1 Chapter 1:What Da Hail....

On his way home from work Ellis was reading fanfiction, replying to a comment complaining about the story being a harem story with the Johntron clip [This is normal, That is what's suppose to Happen]

As he was waiting to cross the street he noticed an Asian Man wander onto the road.

The Man was oddly dressed in tan dress shorts, a pink t-shirt and a gray business jacket while wearing one slipper that said "To Jesus".

As The Man aimlessly walks on the road he starts saying.

The Man-Where's my slipper!-

While looking for his missing slipper a Johnny Gat truck someone made with a working flame throwing cigar is barreling towards him.

Its at that moment Ellis thinks to himself before yelling.

Ellis-{That truck looks awesome in real life} Hey Slipper Guy out of the road!-

The Man looks towards the truck removing the slipper he has pointing it at the truck saying.

The Man- I will send you to Jesus!-

Ellis stares at The Man in shock, befuddled by the confidence The Man shows before looking at the truck that appears to be losing the cigar in its mouth possibly in shock as well.

The Man to the amazement of Ellis throws the slipper with the strength of an Asian difficulty videogame character causing the truck to flip through the air.

In a stupor by what he just witnessed Ellis cries out.

Ellis-Steven He!

Before the man Ellis assumes to be Steven He Chinese parenting/ghostbusting extraordinaire, the truck lands crushing and killing Ellis.

The Man looks at the scene that just occurred and walks up to the crushed Ellis looking at his corpse and telling him.

The Man-Why you no dodge. You Failure. When my Father was your age he walked 30 miles home on 1 foot uphill 1 foot going to start business. I will send you to Jesus for Failure Management Course expect Extra Emotional Damage. Don't try to haunt me unless you pay rent 700$ and wash dishes you're not Beijing Corn you no stay for free.

The Man proceeds to hit Ellis's corpse with the slipper that hit the truck to "Send you to Jesus" before heading to the truck to send the driver as well after words The Man walks away to find his missing slipper leaving the truck to burn. Before turning to look at you and winking before vanishing in the blink of an Ikea Autumn.

-1 slipper smack later in a strange white void-

Ellis opens his 'eyes' confused as to what happened the last thing he remembered being the face of Johnny Gat grinning at him before black and that 'Steven He' looking man.

Deciding he might as well 'walk' around while he contemplates the choices in life that lead to this he proceeds to head into the white void.

After 30 minutes he got bored failing to see anything in the void.

He began to think of the fanfictions he had read as well as other entertainment that he could remember.

Soon he drifted to all the reincarnation stories he had read and noticed the similarities aside from the death (A/N: I hope) to other such stories and began to remember his list if he got the chance to be reborn.

Given he had nothing else to do he made them into a list in his mind.

The Ultimate Hope Izuru Kamukura version from Danganronpa with emotions intact, Can't enjoy a new life without the ability to feel them anyways.

Shirou Emiya's skills for Fate/StayNight UBW route that don't affect the soul or mind, don't want to get his emotional state and definitely don't want his broken mind no matter how cool UBWs is.

A System but not a godly one no Ellis wants a System without the A.I., he wants it to have Quests and Omniversal travel with the ability to go to all the world of fiction or fan-fiction(A/N: Within Reason and Active Authors consent can't ask inactive ones) that doesn't treat him as a slave with the threat OF DEATH with a Twix for the reward. He has class he wants his rewards to be knowledge based, and points for the world travel with very few actual items and none that would ruin the progression of the world too badly. granted no levels as most times those don't matter at all, other than that a GTFO ID for point grinding as well as the blueprints for tech related to that.

For a world he would like one based around Marvel mostly movies at the start while unraveling into comics sometime before or after the first civil war.

As for appearance he'll leave that to fate.

As he finished his thought a loud voice boomed out filling him with dread.

Loud_Voice- IS THAT SOOooo.

Black cracks appeared in the white void consuming the peace from before crumbled around Ellis.

After the white void collapsed Ellis looked around and found himself in a house seated in a chair, was the man who started all of this…Steven He!

Steven looked at Ellis with a stern gaze before saying.

Steven- I send you to Jesus but he busy you deal with me instead. I saw you stoopid list it gave me idea for free entertainment. I will grant them but the worlds overall strength will be comic level. Hopefully it will server as a good way to get you your Failure Management. Also you look like Failure Dante from DMC remake. Don't fail again or I will make your wash dishes for eternity.

After saying his final words Steven smacked Ellis with a slipper that said "To Marvel".

Ellis blacked out after the hit the next thing he knew he was in an alley lying beside a dumpster.

Realizing he had been reborn he found out he was wearing Reboot Dante's outfit searching his pockets he finds a wallet with 700$, a New York state ID stating he was 19 and born on 10/13/1989 his new name was Dante Failure Ellis.

According to the receipt for the ID it was 2/11/2009 a year after Tony Stark became Iron Man.

Before attempting to kill himself at the chance of a better name he starts looking through his jacket pockets he finds a note from Steven.

Note- I hope you enjoy your name and you got first months rent if you die too soon. TVA won't notice you unless change the story and won't exist after comic events start. Instead it will become Kang the Conqueror's army which may or may not invade your world. Don't die you Failure go start buisness.

After finishing the Note Dante sighed he figured he might as well wait until Avengers or Age of Ultron to try and change anything until then he can to menial Quests and tasks to start his life maybe get his own company started for Entertainment.

With that on his mind he heads out from the alley and takes his first steps to become the Ultimate Hope of Marvel.

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