8 Becoming Doge

Michael wakes up in yet another unfamiliar location, this time atop a haystack in a dim room. There was a round table in the middle of the room with two chairs next to it, two wardrobes against the wall and a large, fancy bed in the corner.

It was easily recognisable to Michael, especially if he compared it against Louise's room in the anime...

He looks down at the back of his left hand and spots the Gandalfr runes printed there, momentarily admiring the rather 'cool-looking' letters. He wondered if this is what it felt like to get a tattoo, but had his thoughts quickly diverted when a presence announced itself.

"So you're finally awake?" Louise asks, standing next to the haystack Michael was laying on.

Michael jolts in surprise at the sudden intrusion, causing his ankle to twist as he tries to spring to his feet. He groans in pain and looks up from the floor at his disappointed 'master', the girl standing with crossed arms while looking condescendingly at him.

Louise sighs, turn away from Michael due to his embarrassing display, wondering if it would actually be better to have not summoned anything at all... But quickly crushes those thoughts when she imagines the disappointed looks on her family's faces.

"I am disappointed that you were unable to attend to me today, but it is also partly my fault for injuring you during your summoning. I will graciously withhold your due punishment if you do your job adequately... Are we in agreement?"

Michael is confused momentarily, before realising that she was taking responsibility for the injuries he'd taken from the truck... Maybe he could take advantage of this...?

He sits up and crosses his legs, giving Louise a pitiful look, "Miss... Could you return me to my home? One moment I was attending to my baby sister, the next all I felt was pain... I would be incredibly grateful if you could send me back."

Louise grimaces slightly at his words but manages to keep most of her reaction hidden, "You have been bound as my familiar, which means you will serve me for the rest of your life. There is no way to return you to wherever you came from, but even if you wished to, we are now bound together." she gestures at the runes on his hand. "Now you will cease your questions and attend to me." she states as she walks over to her wardrobe and begins taking off her clothes...

Michael can't turn away from the rather erotic scene before him, the rags he was wearing not providing much cover as a bulge makes itself known.

Louise tosses her shirt, skirt, blouse, panties and socks into Michael's face, doing her best to avoid firing an explosion at his perverse reaction. "Wash these and control yourself, if my familiar starts to act like a dog, I might have to neuter him." she threatens as she puts on her nighttime clothes, causing Michael to pale slightly.

He just stands there as Louise climbs into bed and ignores him, trying to sleep...

Honestly, he didn't really know how to wash her clothes... Sure, he could use a washing machine, but doing it by hand like some medieval peasant? He wondered if anyone in his family had hand-washed clothes within four generations...

He releases a quiet sigh and heads for the door, trying to recall the events in the anime so he could work them to suit him. Saito was supposed to flee and get acquainted with Guiche and his 'on-the-side' girlfriend, eventually allowing Saito to bait Guiche into a duel, where he'd reveal his abilities as Gandalfr and get some benefits.

Michael pauses in the hallway as cold sweat drips down his back at a realisation though... Those events should have happened yesterday... But he'd missed it due to the way he'd been summoned. That meant he had a limited amount of time to reveal his abilities, and train for upcoming events that'd undoubtedly kick his ass.

Not to mention missing his chance to woo Siesta, the second love interest... Michael wasn't sure what would happen if he avoided her, as she may or may not be integral to the events that'd unfold... He knew for sure that he'd need to go to her village to uncover the World War 2 plane, that'd be used to defeat the Albion invasion...

He rubs his temples as a headache starts to form, maybe he could avoid all of this by simply telling Louise that she's a Void Mage? Void Mages were the most powerful magic users in this world, so allowing her to train her magic sooner might help, right?

Or, it'd simply attract more attention, and leave him in an even more dire state.

Suddenly, as he's walking, he's smacked in the face as a door opens and a man steps out from a room... His hair was damp, and he'd obviously exerted himself a great deal recently, not to mention the rather obvious scent of sex that covered his body.

"Thank you my flame, I will endeavour to return to you again tomorrow." he grins, flashing his almost luminous white teeth.

"And I you, Styx..." a woman currently hidden by the door lasciviously replies, "Ah, but, could you wait until the day after tomorrow? Your passions have left me rather sore." she says, obviously to cover up other intentions.

Styx though just gives an oblivious smile and nods, "For you, anything." he says, giving a deep bow and leaving... He does notice Michael, but chooses to ignore him, seeing some plebian familiar spirit beneath his notice.

Apparently spotting Styx's attention, the woman closes the door slightly and leans over to see who it is, raising a brow at Zero's familiar. "Hmm? Are you lost?" she asks, smirking slightly at Michael's stunned expression.

He had good reason to be stunned too, as Kirche was as 'womanly' as one would imagine... She was currently wearing some rather revealing lingerie, allowing him to see much of her healthy dark tanned skin... Her boobs were massive, especially compared to what Louise was equipped with... Were they... H cup?...

Her face wasn't lacking either, looking mature yet still retaining much of her youth as a sixteen-year-old. Her hair was a strong shade of red, almost announcing her affinity with fire, along with her amber eyes that seemed to suck him in.

She was one of the love interests for Saito, and Michael was all too aware of the fact that he could woo her at one point... Just imagining himself massaging those-"


Kirche flicks him on the forehead, becoming bored with his lustful staring, "It's rude to stare you know?"

"Ah-er, yeah, sorry... I was just surprised is all." he murmurs, clutching Louise' clothes tighter.

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