1 Alternate Universes

Paul's POV

"You ever think there is another universe out there where..everything is the same but a few changes here and there?" Sean asked softly

"Like what sorta of changes?" I reply with a question of my own

"Like my dad is alive.." he answered

"Well that would be a lovely place to be.." I answered in return cause in truth I would love to live there with my soulmate. Yes my soulmate, John Lennon..if there was a way to be with him i would take it no questions asked. 40 years without him really had done a number on my heart on my emotions. I would lay down my life it meant I could rejoin John's side but i had promises to keep here in this universe. I had told John i would watch over Sean, his son if he wasn't around to do so himself. Sean saw me as like a second father to him and i enjoyed our chats, he reminded me a lot of John or at least some of the small things he did or said made me think of John but i never was one for comparing him to John like some of his fan base.

"Well i should get going my mother has an event she wants me to be apart of." Sean said getting up from the couch in my living room. I was happy to watch him bloom into more of a social type he had been a bit shy kept to himself type like John was. 'Stop that' my mind kicked me for comparing

"Alright then i will chat with ye tomorrow then?" I quizzed him as I watched him move to the doorway of my home.

"Hopefully i am unsure though I think i might have a lot of interviews tomorrow i can't really remember off the top of my head..working me to death they are i swear..i wonder if my dad complained this much.." Sean trailed off in thought

"Well knowing your father as long as i have i am saying with 100% honesty that he did in fact complain a lot about the bloody press." I chuckled as i did a silly thing to get Sean happy and smiling which worked as he joined in.

"Uncle Paul i swear..anyway i gotta go now later." He said leaving me alone with my thoughts and memories. 'Did i do good John?' i asked the air knowing full well i wouldn't be getting an answer from him anytime soon..my mind wandered to the question of alternate universes 'Would you really give this up to be with John?' i asked myself

"Yeah i would in a heart beat..no second guessing or questions. I would be with him in any universe cause to me John is still John no matter what is different about him. as long as i could be with him again i would join his side again." I said out loud to the emptiness of my home.

The morning came gently as every other day prior, I got up took a shower brushed my hair got dressed. I had interviews and other things planned for that day. For a 78 year old, I can still keep up for the younger folks it has to do with all the years of keeping my body healthy with walking and eating. Well the walking was more of my older self thing to enjoy than the younger me was more running my head off with my sweet Johnny. My mind flashed memories of him and I running side by side laughing as groups of fan girls chased us. I remember back to the movies we did as well like "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help" a soft chuckle came out of me as well as a few tears as i watched the images of John's smiling softly at me laughing echoed in the memories. He was still alive and young there in my memories safe and happy..I had just wished he could be here with me again like back then, I wondered if he was proud of how strong i was being or how much Sean had become a bright and caring man.

I left my home walking down the street thinking more and more about John and the question Sean had asked me yesterday. "I would still do it..go to a different universe if it means you are there Lenin.." I said softly under my breath the warm air of it meeting the cold morning which caused it to look like i was smoking. I wasn't thinking or looking as my body still moving in an action of walking it wasn't enough time for me to be jolted back into reality when..i felt something hit me making me black out..I heard shouting and a soft dull ringing sound in the black void as i fell downwards though it.

I woke up in a hospital bed, i was a bit confused but happy to know i wasn't dead, I mean don't get me wrong i would have loved to have joined John in heaven but i felt like I wasn't fully done with my work down here on earth.

"I am happy to see you have woken up sir." the doctor said as he entered the room that i was in

"I don't really recall what happened but i feel like i was hit by something.." I rubbed my head which was wrapped in bandages

"Well you did get mugged sir. at least that is what the man that brought you here for care said." the doctor said

"Mugged?! oh gee.." I checked my pants for my wallet and found it was untouched and sighed with relief "It looks like they didn't take anything, i still have my wallet." I told him

"Oh good i will need to see your cards so we can bill the right people." he said smiling as i handed him my ID and medical cards

"I hope this is enough, I normally don't carry everything on me." I said. He nodded and typed away

"So Mr.McCartney, you live here in New York?" He asked trying to make small talk

"Yes i moved here not to long after..a mate of mine..died.." I said the words didn't want to escape my mouth about John being dead..even after 40 years i rather see him as alive

"Sorry to hear that..I am sure you must enjoy being in New York. There's a lot of awesome people living here and they all care for one another. Why Mr. Lennon, happens to be one of them, that is the man that brought you in here when he saw you were hurt." He said

"Mr.Lennon? oh..it's a common last name.." I said that last part under my breath when he tilted his head

"Oh? was your friend who died..have the same last name?" He asked

"Oh..yes he did..but as i said it's a common name." I answered

"Well either way, you surely must want to get out of here and enjoy the rest of your day we got all the info we needed and finished all the tests to see you are fine. So i can get you clear from here i just need you to fill out some paperwork." He said and got up to hand me my cards back along with a clipboard with paperwork and a pen. I smiled and filled it out without any trouble he had left when another man came in

"Hullo." That..voice..couldn't..be..but..it matched..so well..to my John's..I was pale when i looked at him. A tall thin man with long auburn hair wearing round glasses and silver jacket that i had seen in many pictures of John. I remember how proud he was in himself for being able to buy it without anyone telling him he couldn't nor bothering him while he shopped. "I am the one the brought you here. I am happy to see you are okay." He said the smile matched my John's to a tee. He looked like he was 80 years old which matched up to the age my John would have been on his birthday that had passed.

"Oh..umm..thank you for your help..concern." I said i was a bit taken aback..'does he not know it's me..?' i questioned myself in my mind. I knew it was John but maybe..this was some odd dream or something.

"i can tell by your voice you are from Liverpool like me! How are you liking New York so far?" He asked me taking a seat next to me

"I have lived here for a long time..so i love New York. I moved here not long after..a close friend of mine died." I said to him fixing my hair and going back to the paperwork

"Oh..i see..I lived here the last 40 years. I lost someone..important..you remind me of them to be honest." He said wiping away tears from his eyes fixing his glasses back where they were.

"Okay Mr.McCartney we got all the things we needed from you. Oh i see you met Mr.Lennon here." The doctor took all my paperwork which i had just finished

"I told you, you can call me John..I don't like being called Mr. it makes me feel old.." John said I went even paler at the fact he had the same first name as well. "And did you just call this gent Mr. McCartney?" he was reffering to me

"Why yes i did..why?" the doctor asked

"Well..cause..that's impossible..my..i mean..McCartney..isn't alive..hasn't been since..1980.." he looked away

"Odd, but his id..did match..McCartney's down to the DNA..so how..is a dead man..alive?" The doctor looked me over

"I am..not dead.." I said i was tired of that damn rumor thing but i don't think they were talking about it as in the rumor it was 1966 not 1980..so then what is..

"DNA? you mean it matched..no..but that's not.." John was just as pale as me

"Look man, i don't know if this is a joke but i need to go..I got things i need to do.." I reminded myself about the interviews and appointments. I got up and dressed in my normal clothes and left the room. I looked back at John whom seemed confused and sad..'it was nice though..talking with you..if it is you..my Lenin..' i said softly.

When I got out I saw this wasn't the same New York I had just seen before landing in the hospital. 'where the bloody hell did i end up?' i was confused about the changes for one the Twin Towers were still there which wasn't the case in my New York. The park didn't have Strawberry Fields Forever nor the imagine circle which were both for John's death. So was this..then i remember what Sean had asked me..and how i wanted to be reunited with John had the universes had answered my pray?

"Wait please!" I heard John's voice behind me i turned to face him he was able to catch up with me without much of an issue. I smiled softly 'that hasn't changed about you.' I thought to myself.

"I think..this isn't my New York.." I said to him without missing a beat

"Then..you are a visitor..? Like the others?" John asked me

"Visitor? Others?" I asked

"There these folks that come here saying there was another universe or time line. I thought they were nuts but they had pictures with things that don't exist here." John answered me "I saw the DNA test..I had to fight them for it! But i saw..you match my..Macca..but that's not possible yet..you are my Macca..I thought i lost ye forever.." John was starting to break down in tears at the fact.

"Lenin..John Love..I thought i would never see you or talk with ye till i joined you in heaven." I told him comforting him with the only thing i could think of with a hug. He didn't fight me on it he just joined in the action and i smiled softly taking in his scent.

"Macca..I am really happy you are here..I can barely believe it! I should have seen it in ye when i first saw you..I mean after all you would have been 78 if you hadn't died..in 1980." He said smiling

"I could tell it was you right away. You would have been 80 if you didn't die in my universe." I told him. He seemed to understand the same pain i have been facing the last 40 years. "Do visitors stay?" I asked

"Yea a few decide to remain they live here among us it is hard to tell who is a visitor or who is a citizen these days but i am sorta glad about that cause there were a bunch of groups don't really like visitors." John explained

"Well if that is the case I am staying. I rather not go back to my universe cause i don't wanna be without you any longer." I told him. He smiled gently as he hugged me again

"I was sorta hoping you would have said that! I miss ye. I have been wanting you back in my life ever since I lost you. I wanted to marry you..but it wasn't something we could do when you died. But now we can!" He seemed to be very cheerful about it. I was just as happy about that not changing in this universe I giggled at the fact he was acting more like a little kid on Christmas than an older man

"You need to act more like your age lad!" I teased him and he teased me back with a playful push I was really glad he wasn't as different than my John, he might as well have been my John. "I promise ye, no more lonely nights we will be together for good!" I told him

"I know we will be cause I can make that happen. I am immortal!" he took out his white wings and pulled a feather out. I took it into my hand and ate it which gave me wings too thus I was immortal just like John. I was really happy about it and John kissed me softly

"Welcome home, Macca." He said softly into my ear as he had pulled back into another bear hug

"It's good to be back, Lenin." I said to him in return.

The End.