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In the year 2035, The Scientists were finally successful in finding the way to extend the life span of humans. The Magical fluid was invented by the top geniuses of the World. Using this liquid would add up exactly 500 years of Life span to a human. They Called it the 'Holy Water'. In order to spread this 'Holy Water', The creators joined hands with the Leading VR Game Companies as the Liquid whilst taken directly would lead to instant death. Soon a game called 'NIRVANA' was released, which everyone had to buy in order to live another 500 years. From that moment, Humanity knew their lives were not going to be normal anymore. The 'Holy Water' was infused to each and every 'NIRVANA' Game Capsule and would be directly integrated to the brain. Therefore slowing down age tremendously. The Threats of Global warming made the humans bow. Therefore from the next year 2036, Humans were to live their life inside the game 'NIRVANA' and were only allowed to sleep outside the capsule. Therefore a new virtual world was created for humans to dwell in and that too a world in which the LEVEL OF A USER MATTERED THE MOST. The Art on the Book cover belongs to the respected artist and I do not own it. Dear Artist if you have spotted this, please dont forget to leave your name in the comments so I can add the credits.


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