Ultimate Cleaning System(dropped)
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Ultimate Cleaning System(dropped)


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What is Ultimate Cleaning System(dropped)

Read Ultimate Cleaning System(dropped) novel written by the author MotivatedSloth on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering action, reincarnation, comedy, system, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


To clean or not to clean, is that even a question? Pavlo was born in a relatively poor family. Yet, thanks to his vivid intelligence and innate energy that always pushed him for the greater heights he became... a mobster. As soon as he came of age, the local organisation took him under his wings, quickly recognising his talents. Before the first digit of his age changed or even came close to turning four, he was already responsible for managing the vast financial empire of his new family! But everything has its own price. In the organisation like his, superiors always had to feel the breath of their subordinate on their necks. Sadly for Pavlo, what he felt was not the breath, but the cold steel of the autonomous truck that smashed his body into bits. A pitiful end sprinkled with the salty realisation that said truck was a product developed by the company that Pavlo used to launder the organisation money in the first place! Just like revolution eats its own children, so did Pavlo's investment claim its creator's life. But how could he see just a set of primitive bars instead of the glorious gate of the heaven... or more precisely, the stinky depths of the hell? And most importantly, what the hell are those flashing letters that seemed to have some majestic aura to them? WHAT DOES THE ULTIMATE CLEANING SYSTEM EVEN MEAN?


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As a start, this story is in all aspects different. We all know what a system novel is, tons of cliches about it but hell! This combination is bizarre yet intriguing. The plot is paired with colourful characters, good writing and an overall smooth undertone. 5/5 recommend, you'd be losing a gem if you go elsewhere.



Just the title alone is hilarious and I'm expecting lots of funny moments in this one. The book may lack chaps as of the moment, making the world background and story progression somewhat unclear, but I'm confident enough to say that this book will end up great, considering the author's skill with his craft. I'll leave this here to tell the future readers not to miss this one.


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The amazing sloth does it again with another masterpiece creation! Does his wittiness know no bounds?! Does his ability to enthrall the reader in endless enjoyment ever cease?! Um well no it doesn’t... GREAT JOB!!! I hope you win the WPC you deserve it! Everyone gIve this man your powerstones!


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I saw, I clicked. Amazing one of a kind mc with a mind-blowing story. Lots of laughs and cant wait for more! Who knew you could clean and cultivate at the same time? Thanks author for teaching us to make this world a neater place xD


MC be like: .


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