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Two souls One heart


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*Updating soon* MATURE { 18+ } Jin is an orphan , full of uncertainty and unknown of any of his origins. He is strong willed person and is determined to be a success person only to find out about his parents and his true identity. After years of getting tortured in the orphanage, he plans to run away and eventually finds his way to a park where he meets Izumi, who has a past somehow relatable to Jin’s! Although Izumi was the young master and the heir of a very wealthy family, he only lived with a couple of servants and his nanny alone in a big mansion and yearned for love through those long days. He decides to take in Jin who was only two years younger than him and they spend the 3 precious years of their childhood together eventually falling for each other but just then Izumi’s mother forced Jin out of his home considering him a parasite. Having no place to go to, he roamed on streets and was finally adopted by a rich family. Years and years passed! Jin who was now of 22 years became a famous singer and a movie star. He was loved by everyone but still didn’t feel full like something or someone important was missing and he knew who was it that was missing he couldn’t forget him no matter what , His childhood’s only good memories contained that person “Izumi”! But what if the person he was actually yearning for shows up in front of him again even claiming that it was their first meeting! And was there anything more to Izumi than it seems! What was going to be of their future! What was the fate of these two persons with similar pasts and undying love for each other!


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