Uncanny Soul: The Awaken One
novel - Fantasy

Uncanny Soul: The Awaken One


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What is Uncanny Soul: The Awaken One

Uncanny Soul: The Awaken One is a popular web novel written by the author DearyJian, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 26.8K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 25 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 31 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Abnormal Meteor Shower will occur damage and apocalypse to the human world. The future is predicted but the future also can be change. Without even noticed in the human world, there are souls that help them in daily life and protect the world from evils. Lisa Castillo never believes in any supernatural and always ignores what happens to her, without discovers that she has a special soul in her. Never thought about saving others and always self-love. Then, she discovers a palace that trains souls and has supernatural abilities. Lisa already chooses her path; she wants to change the fate. How it will be going through? Can the future be change or her world will meet the end?...

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I believe that the future will change. I really do love and recommend this book. I pray that when your done writing, I would watch it on screen, nice one.


This book drew me in with the mystery of this girl who could possibly save the world with her gift and the story itself is really good great story and great job!


magic can be created with the power of imagination. I love the synopsis since its the highlight of your story. The character Introduction and description is on point. nice work author.


i like how catchy and creative the synopsis is. the plot is magnificent and the story setting is nice. hoping for more updates in the future. nice story! i recommend you to read this!


Creative Writing skills .The story develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. Words that complement the story as a whole. A great read.


Fantastic.Its very interesting and has a nice flow to it.The story line is also great as well.Not everyone goes to write superhero novels because of her they have to create the birth of the hero or heroes.I love how the imagination of the author was written so gracefully into a book to give it life.Its definitely worth reading.It deserves all the stars


Excellent writing quality from the author. The story is very interesting and intriguing. The synopsis is very catchy and makes you want to read more. 😀😀


Really loved the story and your writing skills. This novel has all Action, suspense and good flowing storyline. The souls are out there to protect but firstly need some training!! It is already good...


Love the story, I usually like watching this genre more than reading them, but the way this was written is so vivid that I feel like I can actually see it. Great job author!


I love supernatural novels and movies a and this book is one of the best I've read so far. My imagination went wild when I was reading it and I can't wait to read more. Kudos to you author


story is very engaging. the plot of the story is good. author has good sense of writing. very much recommended. kudos to you author. [img=update]


A colorful story, very illustrative, natural and full of nuances of dialogue, even apocalyptic, I like the story as it develops and expands with new characters and supernatural sightings. I recommend its very fresh and attractive reading


This book wrapped me into a new world in a beautiful sense of after end of the world feels. The storyline captured the sense of excitement and thrill that could maybe few minor errors never change its context. It is worth the read. Highly recommended! Keep up the good work! ❤️


Captivating story, it will drawn you to read more. Overall it's an amazing story, you should give it a try, you won't regret it. Good job author, keep it up.


This is noice... Don't know why other people hate it but it's a good story!!! At first, I thought it's a kimi no nawa story... but it's like an omniscient rider with solo leveling vibes... Don't mind me my taste is bad =_=


i wish that the author would differentiate where to put the dialogue, the action and the description of the story because when it all gather in one while paragraph, i kinda get confused. The plot is steady, but will this be another OP mc or the mc that train step by step to become stronger?


Quite an interesting Synopsis...I liked how the story started...The author's writing style is well written...There are few corrections where the author can improvise it and I definitely can feel that the book can reach great heights...Excellent work, Author!


Well, the story is interesting and promising! There may be a few points the author can improve and I bet it can turn this story into a really good book! Keep it up Author-san!


By just reading the synopsis I already knew this is a story I was going to fall in love with. From what I've read it seems very promising and I like it.


Quite an interesting ànd alluring intriguing synopsis... Very captivating and I must confess that I love the flow of this book. Sure this will become a good read and I can't stop reading it... Commendable job.. Kudos to the author.


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