14 Those that know all

It was a story almost a millennium old. A tale of twin brothers from the Ōtsutsuki clan and their mother succumbing to insanity.

Kaname frowned, listening to the legend spoke by a red-furred, green-skinned gorilla. It had eyes with yellow irides and white pupils, spike-like protruded along the length of its tails. "Wait a moment, Son Gokū-san, Chakra Fruit? God Tree?"

"I'm not sure of details myself, Kaname-chan. Shinju, the God Tree, existed before my siblings and I were born. Are you okay? You look blenched."

"Yeah, I think I understood something about myself. This Shinju, would you call it a Tree of Li-" She dropped onto her knees, as air instantly got stuck down into her lungs. 'So I'm right. I know what you fear now.' Kaname smirked, thinking of the ghostly parasite inside her body.

"Kaname-san?! Are you okay?!" Rōshi returned after the Uchiha, once she abruptly left Yonbi and his mindscape.

As if nothing extraordinary was happening, she was firmly hitting her chest. Without the ability to take even a single breath, Kaname gave him a thumbs up.

After two long minutes, the blockade around Kaname's windpipe was released.

"You're one weird girl." The jinchūriki commented, looking at her taking deep breaths.

"Haah... Haah... *Cough*. Thanks, I think? I heard much worse, Rōshi-san."

"What was that? You looked like you were suffocating. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Nothing to worry about. Let's just say that I'm ill."

"Who do you take me for? That's not an illness, Kaname-san."

'More like a curse.' Kaname answered him only with a smile, 'I got another piece of the puzzle. But I still need to find more information about Shinigami. If it can kill me on a moment's notice like it tried right now, just why the hell am I still alive?'

"Haah... Whatever, not my problem. Let's continue?"

"Yep." She looked into his eyes, pushing herself into Rōshi's mindscape. "Sorry, I'm back!"

"... You're unusual. For a human." The four-tailed gorilla greeted her.

"I know. Before we start, why are you helping me?"

"Because of Saiken. My older brother asked me to put my trust in you. But I can't contact him anymore. Where is he?"

"... Akatsuki has taken him prisoner."

"Okay, stop it, you two! Who is Saiken?"

"My boyfriend's Bijū." Kaname clarified.

"Your partner is a jinchūriki?! I've always thought that we, jinchūrikis, would live a life of solitude. Hahaha, what a lucky sob!" The older shinobi held his hand on his belly in a burst of roaring laughter.

"If Saiken was taken, your mate should be-"

"Utakata-kun is alive and kicking." she explained, "But it's not about me. Please continue the history lesson, Son Gokū-san. I got hooked."

"Now that we're talking about something interesting, you're changing the topic. But okay." The Bijū scratched his head, "Where was I? On the topic of my father's mother eating the Chakra Fruit, right?"

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki became known as the Rabbit Princess. Because of lust for power, she fused herself with Divine Tree, becoming the first jinchūriki of a ten-tailed monster.

"Wait, I don't understand. So Kaguya fused herself with a tree and became a host of a Bijū? The Divine Tree was one of you?"

"It was before I was born, Kaname-chan. I don't know the details myself - I'm just repeating my father's words." Son Gokū explained, "And no, Jūbi was the predecessor to my siblings and me. The manifestation of chaos and destruction. Kaguya's insanity only deepened under its influence. For over a hundred years, she ruled this world with an iron fist. At that time, humanity gave her a new title, Demon."

"Humanity? Wasn't Kaguya a human? You're speaking like she is a different species altogether."

"Haah... It will take some time if you're going to interrupt me, Kaname-chan." The chakra-being groaned, "But yes. The Ōtsutsuki clan weren't humans - they were something much more, celestial beings. The current shinobi clans are my father's descendants, meaning you're all part of different species. But let me continue the story..."

'That could end up problematic... If this was widely known information, it wouldn't take long for an idiot with race supremacy ideology to show up.'

"Despite all of that, Kaguya's children still loved her. My father and his brother still tried to keep her destructive side restrained. Hagoromo and Hamura understood that their mother committed immoral acts for the sake of protecting them from the clan that she previously defected from, and they still felt affection for her because she was simply a mother doing what she could for her children. Yet, Jūbi's power was extremely potent, poisoning Kaguya's mind so much that those two entities became one."

"The Sage's mother was the monster of the legend, huh?"

"Yes, Rōshi." The gorilla nodded its massive head, "My father and his sibling set out to stop Kaguya's rampage. I don't know how, but they defeated the monster. Unfortunately, Jūbi was immortal - to make sure it would be stopped for good, my father became its second jinchūriki and sealed the beast's empty husk for eternity."

"Sealed? Even the best seal can be broken."

"Not if you can't get to it, Kaname-chan." The three-tailed monster grinned.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Father sealed Jūbi by creating the moon."

"You're kidding me? The Moon? The big, silvery thing in the sky?"

"Everything I said is true." The Bijū replied.

"Eye of the Moon Plan... Those morons don't even understand what they're doing." Kaname facepalmed.

"I believe you heard the rest from Saiken already, Kaname-chan. Father ripped Jūbi's power apart, splitting it into nine parts. He died soon after."

"I see. Thanks for the story. It answered some questions."

"What are you going to do now, Kaname-san?" the jinchūriki asked.

"Granny Hokage is waiting for me. I hope she didn't start a war between our villages without me. That would be a bummer."

"Ōnoki-san is a much bigger headache than some run-of-the-mill Kage. He'll think I'm lying about Akatsuki attacking me all over again."

"Keep your head down, Rōshi-san. If you don't let your partner help with the problem, Akatsuki won't have problems taking care of you. You're still alive only because I got tipped off."

"Yeah-yeah. Thanks, I can take care of myself, Kaname-san."

"... Sure. Son Gokū-san, thanks and take care of this stubborn donkey."

"I will. We shall meet again. See you someday soon."

"Bye." Kaname disappeared.

"Interesting girl." The enormous gorilla stated.

"Why did you help her, Yonbi?"

"Hahaha! It seems you're still a child, Rōshi."

"Beg your pardon, I'm forty-two!"

"As I said, still a child. It was also a warning to Kaname-chan. That Uchiha is easily the top five strongest kunoichi in history. From what Saiken told me, Kaname, just like Kaguya, seeks strength to protect her family. You heard how that concluded for your predecessor."


"Flat Board! Half of the Konoha is looking for you! Where were you?!"

"Here and there. How was the party?"

"... We were burying the Hokage, you imbecile!" Tsunade roared.

"Yeah, I know. Ōnoki made some trouble?"

"Ugh... Not really. Time for some payback, I opened Sarutobi-sensei's last will. You know he pointed you out in it?"

"I can't say it was unexpected. Should I worry, Granny?"

"This," The Hokage pulled out a bloodied photo from her cabinet, "I believe, belongs to you and Utakata-san."

Taking it from Tsunade's hand, Kaname looked at the photo sent to the Hokage while she was pregnant. "Jiji h-had it on him till the end?" Kaname's voice broke, touching the bloodstained piece of paper.

"Yeah. Sensei held the photos of his wife, Jiraiya's, Orochimaru's, me, Asuma's with Kurenai on a date, and finally yours. Despite how highly he thought of you, Flat Board, you just skipped his funeral for fucks sake!"

"I'm sorry, but I did what I had to defeat Akatsuki."

"... Shit! Okay, but you owe me. One more thing. Read the last point." The busty woman passed Kaname a scroll.

"But it's addressed to you?"

"Read it, Flat Board."

"Tsunade, you always need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. As a Hokage, you will always be a target, Konoha's first and last line of defense. I want you to make sure that the chain of command stays intact. Designate Kana-chan as reserve Hokage - I believe she is the only one that could fend off an opponent neither you nor I could deal with. Thank you. Goodbye, I hope you will live your life happily with Jiraiya-kun at your sid-" Kaname dodged a chair flying towards her.

"Don't make it up on the fly!"

"Even from the other side, he won't let me off, huh? As the reserve Hokage, my first move will be abolishing the position of reserve Hokage. You know that, right?"

"Thanks for the heads-up. I'll make sure you won't be able to do that, Flat Board. Talking about becoming a Hokage. I had to cover for your absence in front of Daimyō. He was asking for you."

"For me? What did he want, Granny?"

"I hoped you would know." Tsunade replied, "He ordered you to present yourself in the Fire City."

"He can kiss my ass for all I care."

"I agree, but I want you to check what does this moron wants. Before that, I have got a job for you."


Late-night Sasuke Uchiha marched towards the village gate. A traveling backpack was held by a single strap on his shoulder.

"Where are you going, Sasuke-chan?"

"Nee-san? What are you doing here?"

"I was waiting for you." Kaname flickered to his side.

"... How?"

"How did I know? Your friends are more perceptive than you give them credit for. Where are you going?"

"It's not your problem, Nee-san." Sasuke snarked at her.

"Yep, it is. So?"

"You won't understand. I have to do it."

"Try me." She put her hand on his shoulder.

"I-I'm going to find that white-faced bastard and rip out his head."

"Hmm, not that bad of an idea. I thought of that several times today as well. But you know that it wouldn't kill him, right?"

Sasuke dropped his head, his shoulders shook in turbulent emotions, "Just let me go, Nee-san. I've to kill him."

Kaname rose his chin up, meeting his eyes with hers, "Nope."

"... I can become a missing-nin. I don't care as long as I end that worm."

"Sasuke-chan, can you tell me what gave you the idea that it was the right way?"

"He... Hiruzen-sensei was..." her foster brother tried to avert her piercing sight.

"You can tell me anything."

"He wasn't only my teacher, Nee-san - he was like a grandfather I never had." Sasuke choked out, "He was the kindest and wisest person I've known! For killing my grandfather, I'll hunt that asshole down! I'll break every bone in his body, tear his limbs, burn his body, I won't stop until he begs me to-"

Kaname caught him in a hug, "It's okay, Sasuke-chan. It's good to let go of all your bottled-up emotions."


"Oh, shut up, Sasuke-chan." She felt his body tremble in her arms.

A minute later, Sasuke calmed down, "I'm still going to hunt that asshole down, Nee-san."

"Not without us, Teme!" his teammates showed up. "Hehe, were you crying ~ttebayo?"

"Fuck off, Dobe. I'm doing it alone. Hinata-chan too. You're the future of your clan. You can't go with me."

"Hanabi-chan, once she grows up, will take over after me, Sasuke-san."

"... What about your stupid dream, Dobe? Starting your career as a missing-nin will erase all your chances of becoming a Hokage."

"Nah, I'm still doing it, Teme, and I'm not going to let you go after Orochimaru alone. I'm not someone that would allow my friend to go after an S-rank asshole on his own ~dattebayo."

"... You're a moron, you know that, Dobe?"

"Hehehe." Naruto laughed, scratching the back of his head.

"You three forgot about something." Kaname interrupted them, her Sharingan flaring into life, "Why should I let you go?"

Waves of bloodlust washed over Team Six. To Kaname's astonishment, they stood their ground, staring back at her.

"You're not going to stop us here, Sis."

"She could if she would want to, Dobe." Sasuke smirked at Naruto's bravado.

"Heh, what do you think, Doofus-kun?" Kaname chuckled.

"Yep, they indeed have grown up, Kana-chan. I'm feeling proud of their teamwork." Kakashi flickered in with crocodile tears in his eyes.

"... Moron, none of them would be able to fight off the pressure I exude." Kaname smacked the back of silver-haired jōnin's head.

"Eto... What is going on, Nee-san?" Hinata questioned.

"I'm going to burst Sasuke's bubble - being a rebel isn't as cool as you think it is." Kaname smirked, "I've got an official mission for Team Six. Find Orochimaru and when you do, invite me for the party."

"No way Tsunade-san agreed to it."

"Here is her signature and a Hokage's seal, Doofus-kun." Kaname pointed at the piece of paper, "It was her own idea, you know? She got fed up with Orochimaru and wants to off him."

"Hehe. A hunt for an S-rank criminal? My dream is closer than I thought ~ttebayo."

"But how do all of you know what I've planned?! I didn't say a word about it to anyone!"

"Teme, you looked like you were constipated at the funeral."

"Looks like you're underestimating our Hokage, Sasuke-chan. She is very perceptive." Kaname added.

"We're going without you, Nee-san?"

"Yes, Hina-chan. It seems I'm required for something else in Fire City. Remember, I'm just a single blink away." Kaname winked playfully at her soon-to-be in-law.



"What?!" a deep, angry voice behind the wooden doors answered.

"It's Kabuto." he answered calmly.

"Leave if you value your life, boy."

"I can't do that, Zetsu-sama. I've got a gift for you."

"I don't need it. Orochimaru can take his gift and put it up his-"

"It's not a gift from Orochimaru, but from me." Kabuto interrupted the Akatsuki.

The doors burst open, "You just forfeited your life, boy. Why do you think that a gift from you would even be worth of notice?" Black Zetsu, an unknown entity of Akatsuki, glared at Kabuto. The first white half of his body was disfigured, lacking his white clone. The second part, black as the night itself, had only outlines of a male's face, unnaturally green hair, and a single pale yellow eye.

"Because it's something you want, Zetsu-sama." he took out a small vial from a pouch on his back.

"You dare-" Kabuto threw a vial towards the plant-man, "Wait, this chakra?" Zetsu caught it off the air and took a long look. A small glass tube filled with blue liquid and few black strands of hair, "How?" he gasped.

"As I said, I know you need it, Zetsu-sama."

"His hair, how did you get it?! What Orochimaru wants from me?"

"Orochimaru-sama doesn't know I'm here. I came from my own volition."

"Why should I believe you? You're nothing but his lapdog, boy."

"You should understand that my master can resurrect long-lost warriors. I happened to study the technique under him."

"... What do you want, boy?"

"From you, Zetsu-sama? Nothing. Just give me a month or two to perfect the Edo Tensei." Kabuto walked away, closing the doors behind him.

"Madara-sama." Zetsu clutched the vial in his hand.

Kabuto turned around the corner of Akatsuki hideout, chuckling under his nose, 'So desperate. Just so happened that Kaname received my letter about the coming attack on Four Tails. Hah...Hahaha! Whoever losses the impending war, I'll win! Hahahahaha!'

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