Tycoon Actor in Hollywood

"Tycoon Actor in Hollywood" unfolds the story of a failed actor from Earth who finds himself transmigrated into the body of a struggling young man in New York, USA, in a parallel world. Join us as we follow Lucas Knight's journey, step by step, as he ascends to stardom in the heart of Hollywood. --- [This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. While certain renowned figures may appear in this narrative, their portrayal is fictionalized and does not intend to represent their actual lives or actions.] If you are interested, you can check the advance chapters in my P@treon.com/NewComer714

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Sundance Opening Night Gala

As the sun set over Park City, the Sundance Film Festival's Opening Night Gala kicked off, drawing crowds who had been eagerly anticipating this moment. Alongside the red carpet, fans craned their necks, hoping to catch a glimpse of certain stars who stood out even among those just beginning to make their mark in the industry.

Yet, the buzz was fueled by more than just celebrity sightings. Visitors had flocked to the city with one main goal: to immerse themselves in the world of film, eager to discover both hidden gems and perhaps some less stellar offerings of the festival.

However, the allure of Sundance isn't solely based on small and independent projects. The festival also showcases larger films, attracting even more attendees. Well-known actors who also attend the Sundance Opening Night Gala, turning the event into a star-studded affair. Notables such as Al Pacino, who came to promote the premiere of "The Son of No One," Terrence Howard for "The Ledge," Don Cheadle for "The Guard," among others, are part of this luminary lineup.

These celebrated actors didn't just walk the red carpet; they engaged with interviews and mingled with others from the entertainment world inside the venue, setting the stage for a night of connection and celebration before the official proceedings began.

The red carpet at the Sundance Opening Gala buzzed with excitement for the A-list celebrities in attendance, yet the actors featured in the festival's competition lineup received a more subdued reception. However, an exception was made for Lucas Knight, a standout in the film "Like Crazy," which is part of the Sundance Competition Lineup.

As Lucas made his appearance on the red carpet, he was impeccably dressed in Armani, a choice that perfectly balanced elegance with the chilly weather of Park City. He donned a tailored charcoal gray Armani suit, complemented by a crisp white shirt that was both stylish and weather-appropriate. The suit was accented with a subtle, dark wool scarf that added an extra layer of sophistication and warmth, along with leather gloves held casually in one hand. His footwear was a pair of sleek, black leather shoes, polished to perfection.

The crowd's response to Lucas was unlike any he had experienced at his first Sundance appearance. Recognizing him immediately, his dedicated fans—having learned from his IMDb profile about "Like Crazy's" inclusion in the Sundance competition lineups—erupted in cheers. Approximately two thousand fans had traveled from various states across the USA to Park City, solely to support him.

This overwhelming show of support ensured that even those in the crowd who were not previously familiar with Lucas Knight would take notice. His presence, backed by the passionate cheers of his fans, made him a figure impossible to overlook at the gala.

As Lucas Knight made his way down the red carpet, a chorus of cheers rose from the crowd, with many voices weaving together to call out his name. Amidst the excitement, a different kind of shout could be heard, heartfelt calls of "Get well soon!"

The reason behind these particular shouts—expressions of concern like "Get well soon!" and "Just fight, we're praying for you!"—stemmed from a rumor that had recently taken Twitter by storm, suggesting that Lucas was battling cancer.

Lucas responded to these comments with a wry chuckle, a gesture that acknowledged the situation with a mix of humor and gratitude. Then, something caught his eye: fans holding aloft an album titled "Knight," or tapes of movies like "127 Hours" and "Inception." Drawn to these displays of support, Lucas moved closer to those fans, who were already armed with pens, eager for an autograph.

"Lucas! Lucas! Here! Please sign here!" a young woman called out from beside the barrier, presenting him with a tape and offering him a pen. She was not alone in her request. All around her, others shouted, vying for Lucas's attention, hoping that their album or tape would be the next to receive his signature.

Lucas accepted the pen from the young woman, poised to sign the tapes of "127 Hours" and "Inception." He paused, pen hovering over the "127 Hours" tape, and asked the young woman, "Here?" seeking confirmation on where she'd like his signature.

The young woman nodded, her excitement palpable as she watched Lucas prepare to sign the tapes.

With her enthusiastic nod, Lucas proceeded to sign the "127 Hours" tape first, then moved on to the "Inception" tape, featuring him as Arthur on the front cover. He carefully signed each, making sure his autograph was perfectly placed for the fan.

Before Lucas could turn his attention to the next eager fan, the young woman, holding onto him gently, voiced her concern. "Are you doing fine?" she asked, her worry evident in her tone.

Lucas offered her a wry smile and reassuringly said, "Of course, I am," before moving on to greet the next fan. However, witnessing the young woman's brief moment of physical connection with Lucas, other fans in front of the stanchion grew more determined to reach out to him. The situation escalated slightly as fans became a bit more physical in their attempts to touch Lucas, leading to a mild commotion until security stepped in to manage the crowd after Lucas had signed a few more tapes and albums.

This unexpected flurry of activity caught the attention of celebrities and journalists alike, who were conducting interviews nearby. Even amidst the busy backdrop of the red carpet, heads turned toward the source of the disturbance, surprised by the commotion surrounding one actor—a rarity at the usually more subdued Sundance crowd.

In the midst of it all, the legendary Al Pacino, in the middle of an interview, couldn't help but notice the lively scene unfolding. "Well, it's certainly getting lively here at Sundance," he remarked, before pointing towards Lucas and querying his interviewer, "Do you know who that is?"

The middle-aged journalist, sharing in the moment, chuckled softly before responding, "That's the young actor who's been stirring up quite a bit of controversy on social media lately."

Al Pacino responded with a mockingly amused tone, "Ah, controversy and talent hand in hand. That young man is stirring up more than just social media, it seems."


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