13 Chapter 13: Lisa Got Her New Training!

After the incident in the shopping mall. Lisa sends the message to Uncanny Soul World. She said that the girl already bewitched. And one more thing she told her teammates is it was the organization, not only one man. This news shocked Sean and others, they expected that the M.I.B.H was only human and one person but again it was a mystery organization. Even, that only Lisa’s suspicion but still they will alert and act like it was already decided. The gods asked their team to further the investigation lowly as they still lack information.

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Lisa finally come to another world after she sends the news. She also needs to continue her practice. “ Lisa, we got something for you…” Kay told her as soon she arrived there. “ What is it?” replied her. They really got her something. Kay takes her to the main base of the training field. This time Lisa speechless and impress to saw something there. “ Here! Your new way of practicing!” Sean welcome her. Cecil opens the huge cube make for Lisa to her training method. It was a huge and techno cube which has all the facilities to help her training. “ Wow! What is this?” she really impressed by that cube. “ We call it as Techno Cube TX, I made it…” Cecil proudly introduces the things to them. “ You made it? Are you sure!?” suddenly Trixx comes from behind and pushes Cecil. She jokes. “ It was us okay…” continue her. She won’t allow Cecil to take the credit alone. Lisa smiled after she saw that side of Trixx. “ Wow! Thank you all of you…” Lisa felt gratitude toward her colleagues. “ So, come on!” Eileen and Thora pull Lisa and head into the cube.

The cube was too huge and it looks like an expensive room but white and empty. The room was so spacious and enough for all the members to come in. Lisa was too excited. She in disbelief that the other will do this to her. This kind of feeling makes her tear up a little. She was too happy. “ I will be training harder than before!” said Lisa. “ So, Lisa let me introduce to you…” Cecil, the one who create this cube wants to start explaining the functions. “ So, this cube especially invent to fulfill the physical training for you and us… Because of your psychic vision tend to use your mentally training so this cube will not able to have that training okay?” Cecil finishes his explanation. Lisa nods to show her understanding. “ So, let’s starts to experience it!” Trixx asked everyone to start their training session.

This time Lisa get to train with everyone including Trixx and Kay as they never been trained together. “ Remember Lisa! Focus on your physical!” Kay reminds Lisa not to use her inner self and not to close her eyes. “ Alright! Let’s start!” as Lisa said that, the cube starts to stimulate the physical training field. Now, it looks like a gym as there are so many punching bags and other gym instruments. All Lisa need to do is to pass the five obstacles there. If she fails, then she needs to repeat it from challenge one. All over again and that applies to the other teammates too. “ Go!” Cecil be the host for this as he can control this cube. Lisa starts her challenge. The first challenge is there are five moving sandbags which is Lisa needs to punch randomly, but each sandbag consists of different points, so she needs to score 200 then she succeeds. Lisa smirks as she saw the moving sandbags, this is easy for a karate athlete dude! She passed the first challenge.

Next, she easily passed the second challenge which is the kicks session. Now, she’s moving on to the third challenge. Lisa’s stamina looks strong, she still in a good shape until now after score 200 punch and 300 kicks. She’s ready for the third challenge that may take a little time to starts. “ Bring it on!” Lisa said it confidently to Cecil. Cecil nods and pushes the button. The third challenge is Laser Chaser. Lisa speechless this time. She must run away from the laser and turn it off but it’s not that easy. “ What?! You make me run! After these punch and kicks!” Lisa starts complaint. Sean and other members giggle after heard to her complaint. Despite her complaint, Lisa still manages to run away as much as she can. Luckily, she found out it was a pattern laser and she did it. She succeeds to turn off the laser anyways. Lisa flipped after she’s landing on the land. “ She’s doing well huh?” Leon praised her when he saw her flipping action seems cool.

Lisa easily passed the fourth stage too. The fourth challenge is about the fastest and strength too. So, she easily passed it by scoring to the target. Now, she’s about to do the fifth challenge, her curiosity increased to know about the fifth stage challenge. She waits patiently while she breaths heavily as her stamina slowly decreases. “ alright, the last one! It’s us!” Cecil said. Lisa confused but then, she gets it. “ Fight with all of you?” she guesses it. “ Nope, only me!” Trixx suddenly appears in front of her. Lisa speechless because honestly, she never had a match with Trixx or practice with her. “ Jeez! Seriously!” She’s about to complain again. However, she already in ready positions to starts the practice. “ It’s a training Lisa!” Trixx smiled, it’s kind of provoking actually. Lisa smirks. “You will be passed, if you can attack successfully to Trixx but if she attacks you, you failed.” Said Sean. Lisa nods as she gets it. “ Start!” the alarm goes on. Lisa starts to attack first, she also professionally use her teleportation but sadly Trixx can avoids all her attacks. All left is her heavy breath because she’s tired out already.


Trixx smoothly punches and attacks Lisa at behind because at that time Lisa was resting and her guard is down. “ Failed!” Sean shouted at once. “What!?” Lisa upset but then she’s laying down. The tired is more than upset. “ It’s cool Lisa! At least you passed four-stage already…” Eileen and Thora comfort her. Lisa smiled. “ It’s not enough!” she said slowly. She downed her head to hide her unsatisfied with her performance. “ Take a rest first, try to cultivate your inner energy okay?” Kay gave her a tip. It’s another time to try out the challenge in this cube. Lisa knows, she’s a bit slower than others in physical training. Her teammates passed easily all the stage. That’s why she’s being competitive but it’s good that now her teammates not looking down at her, they always cheer her up and support her.

After the training, they gather in the cube to discuss. This techno cube has all the resistance from any device or technology too. They’re about to discuss the new incident in the human world as reported by Lisa. “ It’s about Perry Marguerite…” all eyes on him as Sean starts his topic. “ Perry Marguerite, 23 years old, a soloist singer and famous in Glaverstone City. She’s been bewitched as Lisa stated about three days ago…” said Sean. He explained about the M.I.B.H victim this time. “ I’m too late to save her from the bewitched incident if I was there early…” Lisa about to blame herself. “ No, this is not your fault, stop it… so we will wait for what this girl will do after the possession.” Said Kay. Others nod as they get it. A person that bewitched by M.I.B.H will make a fuss and disturbance. For this time, Perry Marguerite still silent and not doing anytime, there is an article that said that Perry o hiatus due to the shock that day. For this time, they need to watch her over by using Leon’s abilities. They can’t use Lisa’s psychic vision as that risking Lisa’s life.

“ Lisa, we will keep practicing, don’t forget to focus on your stamina and physical only okay…” Sean said to Lisa. She nods. They continue to practice individually. Lisa practice with Trixx and Eileen. She’s determined this time as she wants to take the challenge cube again. The team keeps training as Agrada not assign them for any task yet so they just doing their daily activities.

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