287 Troubles at the Vatican

Deep within the Vatican, a meeting was held between the Holy Father and the Holy Roman Emperor. Pope Julius and Emperor Balsamo discussed their difficulties over the past year and how to proceed forward. Emperor Balsamo was the first to voice his discontent with the rapid growth that Austria had been blessed with since Berengar had seized control of the Duchy.

"Berengar's power grows by the day; I have received concerning reports about a visit to Granada. Supposedly the heretic is consulting with the Moorish Sultan, we do not know what objective Berengar had or what form of agreement the two men came to, but there is little doubt in my mind that it does not bode well for our faith."

When Pope Julius heard this, he sneered in disdain as he cursed Berengar for his actions.

"Fucking heretic! Of course, he would lie with the Moorish dogs! May Berengar's soul be cast into the furthest pit of hell for his treason against Christendom!"


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