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What is Ultimate Godly System

Ultimate Godly System is a popular fanfic written by the author proddy69, covering SYSTEM, HARÉM, R-18, ITACHI UCHIHA, REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, NARUTO, ACTION, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 808.5K readers with an average rating of 4.1/5 and 26 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After being killed by an aerial truck attack, a young man was reincarnated with what he had always dreamed of. Follow Uchiha Itachi as he plots against others and sets out to seek absolute domination. ______________________ Anyone who wants to support me: https://www.patreon.com/proddy69 ________________________ Disclaimer: I have no right to any character other than those created by me


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Hello I am the author, I am giving this review to talk a little. English is not my primary language so don't expect something perfect, I am trying to improve over time and I hope to achieve it. The first few chapters can be a little difficult to read, as I still didn't have much idea of ​​what to do, but I guarantee it will improve over time. I hope you give my novel a chance. All feedback is welcome so feel free.


Pretty bad writing but readable(he/she mistakes, incorrect sentance ordering and autocorrect mistakes(eg. instead of bloodline/lineage it's written language)) Classic OP MC story with a lot of timeskips till MC is really strong. Honestly the story is really cringe with a lot of weird events. For example Akeno knowing how to go to the Underworld. How does she know to get back even if she knows to get there? I don't think Baraqiel would make such a dumb mistake to show his daughter magic to go to the Underworld and that she would know to utilize it so young. So lots of plotholes. Or when he meets Rias and visits the Gremory mansion and no one questions a human being there and are just friendly. Or how Akeno isn't confused how he knew what happened to her. Honestly the characters are awful. They feel pretty mechanic as do the interactions between them, like they only talk to progress the plot or just to make us know info. The only good thing feels like it's the update stability which is normal for a novel that just started... I recommend reading if you have nothing better or are just bored, even then you might not like it and stop


Yo author, some of these reviews under me and above me don't do you justice don't let them make you drop this novel keep going your novel is great even your mistakes in grammar makes hilarious jokes like "COME NEAR ME PLEASE" which of course was probably "don't come near me please" I hope you continue writing I support your decision of helping issei and not stealing his boosted gear, a lot of ppl hate that idea but I don't, from another fanfic author myself I hope you continue your story, since after this story is your and if the readers make you do the story against the way you like it, you end up not liking your story and not having the time to finish it and then dropping just go on and keep writing to your hearts content i hope you do well!




First, to clear some things up. Despite what it sounds like, the only character from Naruto in this story is Itachi. You see, this actually takes place in Highschool Dxd for some reason. Other than that... it's still pretty bad. You'd think Itachi would steamroll everyone and do a silent, genjutsu-riddled takeover of the world, right? Wrong! He has yet to cast a single genjutsu other than the crow thing! Also, he's, like, super weak. He uses a bunch of MS powers, techniques, etc against two characters who were literally just some random test subjects for a mad scientist, and wins, but walks away really worn out. Just cut off their heads, you idiot. It sucks.


Good story. A typical OP character with a system. But I love it when the system relies on the abilities of one universe, and besides, it is very rare to see Itachi in DxD. So far I have seen a normal fanfic of this kind. Good luck to the author in writing a good story with an MC who is not a rag and does real business.


Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy. Nothing Worthy.


There isn't any obvious plot, the story reads like a poorly translated chinese fic written by a teenager, and nothing that happens actually makea sense. Everything is too random, there is no character development, no dialog and order in this chaos. That said. The story is decently formatted, so even a dislexic like myself can read it. The over all idea of a person reincating as itachi in dxd is fun and if the story had an actual plot, decent dialog and character development then it would have rated nuch higher despite the language barrier. Overall, the idea of the overall concept is fun but was not well enough executed to be worth reading.


if you guys love the character Itachi Uchiha then you shouldn't read this novel this novel pretty-much disgraces Itachi Uchiha so don't even read it trust me


Reveal spoiler


The story plot is good but there is a lot of paragraphs that I can't understand and there is little to no development of side characters so yeah it's a 2🌟 for me




Buena historia pero el protagonista actúa de forma muy irreal, ejemplo la primera reunión con akeno, en serio una niña que a pasado huyendo porque la quieren muerta mataron a su madre y en ves de resistirse deja de luchar y cuando se despierta no tiene ni un poco de desconfianza, autor vamos eso es raro y forzado que le diga puedo revivir a tu madre otro tipo de palabra que no deben decirse de esa forma ni de esa situacion. No te preocupes por darle poder al mc tiene un sistema una herramienta que el autor osea tu puede usar para controlar el progreso individual de poder de mc tanto para acelerar o disminuir su progreso por lo que sugiero que te sentres más en los personajes y otra cosa no te saques un evento de la manga como ir al inframundo sin darle al lector el como hizo para ir el mc le pregunta a akeno si sabe ir, tu diste a entender que vio a su padre ir pero no sabe como ir, es una niña no mas de 5 o 6 años como va poder ir y luego el mc mágicamente sin conocimiento del como va y por una casualidad del autor cuando llega están serca de rías gremori una heredera de un clan de demonios del que salio el diablo mas fuerte asta el momento con gran prestigio y poder que es hermano sobreprotector de rías y la encuentra sola sin guardias ni protección dicho de esa forma es muy ilógico la cadena de eventos despues




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great book, good luck to the author!keep writing and don't give up.great book, good luck to the author!keep writing and don't give up.great book, good luck to the author!keep writing and don't give up.great book, good luck to the author!keep writing and don't give up.


good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good more please good 👍☺️👍💪👍👍💪👍👍💪👍👍💪👍


Reveal spoiler


Start of the novel was a bit iffy in use of grammar and pronouns but took advice from comments well and improved greatly over time. By chapter 4 I saw no errors at all. The story was also well developed even in the early stage where the language use was not that good. Keep up the good work


I really tried to give this fic a chance but not only does it fall into the system trap it also has a badly written main character, while there aren't many grammar mistakes other than when the author writes he or his instead of she or hers or vice-versa


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