Unbroken Book

novel - Fantasy



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Stuck in the Void Wastelands, a group of courageous paladins fights to defend the portal that bridges their world to other Planes. Cut from civilization, and after decades of fighting, from the providence of their Goddess, they continued their eternal vigil even if they continued to fall one after another. Until, at last, only one Paladin is left standing. Artreus, the lone Paladin, after years of isolation, continued to fight, not for their world, or their Goddess, but the memory of his comrades. He continued to surpass insurmountable odds using the experience and knowledge imparted by his dear friends. His body battered, but his will unbroken. Until one day, he comes face to face with a Demon Lord and perished. Floating in the vast darkness, the Goddess once more called for his service. He accepted without hesitation. Not to serve the gods who abandoned them to their fate, but to save the world he and his companions swore to protect. For even if he gets beaten and defeated, even if he has to stand alone against the world, he will stand vigilant as it's protector, to uphold the oath they all swore. For he is the Unbroken.


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