1 Awakening

hi my name is Sai and this is how I became the strongest creature. It started when I one day decided to go for a walk because I was a weeb and I mean like a extrem weeb because the only thing I did was watching anime, reading manga and fan fiction so that's why I decided to go for a walk. Another reasons I don't go out is not because I was a weeb it was because of all stares I get and all of then are filled with disgust I just can't stand It I was always the child to get bullied I don't understan why I was pretty good-looking if I say so my self and I wasn't fat but wherever I go something bad happens and today is the perfect exempal because right infront of me I child crossing the streets everything seems to be ok until a FUCKING TRUK FELL FROM THE SKY.

I didn't know what happened to me but I started running with the fastest speed I could and pushd the girl away and after that I saw black.

I didn't know how long I was out but the fist thing I noticed when I woke up was that I'm in a garden so beautiful I couldn't describe it with words. While I was daydreaming I heard footsteps behind me so I quickly turned round and the only way to describe my face was pure shock and you'd also be shocked when you see a 40 meters tall human with a robe looking at you.

while I was thinking that I was dreaming I heard the voice speak `` hahaha welcome boy we finally get to meet I can tell that your confused about where you are so first things first you're dead and your in my personal space I created proud to say one of my finest works hahahah.

```I didn't really know how to react. I wasn't shocked that I'm dead. I already guessed it but what I was shocked about is that I'm in a scenario where the mc will get isekai to an anime world with a system and become the most op guy ever. I looked at the hulking figure and asked what's gonna happen to now´´´ ´´hahaha boy need to be nervous you came here because I will give you one wish and then you will be transmigrated to a anime world and if your wondering why I did this is because I'm bored and by the way no system or infinite wishes´´

´´´damn stingy old man only giving me one wish and not a system fuck what should I wish for to be able to survive in these anime worlds wait I know hahaha´´´

´´ I picked my wish and that's to get the strongest and purest dragon bloodline ever´´

the hulking figure laughed and said ´´brat I can read your mind who did you call stingy huh but I let this pass because I'm a forgiving god and your wish shall be done so enjoy your adventure little one and may we one day meet if you can get stronger´´

I got a little scared when he said he could read my mind but thankfully he seems to forgive and grandet my wish. ´´so how will I leave this place´´ ´´ hahaha like this´´ that was the last thing I heard when I saw a giant finger sending me flying through a portal and losing consciousness.

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