Two Worlds Apart: Destined To Be Your Other Half
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Two Worlds Apart: Destined To Be Your Other Half


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What is Two Worlds Apart: Destined To Be Your Other Half

Two Worlds Apart: Destined To Be Your Other Half is a popular web novel written by the author dreamygurl7968, covering TRANSMIGATION FEMALE LEAD, STRONG-FEMALE-LEADS, ROMANCE, MAGIC-REALISM, ELEMENTAL POWERS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 63.6K readers with an average rating of 4.94/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 33 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Two different woman, two different worlds and one incident that changed their whole life. One was a rich heiress, destined to marry the prince; while other was a brilliant doctor. Wan Xieren and Chen Juan were two different people from the parallel worlds, but due to an accident, they transmigrated to each other's body. Trying to Find their ways to return to their original place, they have to help each other to face their problems. While Wan Xieren was a lady of a rich household, who became the villain of the love story of her ex-fiance and his girl, and was murdered by someone unknown. While Chen Juan learned about her father's affair and ended up with an accident. Both had their own unfortunate and misery, but things changed when they both exchanged their bodies, and started to develop feelings for their other halves. One was an 18th century rich lady, the other was a 21st century brilliant doctor, two worlds apart, will they be available to go to their life and to their other halves? **** The book is written in a parallel universe. Everything is fictional. Cover is not mine, I have just edited it. All credits go to the original artist. Update schedule: 1chp/day. Excluding the mass release when we hit the goal set for that week. Author's social media: Instagram: @dreamygurl7968 Discord: https://discord.gg/Jp6xKrH Other books of author: The wife of the underworld lord is a ceo I Fall For The Devil When I Fall in Love with My Ex


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Hey there! Author here, giving herself 5star review shamelessly. This book is on two girls transmigrated to parallel world and fall of their other halves. It's mostly on sisterhood and romance. It's only the beginning, the story also have magic and plots with romance. I will not give more spoiler, hope you like it. Thank you!


Hey there, Aman here, true to be said dreamy (haven't asked your name yet, will use this as the next excuse to talk to you next time.) this time I really am hooked up to this novel. First transmigration between female lead, then male lead from another world too. At first I thought it would go on to be a story which would let the two ladies have something like talk in dreams and of as such, but but but, again you surprised me. POST SOON MADAM


Yaiii first one! Another book from dreamy? Sign me up! I lobe how the story follows a very nice flow. The writing style is so good and the characters are amazing. Keep up dreamy ❤️


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A fantasy romance that romance readers will love. Storyline: transmigration from modern earth to a classical era. It is cliche but, done well 👍 Grammar: okay-okay. It doesn't break my immersion considering I'm a grammar nazi Writing style: still needs refinement but, the author can deliver everything you seek in a story to make you want to read more. Her character descriptions are vivid. I can easily picture then in my head There isn't much in the area of background (which I love to read) but the storyline doesn't necessitate that, so I can understand the reason why it is less. Character: they are well defined. Even when they introduced, just based on their actions, you can imagine them. the author does a fine job of creating distinct characters. Overall: a solid story 👍👍👍


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Author of Chasina's Chase: Finding the Devil. Hi peeps, It's a beautiful story. Actually, writing a parallel universe is complicated. But the author did excellent work—two MCs. One is strong, and one is weak. They both had their unique characters. I'm wondering how they both solve their struggles and how their lives would go on. All the best author.


A spoiler free review here, Let's start with the synopsis first, I liked it and it made me want more, so I read the first chapter and then second and third and in the end I read all the available chapter. The story concept is Intresting and the world background (which is not really important) is good too. The character development is good as well as their interaction with eachother. Good paced. I liked the author's other novels too which brought me here and reviewed it. This is good novel. Thank you author, keep it up. I can't wait for more chapter. Good luck.


Writing Quality: A writer always tries… to be part of the solution, to understand a little about life and to pass this on. - Anne Lamott Stability of Updates: I don't know the author writing speed. At least faster than idle games. Story Development: Time Flow... in Earth... Give me the time paradox! Character Design: A fish and a bird exchange bodies just to know how to fly and how to swim World Background: Two Flat Parallel Worlds


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Another novel by the great author, creamy, ah sorry dreamy! From her last novel, her writing style had improved considerably. Despite it has just 4 chapters, I find the idea unique and compelling. Good luck author!


I don't usually read FL stories since most of them have your usual cliche reincarnation and face slapping, but this story is totally different~ Loved the back story of both the girls. The scenes would give you a certain type of I-wanna-know-what's-gonna-happen-next!!! type of feeling. Very naisu~ ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )


So far, so good. I loved the story. The story development isn't too fast-paced neither too slow. The plot is intriguing as well. There are some punctuation mistakes but it isn't much of a problem since I can still understand the story. keep up the good work, author.


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