1 Prologue

I was in my room and I had just finished reading The New Mutants comic. I was thinking about how some of the mutants and their powers are completely underrated and could be so much more.

Case and point the mutant Cypher he had the potential to be an Omega level threat on his own, but always had an inferiority complex and thought that he was the weakest X-man due to not having any offensive abilities.

It was honestly kind of pathetic if I had his power I could reach heights that only a few could dream of I could become a Supreme being.

Cypher's powers were semi-telepathic, semi-clairvoyant in nature.Cypher is a hyper-linguist and has a superhuman facility for translating any languages, spoken or written, human or alien in origin.

His superhuman skill also extends to his great facility in deciphering codes and computer languages as well as understanding hidden intentions and body language.

Cypher's skills are such that he was once able to make great headway in translating the written language of an extraterrestrial race in a matter of minutes.

Cypher's mutant talent is an intuitive one which works on a subconscious level, whereas others will have to work out a translation consciously, step by step.

Rather than working the problem out step by step, in his conscious mind, Cypher instead subconsciously solves the problem.

His language power has extended to combat, making him able to interpret his opponents moves as language.

This has vastly increased his combat effectiveness, to the point where he was able to defeat the rest of the New Mutants by himself.

He also has a gifted intelligence.In the comics he eventually reaches a level where everything he sees is now interpreted into information, everything is language to him now.He can read the information flow from technological components.

Getting tired of thinking about how annoying Cypher was with his inferiority complex his mutant powers should have made him a genius but it seems they didn't affect his actual creativity if his behavior was anything to go by.

Seriously he got so desperate he merged with a knock off venom who isn't really that usefel to begin with an alien parasite called Warlock.

Putting down the comic and turning off the lights to go to sleep I turned in early as I have a test tomorrow at college and I will also be turning in a project I have been working on for four years now.

I hope I can find a job after I graduate I heard Google offered good employee benefits hmm.. maybe Facebook is hiring. Anyways as I drifted off to sleep I thought about how easy my life would be if I had Cypher's powers then my project wouldn't have taken me 4 years to complete .

(End Chapter)

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