1 Chapter 1: The Beginning...

‘ I need to get out!’ She said.

“ Where is she!?” Kay Gross, The Potential start off the dialogue. “ Kay! Watch Out!” Ting!! Trixx Bennet, The Sword avoid the attack for Kay, They work together. “ Aww! sweetheart Thanks!”. They are battling right now. The scene finally comes. The future that already being predicted. The phenomena that have been sketched by.


The alarm’s sound killed the dream. She’s wondering what is it again? The same type of dream but different storylines? Geez! How come she had that?!

“ Lisa Castillo! It’s your time! School Bus has arrived!” Mrs. Castillo starts to call her beloved daughter. “ I’m in mum! Hey! Uncle Smith! Wait for a second!” Lisa take one shot of sky juice!

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“ Honey, why you yelled at him? It’s not a manner…” She starts again. Morning Nagging Mum! “ I’m sorry. Okay, need to go, Goodbye mum!”. Lisa Castillo the bright and outgoing girl that walking and fetch the bus bye her own. This girl happy-go-lucky person and a careless one. “ See, She forgot her sweater again! My baby…” Mrs. Castillo aware of her daughter’s weakness. Always careless all the time.

“ Hey, Biggie! What’s up?” Hellen greets her best friend, Lisa. “ Hey, stop calling me Biggie, they will think I’m fatty okay?” They joke with each other but that’s how they get along. “ Okay, my bad… so how your sleep?” Hellen knew about her dream, the weirdest dream. Lisa sighed. “ Well, It’s continued again with a different chapter…Bahahaha maybe… weird,” Lisa told her best friend. “ Dude, I think you’re special or maybe have a kind of special superpower!”. “ Stop your fantasy! Hellen, you are in deep of fantasia thinking! I know you love this kind of mystery. Kekekkeke” Lisa shakes her head in disbelief with Hellen's thought. ‘ I never thinking I’m special’ deep in her heart she would believe but denied it at the same time.

“ That’s the girl?”. Without anyone saw them, they observe all Lisa’s movements. They are Oerin, God of Destiny, and Tugros, God of Beginnings. “ Yes, She is the one that will make all this beginning start off out of the mess.” Oerin explained. Tugros thinking in deep. He just cannot understand why this girl. Isn’t Hero always being a boy? “ What’s wrong?” Oerin confused with Tugros action. “ No, in this world there will never a queen be the king. Fate already written. And heroin, not the main hero!” Tugros still confused. “ But Fate also can be changed. I’m done my work, as now it’s my action to bring this girl to us!” Oerin back to her world. They both disappeared.

She so exhausted now. The school is over. It’s all ready for dinner time. Apart from her outgoing type, she’s a quiet and secretive person. About her dream, she even doesn’t tell her mum. “ Lisa, we have a guest tonight, come on! Let’s eat!”. Again, her mum always the one who breaks her mood. Just kidding!

“ Hi! Uncle Robert,” cold-hearted Lisa appears. “ what’s with that tone honey,” Mrs. Castillo mind her daughter. “ No, I’m just kidding, my bad Uncle, well how’s your work mum? Uncle?” Lisa back to her natural behavior. Outgoing. “ Totally busy ever! And…”

Ting! ( A message come in on Lisa’s phone)

She read that and lost… Lisa quickly grabs the remote control and switch on the TV. “ Mum? What’s happening?” Lisa speechless. Ting! Ting! Ting! A lot of notifications come in on Mrs. Castillo and Robert's phones. “ Oh my god!... baby please stay at home okay we got to go… They are shorthands there…” With rushing Mrs. Castillo and Robert left the house. While the situation in social media groups became a sensation.

“ Lots of people in Davelport City injured due to the abnormal meteor shower tonight! The meteor shower seems non-stop and these phenomena may be spread to the Glaverstone City!” Davelport is just across this city. Lisa still in the blank. No, She’s in disbelief. ‘ This is not my dream! Cannot be!’ Lisa rushing to her room. She makes a call. “ Hellen, I’m, I’m worried…” “ Lisa, okay relaxes girl, I knew that you may think this is like your dream and maybe real…” Hellen tries to comfort her. “ No, this is the beginning…I... no…no that cannot be…”


Something just hit the earth!

“ AaaRghhh!” The screaming sound filled the neighborhoods. Hellen and Lisa disconnected. Lisa went to a window and seen through. The meteor shower arrived. This fast. Lisa quickly go down. She tries not to panic but all in her neighborhoods already had. ‘ I need to save myself first’. ‘ Why the sky so dark? Shouldn’t have a light a little bit.’ Lisa finds it suspicious and suddenly no noise. Silence everywhere. Dark. No meteor showers. “ Hey! Anyone here!?” She loud and turn around. “ What’s happening… Ummm, Where I need t go?” Lisa starts to panic and tries to find out a way so that she can be safe. And suddenly… A weird big creature like a lion but has a wing! “ What’s that thing!!!” she surprised and turn back to run away from that creature. ‘ Go to that forest, quick!’ Some whispered voices come out nowhere. “ What? Who’s there?” Lisa still running. ‘ Just go!’ Again, that voice.

Lisa manages to go into that forest, and she keeps running. Wow! How can she run this fast? Because it’s worth it for her life. The creature keeps chasing her. “ Oh no! it’s the sea below! End way, !” Lisa feels like she adapts to the voice. ‘Jump’. “ What? I can’t swim!”. ‘ Just Jump! You won’t die anyway’. She argues with the voice. Lastly, she jumped. And her world becomes dark!

Light. Green. Peaceful. Bird’s chipping. Water flows.

She opened her eyes and get up. Like someone woke up from death. “ Where am I?” asked her. “ You’re in Headow Palace in Glaverstone kingdom, I mean you’re in another world.”. “ You’re?”. “ yes, I’m the one who whispered at you, and leads you here, I’m Oerin, God of Destiny.”. Lisa still blank and speechless. “ But, why? No, no I’m sure this is my dream.” She argues with her inner self. “ no, you’re not!”. Suddenly, Tugros appeared with a few people.

“ So, you’re saying I’m the one who brings this mess up?! Geez, what are you talking about!?” She felt sober. “ Yes, to be exactly you brought up this beginning. You, calling them all the enemies.” Tugros still cannot accept the fate that this happened. And the conversations stop there. Tugros left the scene.

Oerin approach that girl, “ You know, actually this is a journey, what you have gone through just now, about the creature it’s all predicted yet, your world still safe.” Oerin exposed the truth. “ What you mean?” Lisa confused. “ What I mean, that’s phenomena will happen if you don’t change it. This is the only way we can bring you here because you’re different from us. You’re human but, we only a soul and don’t have a body. The creature you saw just now, it’s Gabriell MoonDark a.k.a GaMoon, the evil soul that wants to take over this world. And the chaos starts when you start dreaming about the future…” Oerin explained. “ Future?”.

“ Yes, you have the ability because the soul in yours is the chosen one. Every time you dream about the future, the seal that locked up GaMoon slowly fractures. You the one who lures them but also you the one that can fight and destroy them. So, we bring you here to train yourself. This a school where there are so many special ability souls here. And you can go back to your world anytime.” She continued. “ You mean my world still safe and there is no meteor shower right now?” Lisa wants a confirmation. Oerin nods. “ Yes, there is… all you need is drowned yourself and you’ll be here.” Said Oerin. “ So, how I go back there…” “ Like this…”


“ Lisa! You’re sleeping? In your class time?” Hellen just woke her up. Lisa still doesn’t get it. Is she dreaming or this is true? “ Come on, Lisa or you will be late for your Karate training!” Hellen rushed. ‘ It’s True’. Lisa surprised. The voice. Oerin’s Voice. Lisa smiled and continue her walks to catch up with Hellen. ‘ This is your beginning’.

“ Are you sure she will be here soon?” asked Tugros. “ Yes, I am”.

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