1 Chapter 1: Katherine's Rants

"Waaahhh!!! Why is the world so unfair?!!!"

Katherine started to rant in front of her friends in a coffee shop where Lisa, one of her friends, work.

"You! Abby! You have your long time boyfriend since fourth year college and you've been together for, how long was it? 8 years?"

"It's actually 9." Abby said while nodding.


Katherine rolled her eyes at Abby.

"And you! Cassie! You've been changing boyfriends like how often you buy new clothes! And it's like, almost every week!"

"Well, you can't blame me. I'm just too sexy."

Cassie winked at her. She just replied with a grimace.

"Here's what you ordered!"

Lisa came and gave them their smoothies and cheesecakes with a cute smile.

"Then, lastly, you! Lisa!"

Katherine pointed at Lisa.

Lisa scrunched up both of her eyebrows.

"What about me?"

"You have been dating Brandon for almost a year now, right? And he's your first boyfriend?"

Lisa blushed innocently. She covered her face with one hand as she nodded shyly.

Katherine slammed her face on the table as she cried.

"I don't understand! What is wrong with me?!"

She lifted her head up with a face full of tears... and snot!

"I'm beautiful, I have a good occupation, I, I'm rich! But why does it seemed like no guy ever had interest in me?! Like ever! Uwaaahhhh!"

Abigail and Cassandra looked at her snots with a grossed face.

"Eww! Gross!" Abby whispered.

"Aww, don't be silly! A guy certainly liked you! Uhm... Uhh... Clinton for example!"

Lisa tried to make her feel good.

"Uhh. Clinton? Like, the guy way back on eleventh grade who gave her flowers on Valentine's Day?" Cassie said dryly.


Abby is sipping on her smoothie then took a fork with a piece of cheesecake on the tip before talking.

"But didn't we just payed him to give the flowers?" She placed the cheesecake in her mouth and chewed it.

Lisa's smile turned into a nervous one and cold sweat broke out of her pores.

Cassie elbowed Abby which made her choke.

Abby is coughing on the background while Cassie and Lisa thought of a way to slip out of the sticky situation.

"Uhm... Okay. Maybe Clinton kinda didn't like you but! Worry not! Even if there's not a single guy who likes you, animals still do."

Lisa wiped her sweat.

Katherine kinda calmed down and is now sniffing her snots back in her nose with puffy eyes.

"Really?" She asked innocently like a kid who just heard her parents saying she can have all the chocolates she want.

"Yep!" Cassie assured her.

"But as far as I can remember, the last time we went to the zoo, which is during our school field trip on high school, almost all of the animals in every cage that she passes by would go on a rampage! Remember the monkey on the front desk who's playing with some kids? We asked its keeper if we can take a picture with it and if it's not harmful and the keeper said 'Yes, we can and no, it's not harmful'. So, the four of us took a picture with it as a group and solo. The monkey would kiss us on the cheek when the keeper says say cheese but when it's Katherine's turn the monkey wouldn't even let her touch him. He scratched her arm and she lost her temper so she grabbed the monkey and forcefully carried him. The monkey wouldn't stay still and scratched her a little on the face! The keeper asked her if she's okay and she just nodded and still insisted on taking the photo, so, the keeper positioned the camera and counted to three before he said cheese! Then instead of kissing Katherine on the cheeks, he bit her instead!"

"Even if her cheek is bleeding she still cared for the photo more than herself and asked the keeper for the photo before going to the emergency tent! And had to go to the cosmetologist to get rid of the scar! Hahaha! That was hilarious!"

Abby laughed hard after she retell the story and looked at her friends.

She saw Lisa covering both of Katherine's ears while repeating these words.

"You cant hear anything! Lalalalala~"

"Uh, what's wrong with you guys? That was such an unforgettable moment that should be treasured forever!" Abby said with dreamy eyes.

"You really don't know how to read the situation, don't you?" Cassie said, her face darkening before choking Abby.

"Come here! Am gonna teach ya a lesson!"

Abby coughed, "S-stop th-that... Li-Lisa, he-heeeeelllpppp!" She cried while stopping Cassie.

Lisa didn't mind them and took her hands from Katherine's ears and said, "No matter what happens Katherine, just believe in yourself and always remember... You are beautiful!"

Lisa tucked some of Katherine's hair behind her ears.

"Yeah. She really is beautiful but if she have a lot of this snots that goes all over the place when she cries! I'm sure that no matter how beautiful she is, nobody's still gonna have interest in her. Snots, Gross!"

Cassandra said as a matter of factly with a grossed out expression as she took another bite from her cheesecake.

"Yeah! I agree!"

Abby said while sipping her smoothie.

'I'm amazed about how these two shifts their moods and acts like nothing had happened.'

Lisa thought with a dried out face.

Katherine looked at Cassandra with eyes welling with tears and as seconds passes by, the tears that's welling up started to grow bigger and bigger until it fully filled her eyes but not even a single tear dropped. She's holding it back.

The three looked at each other then to Katherine with a "this-is-not-good" expression.


The three said in unison.


Katherine cried out loud that it shook the whole town.

"Hey, Katherine! Quiet down! We might get kicked out from here if you keep it up!"

Cassie hissed but Katherine still didn't budged and the three of them thought of ways to quiet her down.

All this time, the owner who's at the counter is just keeping his temper not until Katherine cried out loud and he saw that the customers where leaving one after another because of the noise that's so unpleasant for their ears.

He can't hold it in any longer, so he called the two bouncers with bulky built on the door and ordered them to kick the girls out.

The two bouncers went to the girls' place and kicked them out of the coffee shop.

"Don't you ever ever dare come back here! Big mouths!"

The owner of the shop said while waving his rolling pin with an enraged face.

The three helped each other to get up.

Lisa patted her uniform to take off the dust.

"Uhm, boss! What about me? My shift's still not over!" She shouted for her walking away boss to hear.

"Oh! I forgot to inform you, the moment you caused discomfort to my costumers, you're already fired!"

And with that, the owner went back in the shop.

"We're sorry to cause you trouble again, Lisa." Abby said as she approached Lisa.

"Yeah. We're so sorry!" Katherine said with a very puffy eyes that she barely sees anything and patted the tree trunk near them.

Cassie rolled her eyes and went to pull her back before she patted Lisa's shoulder.

"Hey, you okay?"

Lisa laughed in a low voice until it got louder and louder that she looks like and sounds like she lost her mind.

"Wahahahaha! I, I lost another job for the nth time! Wahahahaha! N-now I don't have any work to think of for the next few days! Wahahahaha!" She approached any person who passes by and tells them this, "Wahahahaha! I lost my job! Did you see that?! The owner just kicked me out of his shop! Hahahahaha! I'm jobless! Hahahahaha!"

Cassie took out her phone from her purse and dialed 111.

"Uhm, hello... Uh... The problem is, there's a woman who lost her mind because she lost her job and is currently hysterically talking to the passersby who comes close to her about what just happened and also, a girl who has a very puffy eyes due to crying hard and can barely see starts talking and hugging tree trunks like crazy, trying to console it, assuming it's our friend who just snapped. Uh-huh. Oh, our location? Uhm, we're on XX street in XX town. Okay, we'll wait for you. Uh-huh. Thank you."

"111 mental and optometric department?" Abby asked while sipping on her empty cup of smoothie.

Cassie just nodded.

The two of them just watched the mess before them while waiting for the 111 as though they're just watching a dramatic movie unfold before them.