1 The Factory

Arjun Roy, a businessman from Delhi. He is well known for his works in chemical field. He owns one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in India. He constantly invests in new start ups.

He is a family man. He lives along with his wife and son. He has a daughter who is married. He is a punctual man. Arjun is known for his honesty and ethics in his business.

Arjun sets up a pharmaceutical factory in a rural area. All the villagers in and around are happy with the establishment of his factory as he provided many jobs to the villagers. The factory is running good.

One day a group of NGO's reaches the factory and meets the manager and hands him over a notice stating that a harmful drug is being manufactured by the company and hence to close the factory and its production immediately. The manager immediately informs the head office in Delhi. The information gets to Arjun through his personal assistant and he immediately sets out to that village.

Arjun talks with those representatives of NGO's and tries to convince them that there is no illegal production going on. But they doesn't listen to him and gives him a deadline and if the factory is not closed then they would move to the higher authorities.

Arjun just thinks about the future of the company and tells the representatives that he will talk to other board members and decide the future of the factory. They all get dispersed from the factory.

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