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Ultimate Hope Of Marvel


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Basics of the story guy dies to a strange vehicle that was hit by a slipper, reincarnated with wishes cuz why not. MC will not become anywhere close to a god nor unstoppable very limited amounts of magic Shirou limits even. This bit right here is gonna be me New Author explaining that this is my first writing and is mostly for passing time. I also want it to be known that I have not written a story in a long ass time so any grammar mistakes or things that anyone who reads this thinks I should be aware of to either do/not do in the future to comment in a civil manner if you will. I’m not being paid nor do I plan on ever doing so, no pat re on bull or anything else. Also this is being written on google docs so any errors that pop up because of that if there are any I hope you will be lenient about. The tags are all I think fit and yes small harem.