2 Chapter 2: The Witch and the Boy

It was a bright day after the heavy rain. You can still smell the freshness of the leaves and the wet earth. The animals went back to their usual business. Haunting their prey, building nests, and spending the time of their lives. Fiore watches them from her window.

"You will die too, miscreants," she said in a deep angry voice while chewing peanuts. "When you die, you will be dinner for me!" Fiore exclaimed. She stood up from her chair and threw the nutshells to the unsuspecting birds. They got startled and flew away, but the birds went back to take the nutshells. "Go away, ugly useless creatures! Chaaaa!!!"

"What are you doing, Fiore?" asked the guy who went out of the bushes. He was squinting while walking towards the house because of the rays of the sun. Fiore noticed that he was tossing a ragged pouch made of leather from one hand to another.

"You better tell me that you have coins," said Fiore while picking her teeth with her long nails. The guy scratched his head then tossed his body to a shabby couch. "It's just the usual," he answered.

"I hope you can eat those pearls when we get hungry," said Fiore, who was now leaning against the window with her back against Nevin.

He lifted his right hand while looking at the pouch. Nevin does not know what's with the pearls. Collecting it has been his pastime since he was young.

The pearls only appear after the rain. They can be found at the end of every rainbow that will appear. Before, merchants will race to get to the end of the rainbow because they believe that leprechauns and fairies hide their pot of gold there. They never found a pot of gold and saw the pearls instead. They did not pay much attention to it due to disappointment and because there are only a few pieces every time. They saw the pearls as small, worthless, and unattractive. Some merchants sell the pearls as jewelry, but it is as common as grass for them, and it doesn't sell that much. Nevin thinks otherwise.

That's why he can't sell the pearls to anyone. First of all, nobody cares, and second, it was as good as trash to most people in their town.

Nevin closed his eyes while slowly drifting away from his consciousness. He is losing track of time, but he knows that he's still not completely asleep. He tried to focus on something. It was as if he's reading the past events in his head, and each day he lived was a page of a book. Then, he came up with something interesting—that one time when he was getting pearls on the Muri river.

Muri river has a powerful current because it is connected to the Leyu falls. There was a part of the river with a perfectly circular rock in the middle. To get there, you have to pass through the river. And Nevin, knowing the danger of it and that he is not strong enough to fight the current, walked his way to the rock because the end of the rainbow appeared there. Meaning, the pearls will be there.

Everything started smoothly. Nevin even boasted in his mind that it feels like he was walking on motionless water. Each step felt easy for him, but when he looked at the rock's supposed location, he was nowhere near it because he's been dragged by the current sideways. Nevin panicked and started slipping off the river rocks. He lost his balance and hit his head. He can still remember how the current dragged him like nothing and how he fell off the Leyu falls. His weight was nothing against nature's force.

He was losing his consciousness while being submerged in the deep. That's when an interesting event happened.

While his sight was turning black and he can't see his surroundings any longer, he started noticing something else. It felt real, but he knows that it wasn't there. He was confused because he knows that he should not see anything. But while his sight gets darker, the images started to become more apparent. It's in his head.

He saw a group of people going in a dark thunder portal. He doesn't know them, and he knows that they are not from their town either. The images suddenly disappeared as it started creating something else. The second image was a war. It was a vast war. He doesn't know what era they came from, but he knows pretty well that they are older. The Enchanted people were involved in the war, but he can't see who they are fighting with.

Along with it was Fiore's voice. He can hear her saying, "As long as we use our powers, the world will never be at peace." The images disappeared once again as his sight came back. He rushed towards the surface and gasped for air.

Nevin opened his eyes, unsure if he was able to nap. He saw Fiore still standing by the window, watching and cursing the birds that don't do anything to her. The sight of Fiore made him giggle.

All of a sudden, Fiore fell on the floor. She was holding her forehead. Nevin rushed towards her and helped her up. When Fiore removed her hand to look at it, they saw blood. It was coming from her forehead. Nevin carefully assisted Fiore to their couch then busted their door open.

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"What the heck was that?" Nevin yelled. He saw three men laughing at him. The three of them are holding rocks and was about to throw them at Nevin.

"She's an evil witch! Her cursed face is an eyesore!" said the guy who threw the first rock.

"You can pass by our house without hurting anyone! Go on your way, and don't make a stop here if you're not going to do anything good!" Nevin yelled out of frustration. He never liked arguments or confrontations. He felt like he was sick of fighting without a known reason.

"Oh, this is for the good of the many," another guy said as he threw a rock at Nevin. He missed and hit the closed wooden door.

"You will all die being swarmed with worms. They will populate in your body and eat out your organs. They will come out of your eyes, nose, mouth... in every hole of your body! Your family will watch as you die screaming in pain, and you will only be treated with my kind's piss!" Fiore cursed. She was holding her right hand in the air with her fingers stretched out. A strong wind gushed, and everyone in the area felt it.

The men went away while laughing. "Crazy bitch! We'll get you some other time," said the third guy as he spits in Fiore's front yard.

"Fiore, I told you not to curse again!" said Nevin. He went running inside their house and checked on Fiore's forehead. Her nose started bleeding as well.

"They deserve that. Pack your things; we will leave now," Fiore ordered Nevin.

It was always the same for them. Someone will hurt Fiore, she will curse them, and they will leave. Nevin never left her side because he grew up treating Fiore as his mother. Besides, he owes her his life.

Fiore was a well-known "mamumuyag." Her kind was known to curse people that they dislike. And Fiore, being the spiteful person that she is, curses anyone she doesn't like. With the two divisions of the Enchanted people, Fiore's kind was categorized as evil.

But that's not the case — not how Nevin sees her.

Fiore found Nevin in the forest when he was six. Another "mamumuyag" cursed him because he stole food from them. Nevin had lumps all over his body, and he's dying. From hunger, from the curse, and from living alone at a very young age.

When Fiore found Nevin, she treated him without a second thought. After a few chants, Nevin's lumps, hunger, and other wounds disappeared. But when Fiore did that, Nevin noticed that her face suddenly had scars.

Since then, they have been together. Nevin never asked Fiore to treat him if he gets sick or wounded again because of the fear that she might acquire the damages from the people she was healing.

The house they are currently living in was the place they stayed the longest. Fiore inherited it from her relatives as the last known "mamumuyag." It was far from the people, from other Enchanteds, and away from pain.

As they were packing their things, Nevin asked Fiore, "Aren't you getting tired of this? We've been running all our lives."

"You. You've been running all your life. I was fighting for it. Always fighting for it," Fiore replied.

"Tell me, Fiore. Am I just an ordinary person, or am I Enchanted too?" then there was silence.

"What are you going to do if I told you that you are one of us?" said Fiore.

"Then I will fight! I will defend our home! I don't want to move somewhere else again!" Nevin exclaimed.

Fiore stopped packing her things and stared at him blankly, "You can't."

"So, that means I am an Enchanted too! I knew it! I'm just too weak because you never taught me anything," said Nevin.

"No. You can't because you're ordinary. You're just a human," Fiore said as she started packing again.

After some time, Fiore heard several people outside their house. They were yelling. This is not new to her as her kind always lived like this. People will only be kind when they need healing from them. But most of the time, they were treated like pests.

"I'll hold our ground," said Nevin. He stood up, closed his eyes tightly, and frantically stretched his hands as if something will happen.

"Stop doing that. You look like an idiot," Fiore said and smacked Nevin with a loaded satchel.

"No. I will stay here! Maybe I can produce fire or water! I've seen images when I almost drowned at the Leyu falls! Yes! Maybe I can control the water! I will block them using it!" Nevin answered. Fiore was staring at him out of confusion.

"What did you just said? You've seen images when you almost drowned at Leyu falls?" Fiore asked him.

"Yes! I know I am an Enchanted too! I just don't know what kind!" Nevin said.

Fiore strikes him with the satchel. "You cannot produce water, dumbass! Come with me. I will discuss it with you along the way. You're too stupid to be that special."