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Katherine, a woman who had it all. Wealth, healthy and fit body, has a good occupation, came from a good and well-known family, you name it! But there is only one thing that's lacking her, and that's her... *drum rolls*.... RELATIONSHIP STATUS! She's already 27 years old yet her relationship status still remains as it is throughout the years... SINGLE. Well, it was fine for her during her student life and on her first year of being a professional doctor but as she started to work for another two years with the addition of pressure from her three girl friends who had their own boyfriends, she started to realize that she's being left out. So, she determinately promised to her friends that she is going to be the first one to get engaged out of all of them! Now, let us all watch her fumble, crash and fall through a series of disastrous attempts to "unsingle" herself with the help of her supportive friends and also learn a few lessons about herself.


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