2 Issue#1: The Measure of a Man

Izuku's Pov]

Izuku sat within the padded cell of his mother's located deep within the infamous Tartarus prison, currently he found himself in the tight grip of the feral dragones; even after twelve years of intense rehabilitation and moving into the foster home with the Serizawa's, the young saurian never could get over his mother's situation. " Izu, you're good?" She gentle coos while she snuggles with him upon the plain cell floor, as the Seven Foot five teen finds himself tangled within the back corner." Yes, mom, I'm good." He said while snuggled further into her embrace when he heard. " Visiting hours are up, time to leave brat." Larry the prison guard called out banging upon the cell door, as tried to get up from the floor; Inko held her hatchling within her tight embrace crying out." NO, Izu stay." She bellows refusing to budge from her position, and held Izuku even tighter than before." Please, mom, I know you don't want me to go; But I got too. If I not, how I'm posted to get you out of here?" He said trying to comfort his mother as he left her tight grip, before slipping away from her towards the door  she bellows." Izu, Back?" She sadly coos when Izuku calmly said trying to hold back his tears." Yes mom, I will be back soon. " He said leaving from the cell while Larry locked it behind him, and lead the young man towards the entrance." Hey Kiddo, I know this whole fucking situation smells of rancid ass dogshit. But know I'm here for you and I will tried my best to help your mama out; ever need to let it out, their no shame in doing it son." Larry stated while a teary-eyed Izuku hugged the slightly overweight guard who just padded his back." Thanks, Larry-san." As the pair walked out of the front entrance from the prison, and towards his foster parents' car.

Later that day...

Izuku found himself within his least-liked place to be, and did his best to tune out the chaos amongst his classroom. " Their no point in handing out these forms, since you all want to be heroes." His teacher said while the cocky blonde firecracker next to him was being a massive dickhead, as usual when he heard the teacher call out." Hey Izuku, Its says here that you're trying out for U.A." He said while the class was whispering amongst themselves, and blodie was going to blow a gasket upon hearing those words. " Stupid Akuma, what is the offspring of a retard villainous monster like you? Even dare to ever step foot into a place meant for real heroes, not like yourself , villain!!" Bakugo yelled while mimi explosions crackle off his hands, meanwhile Izuku's eyes turn into a menacing glare of glowing neon blue, as he semi transformed smashing his desktop within half silencing the rest of the snickering students around him." What did you call my mother, Blondetard?" He said while letting out a menacing snarl. " Izuku, principal's office now! Bakugo sit back down." His teacher said while the saurian teen got up from his desk, and walked towards the door slamming it upon his way out.

After a long chewing from his bias Principal, Izuku had left the school behind him heading towards the one place that he found himself the most at home, Takoba Municipal Beach Park. The blondetard had intercepted him before leaving from school earlier, as like any schoolyard bullies he tried to throw his weight around and destroyed his newest journal; not wanting to make a further scene he sucked it up and was the bigger man; no pun intended, as he gazes upon the trash heap before himself." Disgusting." He snarled while taking off his uncomfortable shoes and unbuttoned his stupid school uniform; the hard protective layer of his scales protected his bare feet when he walked shirtless into the trash heap. Izuku now for the past couple of months has been trying to clean the freacking eyesore of a beach, not because it was heroic no far from it. Because it was just pissing him off; that the entrance to his lair was being used as an illegal trash dump, and also because he couldn't afford the monthly fee to one of the local gyms; due to the nature of his quirk. He mumbles to himself "fucking quirkists."

Izuku had finished ripping the last large piece of metal scrap from the ground, mumbling while he carried it upon his aching back towards the pile of metal scrap that he had set aside for the nearby salvage yard to pick up. Izuku had stop to admire his handy work and guess within a month, or two his job would be done. He stop working for today watching the mid-day upon the horizon with that beautiful sea breeze brushing against his bare chest, as he downes his third water jug before tossing it into the trash bag; his tail swayed side to side when he walked towards the oceanic surf, as he weighted towards the nearby water's edge; his giles uncontrollable moved; when he hopped into the water, with a medium-splash, as he submerged himself diving down towards the dark depths of the ocean. His body drifted weightlessly through the ocean current as moved like a humanoid crocodile, and allowed the cold ocean depths to welcomed him into its icy cold embrace.

Izuku finally found himself resting upon the sandbar that overlooked the drop-off into the depths of the open ocean, here was his lair the very ocean itself; Izuku personally felt out of place upon the surface away from the dark silence of the abyss. Which he felt at home amongst. Many sometimes he had dreamt of swimming way from all of it, allowing himself to accept the cold isolation of the open ocean.Yet Izuku could only find the strength to curl up nesting himself amongst the very sandbar he rested upon, and cried his sorrowful tears of metal frustration about his very damn situation. He was like the very Leviathan of old, alone, and forgotten while he weeps a lonely song of longing and companionship, but only to find loneliness and despair wherever he goes, hailed as the evil which lankers amongst the dark abyss of the world.

After finishing crying his lonely song of the sea, and unleashes all of his pain back into the deep from which it came. The waterproof smartwatch began to beep upon his wrist signing its time to go back too the surface, as he slowly swam back towards shore. Later Izuku found himself basking within the late mid-day sun, as his body alongside his clothes began to dry off. He was mentally exhausted from all the problems within his life, and dealing with everyone's bullshit upon the regular as he left for home.

[Unknown's Pov]

After running all day from the scaly bitch, it was just my luck that I found myself such a hunk and cutie laying around. Now a lady needs to let off a little steam now and again when she's stressed out. Now my dreamy lover boy is just what I need. I'm just shivering within anticipation at the thought of it... come here little lizard, and walk into Momma's little web now; she going to take good care of you. As I watch him walk beneath the bridge into my waiting ambush.

[Izuku's Pov]

Izuku's primal instincts were within overdrive as he walked underneath the bridge leading back to home. His gut feeling told him he was currently within danger when it happened, he leaped out of the way of a on-coming web-like whip: which cuts his unprotected cheek drawing blood, that was being controlled by the giant spider lady overhead who frustratly yelled. " Oh, fuy! Can't a gal be able just have a big strong hunk to play around with?" The Spider villainess: Lady Kumonga said playfully recalling her silk whip back to her, and she began to sexually licked the blood from her whip." It'salty, Momma just loves her seafood." She said when launching her whips again at lzuku while he rolled out of the way for a second time." LOOK LADY, I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR FUCKING DEAL IS! BUT WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO FUCK YOURSELF AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!" He roared bringing his arms up to block her oncoming attacks which made sparks when the whips connected against his scaly forearms, and he caught the thick silk string as he yanks her off the sealing into his powerful uppercut that launched her into the street beyond, before coming to a scrapping stop that made sparks upon the asphalt.

" Naughty! Naughty!" She said while checking her cracked fingernail then noticed the blood dripping from her nose onto the ground; her calm demeter switches into a more sadistic tone, as she cracked her silk whips upon exclaiming out loudly." Momma going to have to punish, this naughty boy now." Then Izuku is lashed across his leg by the second whip, and follow by his chest being ripped which causes him to drop upon one knee, as his wound upon his leg within the unprotected spot bleeds, as he sent flying through a nearby building crashing through one wall after another; before he crash lands within the middle of the market square within a medium-size creator, nearby passengers rush to aid the badly wounded teen who yells out loudly." Everyone stay back!!" As both silk whips rush through the hole in the wall towards him, as he tanks it grunting in pain while standing before a younger mother and her child who was stuck within her stroller it rips apart his shirt as he is mercilessly assaul byt the whips, cutting him to bloody ribbons that makes him stagger backward" Now you just pissed me off." He said pulling the spider into slugging range by catching her silk whip again and whips her hard against the ground causing debris to fly everywhere.

[News-helicopter's Pov]

As the smoke clears both lady Kumonga and the shirtless Izuku stand before each, as the teenager begins giving off a menacing bioluminescent glow. "This Channel One News, here live from downtown Musutafu. As a violent brawl has broken out here within the market square. Between the infamous lady Kumonga and an unknown teenager; who we can visually confirm badly wounded." He said when Izuku fires off a energy like flame attack from his mouth, that rocks the camera on broad the chopper as Lady Kumonga is badly wounded from the attack and sent crashing through a nearby tree. " my God, did you just see that!! What the hell are feeding these kids, Mac brings around for a better angle." Izuku launches himself towards the spider nailing across the face, as he begins his brutal advance forwards. " We just got confirmation our sources within the Hero commission, that Lady Kumonga was in face the same villain that the Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu was chasing early this Moring! Who is currently in route, just hang on little buddie!" Izuku with all his strength smashes the spider against the ground, by one of her fractal legs who he snaps like a twig setting lady Kumonga into a wild frenzy. Meanwhile, lady begins her fury of blows upon teen striking wildly like a wounded beast, before the camera continues.

[Ryukyu's Pov]

My wings furiously flap across the sky as come across the battletearn Market square, as the teen from before is sent flying into a by shop unconscious while sadistic bitch is mockery walking towards him. " Playtimes over, Kumonga!" I roared before diving upon the crazy villaines, as she cried." I WON HIM FAIR AND SQUARE YOU WINGED HUSSY!" She bellowed I just sight wanting my shitty day to be over, as we both clash for who knows how many of time. I got to hand it to the kid, he put up one hell of a fight so let's gets this over with.