14 Chapter 14: The Revenge!

Her heart is burning with hatred! She’s mad. She wants to seek revenge! This kind of feeling makes her thirst more for bloody scenes. Seriously, she determined to revenge that one person who must be responsible for all of these. She holds the feelings but the only she got is pain. Perry Marguerite grab her own chest due to the incredible pain that struck her. ‘ what’s happening!?’ this pain won’t be relieved!’ she talks to herself. Since the incident at the shopping mall, she got warded in the hospital, it was not due to the shock, but she suddenly feels the pain that time. The pain slowly increases, and she needs to delay all her schedule on her performance. The weirdest is why she thirst for revenge! She suddenly recalls, she wants to avenge her twin sister's death for sudden. She thought that the case already closed and forgotten but after her blackout, she dreams about her twin sister calling for her. That’s what makes her suddenly have a great pain again in her chest and all she heard is ‘ Revenge. Revenge. Revenge.’ But no one heard that when she asked.

It’s been a week she endured this pain, Perry now at her home and having self-healing but still, nothing happened. She doesn’t know what to do. Her manager also had no ideas to deal with this situation. She looks hopeless laying on her bed due to the pain, she looks pales like a corpse. ‘ What’s wrong with me? Why I’m thirsty but…not a drink… I want blood…’ her inner thought comes out. Suddenly, she thirsts for blood. “ Manager Jay! Do not come in!” she warns her manager first. She scared of herself. ‘ Wondering why huh?’ sudden whisk voice appears. “ Who is it?!” Perry becomes sensitive. She might delusion but it’s not. It was a M.I.B.H member who comes to her in a black hoodie again. “ someone who helped you…” the man comes out from the dark at the edge of her room. Perry gives a glance… “ you’re the one who did this to me!?” Perry saw the face of the person. The man at the mall that day. “ what have you done to me!? Why I want to… ugh!” She felt the pain and also the thirst. That man smile, evil smile. He walks around the room and sits down all of sudden.

“ You want an explanation? But sure! You will thank me later…” the man still sits arrogantly. He plays hard with Perry with his mischievous smile too. Perry now in the weakest condition. The pain suddenly increased and that makes her can’t stand up to have a proper talk with the man. “ This is your gift, soon this city will have a new creature… bloodsucking demons… eh nope maybe vampire sounds more decent huh?” the man explained to Perry. She stares at him and that’s full of hatred. “Remember? Your twin sister? They all kill her, the one who makes you debut kill her, the company too, the one of the member in the same girl group with your sister… they all the killer!” the man more likely lures her to revenge. Perry shut her ear; she doesn’t want to listen anymore! It was so terrifying! She also hurt! “ Why won’t you kill them! Soon, you will have the power! So, go on and kill them! All of them!” the man said it more firmly and loud. And that caused the biggest pain to Perry. Even she closed her ears but then, she felt something about to come out from her body. She screamed out loud!

The screaming cools down, Perry stops screaming but it was a mutation maybe, she completely being bewitched. Her eyes turned to red colour. She also had two fangs within her teeth. She’s a vampire right now like the man who visited her said that there will be a new creature in here, Glaverstone City. “ Welcome! Mrs. Vampire, Perry Marguerite!” the man clapped his hands. “ Go and kill them!” he smirks and disappeared at once! Perry Marguerite now completely someone else, she had turned to the evil side of herself, all she remembers is the dark side of her life. She wants blood right now; it was vampire nature. She had a smile evil on her face!


Two of her bodyguard fall down and their blood all drained. Perry licks her lips, she fulls now and she also in the good mood. Her manager, Mr. Jay frightened at the front of the doors. “ I won’t drink your blood under one condition!” said Perry while staring at him. He looks down to the ground, his fear goes up! “ Y…Yes?” he answered her. “ Bring someone to take over your place or be directed I want this person…” Perry showed a woman picture. Mr. Jay dropped his jaws. “ It is Chairwoman Nita!” said him slowly. “ Yup! I want her!” Perry demands. Her first target was Chairwoman Nita. The one who cover up all the crime scenes that caused her twin sister’s death. “ That woman deserves death! Quickly! Bring her over!” Perry yelled loudly Mr. Jay quickly get out from the house and make a move to find Chairwoman Nita. The two bodyguards that had been down back to life but as a vampire. They are on their kneel towards Perry. The guys completely are vampires and acquainted with Perry too. “ Find your food on your own!” said Perry. The bodyguards nod and followed her order.

Breaking News!

‘There are two cases involved sudden murders at Street 19 in Glaverstone City last night. The purpose of murdering still unknown yet there is no evidence to be suspect until now. However, there is some sign left at the scenes.’ The reporters show the sign left behind through her camera. ‘ STARRY M’ also there is a tulip drawing with victim blood. Fortunately, this news across to Lisa as she’s watching the television at that time. She found that the cases were a little bit weird. ‘ Murder cases? At the same time?’ she talked to herself and also thinking. Lisa watches the news carefully and then she saw the sign left by the killer. “ STARRY M? this seems familiar?” she talked to herself and then suddenly! She got psychic vision again! Zupps! That’s was fast but she saw it! She saw it but it was not clear. The blurry face and scenes got her sudden pain. She suffocated in her vision. “ ugh! This is suffocating!” Lisa blackout again after seeing the vision when her body was not ready though. Definitely, she saw the vision, past? Present? Or maybe will be the future?

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