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uehfvjfd is a popular web novel written by the author Belg4r, covering KINGDOM BUILD, SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, MAGIC, ACTION, CULTIVATION, RUTHLESS-MC, DARK, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 529.8K readers with an average rating of 4.46/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 0 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.




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Writing quality: It is quite good. No mtl translation from another language here. Still, the author is no Shakespeare so 3 stars. well done. Stability of update: It is regular and consistent so far. Considering that the novel started 9 days ago you get 3 stars. Well done. Story development: It is a clear copy of two well-known novels. No matter how much the author wants to deny it. it is more a fanfiction than an original. so one star. not so well done. Character design: Well we have one character with a little flesh. the mc. the other characters are basically just names doing what their designated jobs demand of them. so basically one mc and a bunch of npcs. MC is somewhat stupid for having reincarnated. it would have been better if you didn't go with the whole reborn thingy. if you go with that, you need to have an mc who is at least a little capable. not well done. World Background: Same as story development. It is basically a copy of two other novels with some quickly thrown in addons. You know the type EA does? Not really working. (The fact that you can just throw war prisoners into your main city for them to gain that eternal loyal trait is just a major flaw.) Conclusion: It is a rather well-written fanfiction (no matter what the author says, it is a fanfiction in my eyes.) with the normal problems you expect from an ******* author. there are many things to do better and many things to stop doing. But the author published a story and tries his best so well done. I just can't give you a high rating. I mean, i could give you 5 stars like everyone else but what rating would i then give a professional, truly well written story?


Hey guys it's the author here. This is my first book so I di hope you all will find it enjoyable. I will be publishing 2 chapter every day for the forseeable future. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to leave a comment.


It's got some kind of "The World Online" vibe. But I like it a lot more since it's in some kind of fantasy setting and we don't get all the old prominent Chinese people. I enjoy reading it so far. Keep up the good work author!


Hmm this story honestly surprised me with it's Lord's Empire, and The World Online vibes. Like what those stories could have been without the overwhelming amount of filler and useless race supremacist boasting that eventually caused me to get fed up and drop them. Over the currently posted 22 chapters that I hungrily devoured. I'm pleased to say that it was a very pleasant reading experience. The MC isn't an arrogant butthole which is a major plus in my book. Everything isn't the best followed by something new suddenly being better than the best. I do enjoy the mixture of fantasy races added into the mix as well as magic. Looking forward to how that develops fully with higher levels of mastery. And though a lot of characters aren't fleshed out yet they don't need to be as of now. As for the world background and the faction wars that are sure to arise. Well we'll see as the author gets us to that point. But for now I am quite satisfied.


Grammar/Writing Quality - great to read and engrossing. Although there were a few mispelled words, slight grammatical error, lack of punctuations, capitalization and etc, it did not bother me that much since the quality of writing is refined. World Building/Character Development - I can't tell with great certainty, but as of ch14(latest ch to this day), characters are not fleshed out that much. I recommend more interaction with subordinates to at least allow us know their basic personalities. Honestly, most side characters feel bland in my opinion.


This is mainly so this book can receive more attention becomes it is a great book...........................................................


Nice start you got here, excellent bachground and great story development. Waiting for more chapters in future.


I have very few complaints for TLE, only a few small ones such as some small grammar errors. I just wish there would have been a bit more of explanation about the situation he was in as well. Otherwise I can't really complain.


After getting caught up with this novel, I must say, it interested me a lot more than I thought it would. The concept it uses in terms of reincarnation and world transfer is immersing. The purpose the main character serves in this new reality of his is really intense and suspenseful, which adds onto why this work stands out from the ordinary. I can't wait till new main characters join in. I have this bookmarked now. This is definitely worth the read, everyone!


All scores but writing quality are placeholder scores. Bit too early to say anything concrete for sure but I can say with confidence this novel has potential. The writing quality is good with only a few errors here and there, but certainly not enough to deduct a point in my opinion. I can't say too much for sure on the rest until I read more chapters, but it certainly has potential. So if you liked the chapters so far consider adding it to your collections to continue reading it when it has more chapters added.


I took my time to decide to write a review here as I prefere to give positive reviews. But as overwhelming reviews here are 5 stars with no basis to it here I go. 1 good stuff - english is oki and update is fast. 2 neutral - it is similar to those 2 Chinese novels mentioned in some reviews already so not repeating that. 3 what ticked me off - author dont think stuff through and do not understand the basic natural laws or historical developments. Why do I think like that? Well next are some examples. Mc and all his subjects act without thinking or any sort of feelings. It shows as lot of subjects just die and no one cares at all so rinse and repeat agen and agen. In middle ages lot of pleague spread because corpse were left to rot. All rulers and warlords with brain either burrie (often massgraves) or burn corpses to avoid it. But our mc regulary just pushes all the dead into the water. Well have a nice drinking water later!!! So we have several hundred meters wide river just 100 meters from the first town mc built. This river gets water from very high snow mountan and its not told that the river is in a canion. So no floods? REALLY? Also mc has developed basick houses and dont even know how to buid carts or wood fense jet but hey his arhidect develops how to build that several hundred meters long bridge and thats built on the second day... So in the end to read this novel you have to stop thinking and analysing its content.


The point is i like novel about building empire . So i hope this will be long story . Keep going. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


It’s not my favorite story on here but I think it’s a good story. Their are only two problems with it the world background and the character design. The only character in the story so far with any development is the main character. All the other characters in the story are either npc’s or pointless side character. In my opinion the world background isn’t bad but kind of lacking in a lot of places. The author could add a little bit more about the world background in every chapter since I abhor info dumps.


a mix of the best parts from "The World Online", "Super Gene" and "Monster Pet Evolution" without the racist comunist propaganda, some more charachter building for the secondary characters would have made this story epic but sadly you cant always have it all, eather way, this is definitely a hidden gem, highly recomended and i hope the author will keep writing this good story till the ending


I love this book a lot and I have to say so far it is a must read! From what I have seen so far the chapters come out pretty fast and I hope it stays this way! It reminds me a little bit of a mixture between books like the Lords Empire and others with its own unique mix that makes it a truly enjoyable read! I am starting to become obsessed with the book!


Just a really good book witch needs more good press I like the originality and I think it has great potential as a book, so keep up the amazing work author


okay not to sound harsh but this is a **** version of the lords empire (when it was good) first of all you said he is reincarnated yes ? he may be in a different region and all but this still doesnt make an excuse for the mc being so fcking stupid. his decisions frankly piss me off. He doesnt take over a village ? why.. cause he wants to let it grow ? huh ? why not take it and grow it himself ? potentially leaving an enemy to grow. Another thing is his upgrade was done so sht it purely just doesnt make sense. He waited for like what a week to upgrade. He wanted to upgrade in a city so he doesnt grab attention. Fine. So why does when he goes to the city he doesnt upgrade ? he upgrades in a middle of a war and does completely the opposite of what he wanted. Then his attack on the two villages also is so stupid. He uses a spell beyond his own limits and it doesnt even work ? EVERYONE knows not to put all your eggs in one basket in case it fails. This is a war not a game. He should know plenty of that as he is reincarnated. He then goes and duels the enemy commanders himself after exhausting himself from using his magic and then is surprised atked by the enemy. Once again making me in awe of how stupid the mc is. Bottomline is the author is practically forcing the story along, leaving it unrefined af. Im acc in disbelief on how bad the chapters after chap 30 are. Before that I could deal with it, taking it as a worse lords empire/world building novel than most. Other than the annoying forceful writing at times I could still cope. Its just the author takes it to the extreme after this. My advice is the mc is reincarnated, he NEEDS to be more smart. You say he is from a different region yes. but he still has all that experience from when he was in that world. Also a MUST is the flow, you cant force the story like you are as frankly its sht to read. Gl with the work.


Very good novel kingdom building. i like it! Very good pace. very good work. I advise this novel. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddd jjjjjoooooooooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


Just saw the book in one of my random profile stalking, will read it later... From the review, it seems nice although it feels weird due to the lack of trash talk... Don't drink and write!! Boom Va Va Boom!!! Is it 140 yet?..


Good story. The grammar and writing style is pleasant and drags you into the universe that the author wishes to convey. The updates, although quite early to say, seems steady. If author can keep this up then that's very good! Story is good, i like the pace, it is neither too fast nor too slow. Originally this is not the type of novel I usually read, but I found myself liking it more than I had expected. I would definitely recommend it to others.


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