11 Chapter 11: Third Ability Is Risking Life.

Lisa opens her eyes and found that she is in the hospital. She touches her head as her head feels heavy and dizzy. “ Mum? What’s going on with me?” she asked her mum beside her. “ Oh, god! You are awake, Doctor said your blood sugar is low, and you skip meals two days that’s the reason you fainted honey…” Mrs. Castillo explained. Lisa thinking the minutes before the blackout. She saw something but not so clear as it was still new to her. However, she must not tell this to her mum. “ I see, I’m good right now, can we go home and eat?” Lisa request, they discharge from the hospital and went back to the home.

Her mum is preparing the meals for her, Lisa keeps thinking that there must something she doesn’t know about her new ability this time. She needs to go to another world after this. Lisa finish her meals after a while and then she went upstairs to rest but she wants to go to another world as she wants to ask them. “ Mum, I’m getting rest right now, no need to worried okay?” Lisa mentions this to her mum so that Mrs. Castillo doesn’t need to worry as go to her workplace soon. “ Alright, my dear… I will go to my work so please don’t skip your dinner soon okay…” Mrs. Castillo rushes to ready for her workhour. Lisa at home alone all day.

Another World (Uncanny Soul World)…

Lisa already here, she goes to the training field and searches for other team members but none of them there. “ Where are they?” Lisa talked to herself. Even the gods not here… This seems not right, and Lisa started to scare a bit. Tadaaa! A sudden surprise comes out of nowhere. Lisa startled and relieved as nothing happened. They prepared a surprise for Lisa because they accomplish the lesson of getting along. Kay recovers well and they throw a welcome party to Lisa, even this should be done a long time ago after Lisa come here for the first time. However, they still want to test her and then see how long she could get along with others. “ Wow! What is this?” Lisa asked. “ Your welcoming party but yeah for a short time, soon we need to start our training back…” Trixx explained, even Trixx smiled and doesn’t have long face already with Lisa. “ Thankyou…” Lisa accepted it with her smile.

After the party, they head to the training field again. All eight of them gather there to start practicing, they wait for Sean’s order as usual. “ So, Trixx, Kay, Eileen, and Thora four of you train together okay?” Sean gives his order, kay and Trixx nod, and asked Eileen and Thora to join them. Sean stares at Lisa. She dumbfounded that Sean catches her eyes staring at him. “ And you Lisa… you will continue practice with us…” that’s mean with Sean, Leon, and Cecil. Lisa rolled her eyes. She wants to practice with the girls too but doesn’t have a chance maybe. They proceed with the training.

“ Wait…” Lisa speaks up before they start practicing. She glares at Leon and Cecil before Sean. “ What’s wrong Lisa?” Leon cares for her. She sighs. “ I have a question… about my new discovers abilities…” said her. Lisa seems to be hesitant to ask them, but she needs to. “ Why? You saw something?” Sean asked. Lisa nods, they approach her to listen to more details about this. “ Tell us what you see” Sean care as he has the responsibility as the leader. Lisa told the story. “ I’m not clear about the vision but I saw that man, the one who bewitches StrangSpirt and there is a girl, but…” she’s agitated to continues her words. “ but…?” Cecil curious, as this is so thrilling. “ About the girl, I think she will be the victim too…” said Lisa. This is shocking news. “ Can you see it again? We will train you to control this ability…” Leon asked. Lisa nods. “ I will try but not sure if this will do…” she worried as she not getting familiar with the new ability yet. They need to be cleared who’s the girl, and how she is being bewitched. Suddenly, Lisa stares at Sean. “ Why?’ he asked as he feels weird at her stares. “ The problem is I don’t know how the psychic power can be use and unleash because it comes without warning…” Lisa ends with a smile. “ Oh gosh! Lisa…” They feel helpless.

They start with meditate process, this is Leon’s, and Sean’s method of his abilities train. As so far, they are alike because Leon and Sean seem to be superior here. “ Ease your mind and think about the vision you said only, ignores other distractions…” Leon helps her to gain focus. Sean keeps watching with Cecil beside him. “ We need to find out…” said him to Cecil. Sean asked Cecil to open some portals in order to protect Lisa when she is doing meditation. “ Breath in, breath out slowly and now you’re controlling your psychic power…” Leon continues his procedure then he nods at Sean and Cecil, which means Lisa in her own world right now…

Lisa counted one to three and the dark suddenly have a vision, this vision… ‘ human world?!’ she startled but keep walking to see more scenes. Lisa saw the girls smiling and happy from behind, she was singing? ‘ Wait who is she?’ Slowly the girl turns around but then the hoodie man in black appears and said something to the girl. Then, the chaos happened! The girl went mad, but then the suspicious man saw Lisa! ‘ What are you doing!?’ he mad and scratched Lisa’s hands! Lisa frightened and runs while calling Leon that she wants to escape this world, but she can’t. Lisa feels suffocated. She’s panic and suddenly drowned!

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“ Lisa! Lisa!” Leon aware of Lisa’s body shaking, and she was not responding. “ Sean!” Leon calls for Sean, he smells dangerous. “ Cecil! Close the portal now!” Sean asked Cecil to close the portal as Lisa has already done maybe! Leon keeps shaking Lisa’s to wake her but no response at all. Then, suddenly Lisa black out again. This is her second time pass out during use her ability. “ Lisa!” the boys quickly rush to her. “ Take her to the Chang Room… call the other members too. We need to talk!” said Sean to Cecil and Leon. Lisa being brought to the Chang Room for further examination checkup.

Leon asked the gods to see them while Cecil called for other members to gather up. They show up quickly. “ She blackout during her power using.” Said Sean. Tugros and Oerin look at each other. “ Vatorr, how is she?” Agrada asked, Vatorr doing some checkup. “ What kind of ability she used this time?” Vatorr asking. “ Psychic the vision one…” Leon replied. Vatorr nods calmly, he then went to the Tugros and Oerin place. “ Her souls cannot stand the ability yet… that’s the reason she’s blackout during using it. This may be due to her body and life. This psychic ability appears early than it should be…” said Vatorr. Everyone stills cool down. “ Psychic is the powerful abilities; usually psychic abilities show up when the soul is ready or emergency situation but her… it show up like this is just ordinary power…” Tugros added. Sean and Leon nod. Eileen stays beside Lisa, then Lisa regains her consciousness. “ This is not your first-time blackout right?” Oerin asked Lisa out of blue. Lisa nods. “ Yes, the first time when the mission ends, and I got up from sleep them I saw a vision again but then I’m pass out…” she claims that. Eileen helps her get up from the bed.

“ Stop using this ability for a while, do not train on it for the time being. Use it unless you need to!” Vatorr suddenly speaks up. “ Why?” Lisa was curious. Also, the other members too. Vatorr warns her not to use and practice the psychic ability it’s weird. “ Because, this ability is risking your life… see your right arm been scratched in your vision, right?” Vatorr continues to explain. Lisa realized that her vision seems real and she got cuts too. “ I get it…” Lisa understand. The gods dismiss from the room, all left are their teammates.

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