3 I, Jason, do not want to meet Gods!

On a certain day.

Outside a brightly lit log cabin, it is lightly raining, but inside the log cabin, Centaur Sage Chiron is awarding Jason with the world's most precious thing - knowledge!

"... In this way, the Great God King Zeus overthrew the cruel God Cronus's destructive rule and become the new King of Gods!"

"And it is from that day, among the elder brothers of God King Zeus, Poseidon took control of the sea and became the King of the Sea."

"While Hades took control of the underworld and became the King of the Underworld."

"And with the passage of time, many great gods began taking official divine seats; however, among all the Gods, the most supreme ones are naturally the 12 main Gods of Mount Olympus."

"God King Zeus, Sea King Poseidon, Goddess of Wisdom Athena, God of Light Apollo, Goddess of the Hunt Artemis, Goddess of Fertility Demeter, Queen of Gods Hera, God of War Ares, God of Smithing Hephaestus, Goddess of Hearth Hestia, Goddess of Love Aphrodite, and Messenger of Gods Hermes... and also, although not among the twelve Olympians, God of the Underworld Hades"

As Chiron is narrating, Jason is earnestly listening to it.

If it was before transmigration, he would naturally have no interest in gods and these so-called legends.

However, now that he has transmigrated and has even become Jason, he has to accept that these Gods really exist in this world and they aren't just on the Mount Olympus.

Even among fellow apprentices of Jason, there are many with the bloodline of gods!

"Hmm... Teacher Chiron, may I ask you, among the great gods, apart from those thirteen Main Gods that the teacher has just mentioned, and there other gods that I need to pay special attention to?"

After asking this question to Chiron, Jason continued with a serious face: "I hope that Teacher Chiron can direct me, so that upon meeting them... I can run quickly!"

Chiron speechlessly looked at Jason and at this moment, he naturally understood, why Jason had suddenly found him today and sought the knowledge about the gods.

Today, when Jason came to him for knowledge, Chiron was obviously pleased, thinking that... it is just that he didn't think the reason behind desiring this knowledge might be to make it easier to run upon accidentally meeting Gods!

Therefore, Chiron couldn't help but say in reply: "You don't have to worry, it is not so easy to meet the gods... also, for most of the people, it is a great honor to meet the Gods they believe in!"

"It's an honor..." Jason curled his lip while repeating.

'Is honored for a ghost, no, Greek Gods will be a horror even to the ghosts!'

'As far as the virtues of the Greek gods are concerned, of course, it is better to hide as far as one can!'

Although Chiron does not know what is going on in Jason's thoughts, they have been together for quite some time so he can naturally see that Jason has not listened to his words at all.

'I can't help but feel a headache approaching.'

Then, as if thinking of something, Chiron hesitated for a moment, then looked at Jason before saying: "If you really must say that which God is special... then it is the Goddess of Paths, Hecate!"

"Goddess of Paths, Hecate?" Jason blinked while confirming.

"Un." Chiron nodded before continuing: "She is a very special goddess, she does not belong to the jurisdiction of the sky, earth, sea, or even underworld but still has a rather lofty status in all of these places. Even the great God King Zeus respects her, and the King of Underworld Hades politely talks to her!"

"Is she so powerful?" Jason blinked, then nodded earnestly while continuing: "Un, if I meet her, I will run very fast!"

"You can relax, Goddess Hecate is different from other gods, she deeply loves researching in the exploration of the unknown; therefore, will rarely leave her temple, but..."

"But?" Jason curiously looked at Chiron, silently asking him to continue.

"She has two apprentices, and one of them is..."

After hesitating for a while, Chiron looked at Jason, but finally, didn't finish his sentence; just shook his head while saying it's all right and Jason should not care about it.

Obviously, Chiron knows something more... or to be accurate, he has actually seen the 'original' Jason's future!

This is not something worth surprising, because Chiron's identity in itself is not something trivial.

Transmigrated Jason has already decided in his heart that he absolutely won't meet any of the Gods in this life!

But what Jason does not know is that the Centaur Sage Chiron in front of him is actually a true god!

Although without any divine seat, his bloodlines are actually quite noble.

The blood flowing through his body is the same as Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon!

Indeed, Chiron is from the same generation as that of God King Zeus and as a matter of fact, is their father's illegitimate child that was conceived by Philyra, one of the 3,000 Oceanids, water-nymph daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys!

But very few people are aware of this fact.

Even before transmigrating, Jason has only heard that Chiron is the Centaur Sage and the mentor of many Greek heroes, but nothing much about his origins.

As for why Chiron mentioned Goddess Hecate when Jason spoke about running away upon meeting gods in the future...

Because Hecate has two apprentices.

One of them is the famed witch of temptation and decadence, Circe.

While the other one is the future witch of betrayal, Medea



In the temple of Hecate.

"Well, it seems like... someone is talking about me?"

In a room full of strange things, Hecate, a beautiful goddess wearing a long brown dress with black hair and red eyes, who was preparing to try a new experiment was suddenly stunned.

"Moreover, it looks like... bloodline of the person speaking about me is not low."

After thinking for a moment, Hecate stopped the preparations and sensed it carefully: "... Chiron? Is it him?"

After detecting this, Hecate cannot help but find it unusual.

Very few people know about the true origins of Chiron, but someone who is just two generations below the Titans along with being the Goddess of Paths, Hecate has naturally known about it long ago.

"Why is he mentioning me... Jason? Wait, why do I feel like this name is... a little familiar."

Hecate finally put down things in her hands and slightly tilted her head while seriously thinking; just when she was unable to find any clue about it.


"Teacher, can I come in now? I have found the things you wanted." A young girl's voice came from the other side of the door.

"Un, Medea come inside."

Soon after getting the permission, the one who gently pushed the door to appear in front of Hecate is a cute little girl of age about ten years old with her silvery purple hair tied up in a ponytail.

But when Hecate saw her, she was stunned for a moment then suddenly realized, said: 'I think... I know who this Jason is!'

By the Hecate's strength, watching short future scenes, that too of a mortal and not a god, is naturally not a difficult task.

Simultaneously, it is rather obvious, if not for what happened today, Hecate, who is always preoccupied with studies and put it above everything else, might have already forgotten this a long time ago!

"Teacher?" But looking at Hecate who is suddenly surprised, Medea naturally called out to her while blinking in puzzlement.

"Un... it's all right, nothing important."

Then looking at Medea, after thinking about it, Hecate continued: "Medea, I will probably go out in two days."

"Teacher, you will go out?" Medea is surprised, after all, since coming here, she has almost never seen Hecate leave her temple!

"Um, to process a matter... a minor matter."

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