12 Chapter 12: M.I.B.H

After she knows about her new ability Lisa avoids herself from using the power or training with it. The other members find that situation hard for Lisa and they are discussing to practice something else with her. Trixx went to Oerin for having some ideas to helps Lisa maybe. “ You seem to care a lot with Lisa?” said Oerin when she with Trixx. “ She saved me.” The short answer from Trixx makes Oerin relieved. It’s a habit for Trixx if someone saves her, she will always protect the person. “ You can help her to concentrate on other abilities, make sure that she will not be having a fling of psychic vision, it may affect her future dream control too, beware of that…” Oerin gave the tips, all Lisa’s doing will be related so they can’t be careless. “ You may teach her to practice for her inner energy too. Even though she had basic combat skills but still she’s a newbie in here.” Oerin continues. Trixx nods, at least she can help Lisa and her team with that.

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“ Hey, guys! I met Oerin! Here what she told me…” Trixx comes back to the training field where their teammates there except for Lisa because she needs to go back to the human world. Trixx told everything that Oering said to her. They will plan a nice and forceful training for Lisa until her soul is able to accept the psychic vision ability. “ So, each of us will in charge to create a new training method for Lisa before she comes here, remembers! This is your task… dismiss!” Sean ends the meeting soon as he gave everyone a task. They will have new strategies for training, and it will be applied to all souls that training in this Headow Palace. Now, they start to make a new method of training due to Lisa's conditions. Agrada watched them quietly, it’s been a long time not seeing the team having great team spirits. Once, the team not having enough members, next they are bickering each other but in the end, this team finally cherish each other and showed great teamwork. She proud and smiled.

Human World…

Lisa is resting while watching television in her living rooms. She got no schedule as this is still on her summer break. To be honest, she’s feeling so bored right now, her mum doesn’t allow her to go out as she still recovering. “ This won’t do, I need to call Hellen!” finally she realized that it’s been a long since her chats with Hellen. Lisa takes her smartphone and calls for Hellen. “ Hey! I miss you girl!” Lisa greets first. She was always that bright. “ What’s up ?” Hellen asked over the phone. “ Why don’t we go out this evening? I only can go out if it is with you okay… blame Mrs. Castillo for this…” said Lisa while Hellen cracked with her cold jokes. “ Gosh! Sure! I will pick you up okay! Wear pinkish okay!” Hellen replied. “ Yes! Thank you, I’ll wait for you nah! Bye!” Lisa ends the conversation. Then, she quickly going up to prepare herself for going out this evening. Pinkish huh? Sure, she will wear very pinkish today. Lisa excited.

Time passed quickly, Hellen is on time and picks Lisa up. Hellen’s mum will be the one who sends them to the city for their hang out. “ Hello, mum! I go out with Hellen, it’s okay I feel good right now, yeah sure… okay bye mum!” Lisa ends her call. “ Thankyou dude!” Lisa thanked Hellen for coming, Hellen just shakes her head, this one friend really something. “ I heard you be warded for a day?” asked Hellen. “ Yep! Low blood sugar… skips meals… my bad…” said Lisa. “ It’s okay, at least you’re fine now… so let’s go!” Hellen comforts her best friend. They finally arrived at their destination and went shopping for somethings.

Lisa and Hellen spend their time in shopping malls, they went all over the shop, but there is a reason why Lisa asked Hellen to accompany her to hangout here. Lisa still freshly remembers the face of the girl that is possessed in her vision. She saw everything clearly except the man in a black hoodie or she labeled it as M.I.B.H. Lisa wants to search for that girl so she can avoid bewitched by the man. As she knew that, today the shopping malls having some feast during this summer season. “ Hellen, do you know anything about this festival in this mall?” Lisa asked her best friend. Hellen looks around her then she nods. “ Yes, they invite plenty of band idols too also soloist to make it merrier…” explained Hellen to Lisa. Lisa makes an ‘o’ with her mouth as she gets what Hellen said.

Lisa not quite sure about this time, whether the girl already in magic or she still has the normal side of her. Lisa aware that the girl is a soloist as she performs solo in singing before she met with the man, however, Lisa still confused as she can’t see it further since there is a risk for her life too. “ Lisa come on! We need to walk around okay, looks like they still set up the stage…” said Hellen and distract Lisa from deep thought. “ Oh! Okay…” the festival will start tonight and tomorrow. It was two days festival there. Lisa walks and continues her shopping time.

Hellen and Lisa separated for a moment as Hellen excused to the toilet for urgent. While Lisa keep wandering around the first floor of the shopping mall to wait for Hellen. But then, there is something happen there. A chasing scene happened in front of her eyes. “ Pervert!!!” it was the soloist girl yelled. And that is M.I.B.H being chased! Lisa surprised, is this what she already saw but without any time she joined the chasing too. ‘That man, M.I.B.H he finally appears but in front of many people? Ah! He’s human.’ That what Lisa thought. She keeps chasing the man but then she lost track. He was too fast or there is some trick with him. Lisa backs to the original scene where the soloist started to yell. There was a fuss there that the girl passed out and unconscious due to shock. “ Who’s the victim?” Lisa asked someone there. “ Oh! It was Perry Marguerite, the famous girl soloist…” One of the people replied. Lisa observed the artist from afar. ‘ She’s is already bewitched.’ Lisa sure right now. Also, she saw some marks on the mysterious man’s hoodie. It was M.I.B.H labels. She still wondering who are him?

“ Lisa?” Hellen called her in a bunch of people gathers there, “ Hellen, you late for some show just now…” said Lisa and she smiled. Lisa and Hellen went away from the scenes, Lisa asked Hellen to stop by at the common café they used to stop. “ Hellen, remember the dream I told you and it’s real! You right!” said Lisa and she already shares these things with Hellen as she is the only one that Lisa trust and can trust her story. “ Really!? See I told you, you are chosen!” Hellen excitedly replied. Lisa told everything to Hellen as they shared all the secrets since childhood. “ Just now, I almost catch the bad one okay, I already saw this but still I can’t get him…” Lisa was disappointed. “ Who is it?” asked Hellen. “ I don’t know but I saw… M.I.B.H labels…” said Lisa and Hellen just show her curious face too. They continue to enjoy the coffee and then went back home.

M.I.B.H Labels…

It’s not just a label…or person...but it was an organization manage by someone. And all the members wear the black labeled hoodie! ‘ I need your help!’ ‘ There will be someone that messed up the plan!’ ‘ Have some backup!’ ‘ That girl! She will make a fuss one day!’ ‘ Keep an eye for her!’. There are so many people in the organization as well and now someone realized their existence. They need to watch out more. ‘ Always in the darkness,’ The leader of M.I.B.H grinned.

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