1 that day

jaanu wake up it's already 7 o clock mom shouting. I suddenly remembered that my friend invited me to her house then I wake up and get ready to meet her.

her friend name is ramya her father is a scientist he always busy with his work ramya's mother is died when she was a child jaanu is her childhood friend and that day ramya's father revealing his invention.

knock knock why are you so late jaanu sorry you know I love sleeping. I know what you love ok common it's already late.her father explaining the things to everyone about his research .one sunday in my town asteroid found that fell in 100years back his father took charge in researching that stone he finds their is a strange energy coming for this stone his proving his theory through experimentally it put in the middle of big circle shape magnet when the power turns on the stone starts moving jaanu suddenly pushed by someone and then she accidentally turned off the switch then that experiment equipments all burned.

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