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Ultimate Young Master


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"Young master, did you see that guy over there?" "Yes, what about him?" "The sect's number one beauty misa looked at him for a second!" "Hmm!!" *Stares intently* ... "Young Master, you see that guy with unimaginable tricks?" "Uhhmm?." "He's breathing!" "Then he's courting death!" ... Remy is a website developer, anime lover, maintenance supervisor, and freelance novel author who hates system users or any kind of protagonist. He hates system users because they would let someone else INSIDE command them, and ENSLAVE them to become powerful. 'Where's the pride as a man?' Hated the main characters because most of them commit genocide and kills children and have tons of experience but get easily offended by young master bullies. 'You an old fellow in a child's body! Why are you so fickle that you get easily offended by random brats?!' That's why Remy always dreamed of becoming a young master and bully these main characters and system users. However, he died of a heart attack because of the happiness he felt when he succeeded in putting a cheat in his HONEY-BADGER-LIKE beast in a ROM HACK of a game he is working on. But... He was given another chance to a place where he can go to countless worlds and dimensions along with HIS GAME CHEATS and BADASS HONEY-BADGER by a powerful individual, which is, the brother of the little girl he unknowingly saved in the past. "Protagonist? Time Traveler back in time old a*shole? System users?" "With my badass honey-badger and cheats! One wrong move and All of you will be courting death!"


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