17 Chapter 17: Mission Code!

“ Tonight! Meet up here!”.

Sean gives the address of the meet-up place taken tonight to all of them. Lisa had her forehead wrinkled. She feels familiar with the address given by Sean.

“ Wait? This is my house address?” she figured it out. Sean gives a meaningful smile.

The night comes after the funny and speechless day passed along with Lisa. Lisa already waits for all of them in her room. She thinks they might come through the window or maybe suddenly pop out of nowhere. So, she just waits for them in her room.

“ Lisa! We will have guests today okay?” Mrs. Castillo reminds Lisa. She comes home early today after heard there will be a guest. “ Come on! Help me in the kitchen!”.

Lisa goes downstairs to help her mum.

Ting! Tong!

The doorbell ringing means the guest is here. Lisa quickly opens the door. She’s surprised to see the guest!

“ Cecil?! Leon?!” she’s flustered right away.

“ Oh! Two of you already arrived. Come in please…” Mrs. Castillo welcoming them.

“ Mrs. Castillo, I brought my two friends here, can they join us too?” Leon asking.

It was Kay and Sean. Lisa speechless, How did they get the identity actually?

“ Sure! Come in!”

Now, Lisa’s house got merrier than before after the unexpected guest coming. They gather at the dinner table to have some meals.

“ What is this?” Lisa whispered to Cecil that sit down beside her.

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“ I’m your step-cousin, that’s my identity here…” Cecil replied.

“ What about Leon?”

“ He’s your uncle!”

Lisa widened her eyes as she speechless with the fact. She now had uncle and cousin out of nowhere. So far, she’s okay, this world really unpredicted. They eat together and finished their meals. According to her mum, these four people will stay here for a week as Cecil’s father had a business trip soon. So, they will oversleep at Lisa’s house. That’s only a fate create by Uncanny Soul World for these situations actually.

For now, they need to wait for the other to come along to discuss their mission this time.

“ They will pop out okay!” said Kay said it. Lisa impressed with their roleplaying actually. This is the crazy identity ever she heard. After a while, Trixx, Eileen, and Thora finally here. They pop out suddenly like said by Kay.

Sean showed the hologram about Perry’s activities for all these days. So, they had sure that Perry turned to be the bloodsucking creature. The evil creatures that feared by humankind. Other than that, Perry also has her own subordinates which is the manager and her two bodyguards also being turned into bloodsucking creatures. This situation has been worse because they make up chaos by killing innocent people.

“ What about the dead people that they had sucked their blood?” Trixx asked.

Sean changes the hologram again.

“ So far, none of them turn into the bloodsucking creatures. I think the one who been sucks by Perry’s only can turn into it.” Sean explained.

All of them nod. According to their investigating team, the bloodsucking creature here sucks the innocent people until their last blood drip. So, they don’t have a chance to reborn like that evil creature, they just die.

“ So, how we handle this mission?” Lisa speaks up.

“ Cecil?” Sean gave the authority to Cecil.

As usual, if there is a mission, the development, and procedure given to Cecil. It was his specialty and job to do. Cecil opens something in his bag. It’s technology of course! Cecil throws it at the wall and Bam! A modern and high quality of technology appears!

“ Introduce to all, this is Room Key Control Tech! All humankind info is here!” said Cecil.

They impressed the high-tech made by Cecil again this time. His ability is great. Cecil starts his move by sit in the middle of the key control. It was a keyboard. From behind it may look like a gamer on his seats. Cecil enters the code of their mission.

“ Okay… This mission we called it as Vampire Mission!” Cecil starts to explain. All the info appeared on the screen. Everything was there and they watched it.

“ So, we got the vision from Leon that her subordinates will kill again tonight.”

“ Our first mission is to stay up tonight and catch them in action.” Said, Cecil.

Lisa looks hesitant this time. She got a word in her mind. Leon who realized that asked her.

“ Lisa? Do you have something to say?” he asked.

“ I think I have a better idea…” she looks around her before she starts saying her words.

“ We need to split. One team finds the source of the bewitched. While the other may split to cancel their plan on killing tonight first. If we catch them in action, our identities will be discovered and that will make a problem later…” Lisa explained.

She has a better plan because she learned from their first mission.

“ I think that’s a good idea too.” Sean agreed.

“ Yes, me too!” all of them agreed with Lisa’s idea.

They need to know the weakness and also the plan of their enemy first before attacking them.

“ How to cancel their plan on killing tonight?” Thora asking.

“ Leon? Which street they’re hunting?” Sean asked.

“ 87 street. 83 street and 33 street.”

“ Vampire, right?” Sean sounds confident.

“ We split like this…”

Sean and Thora one team, Cecil with Trixx, Eileen with Lisa while Leon will stay with Kay here and try to find out the basis of the bewitched on Perry. They split up like that.

“ Lisa and Eileen, you guys go at 87 street, it was her manager, the easy one maybe… he looks like to observe his victim first.” Leon gave the tips.

Eileen and Lisa nod. They start their move and speared away to guard the street this night.

On the full moon tonight, Lisa and Eileen take a place undercover. It’s easy because Eileen uses her power to make both of them invisible and keep an eye on the street that is said by Leon.

“ You saw him?” Lisa asked. Eileen shakes her head. There’s no sign of Mr. Jay appeared at this time.

“ There he is!” Lisa spot him this time.

Looks like Mr. Jay was following a young man. It was his victim.

“ Eileen, get ready!”

As they know that Mr. Jay will kill when there only humans. If there are more people, he will keep tailing until the victim was alone again. Lisa plans to make the street merrier and she also spared a bottle of garlic water to spray. Lisa left the undercover and move toward Mr. Jay.

“ Hey! I want to ask you, something bro!” Lisa yelled out loud.

The young man startled and stops after hearing Lisa’s words.

“ What’s the wrong girl?” he asked.

“ Oh! Hey! Uncle! Come here!” Lisa asked for Mr. Jay. He actually surprised. As Mr. Jay come nearer.

“ Eileen! Now!”

Eileen appeared and make a cage to captured Mr. Jay! Lisa hit the young man and he fainted.

“ Who are you guys!?” Mr. Jay captured. He stuck in the water cage by Eileen. And he’s weakened and he collapsed. Their plan changed actually!

“ It was garlic and holy water!” Eileen smirks.

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