 meters from them. At this time, the woman also had fallen asleep already. It’s 2.00 a.m. . They just wait for Mr. Han to come closer. Their plan was to chase away this person from killing innocent people. As Mr. Han coming close, Sean used his abilities.

Out of nowhere, the spot where Mr. Han stands suddenly shining with sunlight.

“ What!? It’s night!? Why there is a light! Ughh! Hurts!” Mr. Han starts to feel the pain.

Sean still make the light hotter and stronger than before. It was his ability to create and control light, any light!

“ Now! Thora! He can’t see already!”

Yes, if the light was so strong, the vampire will temporarily blind and loss their sense, they get I from the investigation team information. It’s going to be Thora's turn to beat him up. Thora gives it a go and the most meaningful is she even give it slapstick.

“ Thora! Quickly!” Sean keeps his laugh.

Then, Thora and Sean left the scene after they set up some trick around the woman's house in case Mr. Han still insist to kill that woman.

They return to Lisa’s house, their identities still in mystery as this is their precaution.

Looks like, the early team that finished their plan was Cecil and Trixx.

“ I bet they won’t coming again right?” Lisa told a joke.

It’s because they both are pro in using their abilities. Maybe Mr. Ken thought there is even a ghost other than him. Trixx and Cecil just go along with others.

“ So, you catch him?” asked Trixx.

Lisa nods. The timid vampire, Mr. Jay. He’s the weak one.

“ Here, he is!” Lisa opens the sack bag that covered the head.

His eyes, being closed, he’s also being tied. They will ask this guy more questions.

“ Kay, try your healing abilities to cure him first!” Sean asked for Kay.

They discovered that this time of magic doesn’t have items to be destroyed like before. Looks like the M.I.B.H also had various of magic and trick. For now, they relied on Kay to try first. Kay sit behind Mr. Jay's body and placed her hand on his back to start healing him.

“ Erghh!”

“ Kay!”

After a few minutes, Kay loss her balance and torn out from the process. However, her efforts show some results. Mr. Jay become normal for a while, but he still had his fangs, only his heartbeat returned for a while. He’s still in his sane.

“ Mr. Jay?” Lisa calling.

Mr. Jay moved his head and try to find the voice, they still covered his eyes.

“ He’s normal for now, quick! Ask him!” Kay said in her weak state.

“ Mr. Jay, what’s Perry is up to?” Leon asking.

Out of hesitation, Mr. Jay starts to speak up. He knew that what Perry’s doing is wrong right now. Even he cannot stop her for now. Maybe these people can help him out.

“ Perry, she wants to revenge for her twin sister’s death. She will kill all the related to her death. Then, she wants to commit suicide after all her plan succeeds.”

“ Perry twin sister?” Cecil was curious.

“ Stanley Marguerite… that’s why all the murdered cases left with STARRY M, ST stan for Stanley M for Marguerite while STARRY also is the Girl Group Band name. They all include in Stanley death except for Ying.”

He gave it all the clue to them. However, Kay’s power effects seem to weaken and Mr. Jay starts to groan. He returns to the state of the vampire. Before it too late, Thora hits him behind the neck. Mr. Jay blackout.

“ We need to keep him…”

“ But where?”

All eyes went to Lisa as this is her house. For the sake of her beloved team members, Lisa suggests the place. After all, this house also huge and have many rooms. But… the abandoned one is…

“ Underground basement…” said Lisa and they start to move him there.

It’s a relief because the basement was the place that no one even comes in. It is because the basement was Lisa’s father's workplace before he died. After the death, her mum closed that place as she doesn’t want anyone to intrude in that place except for Lisa and herself.

They need to keep Mr. Jay to make more relevant cures to expel the cursed. Even it will take a while, but they already got some idea from Agrada.

“ Let’s called it for today…” Sean wrapped the mission here.

Perry's situation...

“ What you mean!?”

Perry on rage after Mr. Han and Mr. Ken told her something. She stands up and glares at the two of them. She was angry because of the news brought by Mr. Han.

“ So, you mean that someone is getting my way?” she asked.

“ Yes, tonight we can’t even kill anyone to get their blood for you…’ answered Mr. Han.

One of the main purposes of killing was they need to collect the blood for Perry. Perry won’t dirty her own hand to kill people.

“ So? Use your brain! If you can’t get the human blood… at least… get the animal's blood!” Perry raised her voice.

Mr. Han and Mr. Ken can’t even look at Perry She was scarier than any devil right now plus her hungry state may worst it.

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“ They even caught Mr. Jay, Perry…” Mr. Ken speak up.

“ What!?”

She gets annoyed. These people get on her nerves. Who are they to muddle with her way? Perry steps out from the darkness in her room.

“ Find them!”

She won’t let anyone messed up her revenge!

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