10 Chapter 10:There Is A Lesson.

After returning back to the Headow palace, they are summoned by Agrada to be reporting their first mission. Agrada already waits for them in the training field. She also heard that this mission has a twist story which is StrangSpirt is not a dark soul but a firepit guardian in the west forest. This somehow shocked all of them. “ Agrada…” Eight of them come to report and have a talk. Sean as the team leader reports the mission accomplishment and helped by Leon as the past vision he had. Agrada has been told about the twisted story and been handled properly thanks to Lisa. “ I see, So we are going search through about this mysterious human. How can he have been here?” said Agrada, she also records the report and sends it to the upper Gods, Oerin, Tugros and Vatorr. “ All of got something to say?” Agrada asked. The reason she gives this mission because there is a lesson they need to learn.

They still look at the ground. Each one doesn’t know what to say. But then, Trixx steps out and she starts first. “ I have… something to say, Agrada…” she volunteered first. “ Go ahead…” Agrada allowed her. “ This mission actually wants us to realize how important teamwork is it? This mission also makes us work as a team. Other than that, we must not follow our own idea too.” Trixx did her reflection. Agrada nods, looks like Trixx learn something. After that, kay is the second person to share. “ Yes, give it Kay…” Agrada gives permission. Kay looks at Lisa and Trixx. “ There are more lessons… it teaches us to stay alert and reunite, never separated… also this mission makes us not to look down on others. It is also about sacrificed and there is always someone who will help others desperately…” Kay finished with her smile at Lisa. Lisa replied with a smile too. “ Good… anyone else?” Agrada wants more if there are, she looks at Lisa who stays low since the beginning.

“ Lisa… how about you? You get anything?” Agrada asked. She’s curious about Lisa as she heard that Lisa contribute a lot to this mission. “ I… there’s a lot…but the important is I got along well with Trixx, Kay, and others too. I saw a lot of teamwork in an unexpected situation. Also, about the firepit guardian, it’s was speechless that it was human doing also, actually, we need to listen and knew the truth first before judging…but the most affected me was… Trixx and Kay open up and accept me to help them.” Lisa smile at last and she look at Trixx. Trixx smiles to her. Yes, since that day, Trixx opens up and starts to get along with Lisa. She was too immature to be discriminate against the newcomer. “ Good, I also heard that you got new ability again?” Agrada asked. Lisa nods. “ Yeah, It’s seemed like a vision, telepathically or maybe psychic?” Lisa confused with her own new ability. “ It’s okay, these people will train you more and make you familiar with that power. Dismiss.” Agrada wrapped up the meets.

All the others scatter away to rest. Lisa also wants to head back to her human world. But before that, she checks up for Kay as Kay still in the healing process. “ How’s your healing?” Lisa asked. She not awkward anymore to approach Kay or Trixx. “ It’s doing good, thank you Lisa for coming…that moment…” Kay grateful. “ it’s nothing… where is Trixx?” Lisa also wants to see Trixx. “ There is she…” Kay pointed at the corner. Trixx seems to be daydreaming maybe, but actually, she reminisces the moment when Lisa come at the risk moment, if Lisa was not there that time, she might be dead right now. Even though she means to Lisa many times but still that girl is her savior this time. Due to that incident, Trixx changed and starts to open up with Lisa. “ Hey… what are you doing huh?” Lisa greets her “ Lisa… No… I just … thank you for saving me and I’m sorry for all the time…” said Trixx. She holds Lisa's hands. Lisa grinned, She grabs Trixx’s hands “ It’s okay, we are all one team, right? There a lot adventure and mission waiting for us…” Lisa replied. They smile at each other. Then, Lisa head back to her world.

Lisa sleeps two days straight after the first mission in the uncanny soul world. Luckily, she is having her summer break semester and she’s still sleeping. Her mum was even clueless about why her daughter seems exhausted. She has nothing to do this summer break, all she can think was the other world. She also got more fame after her competition with Bryan Pitt, like said second place also got some fame, right? Finally, Mrs. Castillo gets into Lisa’s bedroom to wake her up. She sleeps two days straight without waking up. “ Hey, my dear honey bunny… wake up… I’m here today…” She pats Lisa’s head softly as Lisa sensitive about her hairs actually. Lisa fidgets a little bit before she opens her eyes slowly. “ Mum?” she sounds like a middle-aged woman. Her throat sores as she doesn’t eat and drink for two days. All she does is sleeping. “ Why you so tire out?” Her mum asked. “ Not, maybe this is the aftermath of the karate competition that day and I also got some exam in class before the semester break…” she gives all the reason but not the truth. Mrs. Castillo heads downstairs after waking up her daughter. “ Come and eat okay…”.said her before that.

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Lisa stood up and went to the bathroom to wash her face first. She’s about to go downstairs but then she got something in her vision and then her head felt dizzy. She stumbles on her knees and sat down. Lisa touch her head as the dizziness won’t go away this instant. She saw a vision but she’s not sure, Ah it was her new abilities that don’t train yet. ‘ What is this? A girl? A man? House? Dark Room?’ she saw all that before she collapsed. “ Lisa!” Mrs. Castillo on her way up and she saw Lisa on the ground, unconscious. She quickly brings her to the hospital as she got worried all over.

“ She’s just fine but her blood sugar very low and had an empty stomach this may trigger her dizziness and make her fainted.” The doctor finished examining Lisa. Lisa has been warded to finish her saline water. Mrs. Castillo stays by her side and waits for a day yet Lisa still unconscious and needs time to wake up. Lisa still doesn’t move and sleeps again. She still not wakes up.

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