2 Chapter 2

Issei woke up and decided to do his usual morning routine the following morning. Which was to roll the Gacha, shower, get changed for school, and then have breakfast downstairs. Oh! And he can't forget to bring Ddraig food inside his Dimensional Farm. Then again, the Dragon can go and hunt whatever animal he wants to eat.

Issei then activated the Ultimate Gacha in his mind, and a screen appeared in front of him. No one except for Issei was capable of seeing the interface of the Ultimate Gacha. He looked through all the rewards for today, and he saw a few things he liked to have. So, he clicked spin for the day.

[Gacha is now rolling]

[Congratulation! Issei received (Wedding Rings x11 – God). The user may access the reward within the Inventory]

"Huh? What the hell?!" Issei said. He was baffled at the item he got. "Wedding Rings with a rarity of God? What the hell kind of rings could they be?!"

Issei took out the card for the (Wedding Ring x11 – God). He read the description on it, and he was surprised. He was not expecting such an item.

[(Wedding Ring – God) – A wedding ring forged by a God of immense power. The God never wanted to be separated from the people he fell in love with. Hence, he created this wedding ring to tie their life with his. This would allow them to come back to him no matter how many times the people he loves die. As long as the God lived, his spouses would live as well.

Unfortunately, God wasn't able to complete the rings before the demise of his spouses. Nevertheless, the God completed the ring and kept it in a temple. It was kept there until the person destined for them arrived.

Gold ring for the male and ten Blank rings.


Lifeforce Intertwine: The moment the blank ring is worn by a person with mutual love as the wearer of the Gold Ring, their lifeforce will be intertwined. The wearer of the Gold ring will be able to feel the presence and feelings of the Blank ring wearer. And the Blank ring wearer would be able to feel the emotions and presence of the Gold ring wearers.

Mutual Summoning: The wearer of the rings can summon anyone wearing the other rings. However, this would only be possible if the summoned person agreed to the summoning.

Magic Sharing: The magical energy of the people wearing the blank ring could access the magical reserve of the wearer of the gold ring. However, since the user has no Magical Energy due to having True Magic, all blank ring wearers will have their Magic turn to True Magic.

Adaptation: The blank rings will change form depending on the wearer's taste. Whether it be bedazzled by diamonds or a simple-looking ring. There is nothing the blank rings can't transform into within reason.

Immortality: As long as the wearer of the gold ring is alive, the others would be alive no matter what happens to them. No reality-warping power will be able to overcome the power of the rings Immortality. However, the gold ring wearer is not given any form of Immortality by the wedding ring]

"Holy shit! No wonder the rings are considered a God rarity," Issei said. His eyes and jaws were wide open when he finished reading the description of the Wedding Rings. But why does it have ten? "Damn! I guess the God was popular with the ladies".

Issei shook his head and closed the interface of the Ultimate Gacha System. He then headed to the bathroom to have a shower. Ten minutes later, while Issei was enjoying his shower, he heard his mother shouting that breakfast was ready and hurry up.

Hearing his mother's voice, Issei hurriedly finished his shower and got ready for school. As soon as he was done, he headed downstairs to eat breakfast. When Issei arrived at the dining table, he saw the other three house residents.

There was his mother, Hyoudou Miki, a full-time housewife. She has the appearance of a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair tied into a ponytail and hazel eyes.

Beside Miki was Hyoudou Gorou, an ordinary office worker. Gorou has the appearance of a middle-aged man with brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses.

The last of the Resident of the Hyoudou household was Ophis. Her appearance is a cute young girl with long black hair down to her hips and black eyes. Her ears differ from an average human's as they have pointed tips, although her long black hair makes this feature difficult to notice. Her dark grey eyes have reptilian slitted pupils. Her attire consists of Gothic Lolita fashion.

There wasn't a single person in the Hyoudou household that didn't know what Issei was capable of. He believed that them being aware of the Supernatural is far safer than being ignorant and dying without knowing why.

Issei's parents have a protection spell on them. It is called Guardian Vishanti. A heavy-duty protection spell capable of blocking powerful magic. However, the more it's attacked, the more energy it would lose. Fortunately, weaker attacks do not deplete the protection of Guardian Vishanti.

Looking away from the newspaper Gorou saw that his son was done getting ready for school.

"Oh, Issei," Gorou greeted. He then put down his newspaper and continued speaking. "Hurry and eat your breakfast before they get cold. Look, Ophis is nearly done with hers and is now eyeing yours".

Issei looked in Ophis' direction, and his father was right. But the second it took him to look in Ophis' direction, she was already done with her food and her hands were making their way towards his plate. Issei immediate disappeared from his position and reappeared with a plate of food in hand. What Issei used was Bo-Bup.

"Come on, Ophis," Issei said. He looked at the Dragon, and she was pouting at him. "You know this is mine. If you wanted more, you could have asked for seconds instead of grabbing someone's food. That's just bad manners".

"Sorry," Ophis said. Her face then went back to its usual emotionless look. Her stomach then gurgled, and she held it. "I was still hungry, and there was no more left".

Issei sighed at this, and he decided to conjure Ophis some more food. There were rice, egg, chicken, and some steak. He even conjured some cookies for Ophis to eat. Seeing the food in front of her, Ophis' eyes sparkled with excitement.

"So? Ise," Miki called. "Do you have any plans for this coming weekend?".

"I do…" Issei said. He was eating his breakfast. So, he replied a bit slow to his mother as he would swallow his food before speaking. "I have a date with Yuuma on Sunday. She's a Fallen Angel,".

"Are you going to be okay?" Miki said. She was worried about something happening to Issei as she remembered Issei talking about a bunch of Fallen Angels attacking a mother and daughter a few years ago. She also remembered Issei coming home disappointed that day as he wasn't strong enough to help the duo. "I still remember what those Fallen Angels did to those poor people".

"I don't think anything would go wrong," Issei said. He then took a drink of his water before continuing. "My Fiery Eyes and Golden Pupils also didn't detect any lies from her. But I'll keep things in mind and be cautious".

"That's good," Miki said. She has nothing against Fallen Angels as she knew they were similar to humans and not all of them are evil. "I do hope nothing bad happens…".

"Honey, why would you say that?" Gorou said. He fixed his glasses and continued speaking. "You know that you just raised a flag?".

"Come on, dad," Issei said. He sighed at his father's antics. "You know, you're the only one that believes in that superstition".

"Oh, really?" Gorou said. "I still remember the day a friend of mine from work raised a few flags, and what happened to him? Dead! Hit by a car!".

"That's a horrible example," Issei said. "You know that he was driving recklessly in a busy street?".

"I know, but it's because of such an attitude of denying something bad could happen that something bad happens," Gorou said. "Besides, if magic can exist, why can't superstition be real?".

"I guess you have a point," Issei said. His Ultimate Gacha was something that was nothing more than stories in his world before he got one. What's to say that superstitions aren't real? "Anyway, I need to get going. I don't want to be late for class".

"Don't you have that portal thingy?" Gorou said. He was then making a circular motion with his hand, indicating the usage of Eldritch Portal. "That should be a useful tool. You can arrive at school within seconds".

"I don't want to use a portal," Issei said. He loves going to school on his bike. The wind in his hair in the morning felt great. "You know that I like to take the V-Max for a ride in the morning".

Issei finished his breakfast and headed out of the house. Once he was out, he took his V-Max out of his Inventory and rode it to school. Issei really did love feeling the wind in his face. It was a shame that Issei couldn't just take out his wings and fly in the sky.

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