1 Two of a kind

Levi Klyde laid on her bed and started crying. Her older brother Leon was kneeling beside her. "Please tell me Lev what happened"? Leon reached out and whipped the brown hair that covered her face Levi buried her head in her pillow so her brother wouldn't see her face. Leon stood up and sighed he and he walked out of his sisters room Levi heard him get up and leave the room she sat up and whipped her tear soaked brown hair out of her face. After five minutes Leon came back with something in his hand when he saw her sitting up he walked over to her and kneeled in front of her. Levi saw the worry on her brothers face "sorry..." she managed to say in between breaking short breaths Leon looked his sister in the eyes in attempt to cheer her up he said "was it my terrible cooking for your lunch" he chuckled when he said that Levi's frown turned into a smile and she let out a laugh "no.. it wasn't even though we both know, your cooking is something else" Levi started to feel better she whipped her eyes. When she looked back down to her brother he had a small smile then it weakened he took a deep breath "look I know you might not want to talk about it, and I don't want to see you cry anymore but please... tell me what happened" Levi looked into Leon's eyes she then looked away "why are my eyes so ugly" Levi put her hands over her eyes Leon smiled and reached up to Levi's hand and pulled it away from her face "baby sister I know I told you this all the time you need to remember it your eyes are two of a kind" as he said that he smiled. Levi couldn't help but smile back at him and think even though he is now twenty and he's in college he's still the dork that was only 4 years older then Levi that little sentence made Levi chuckle Leon stood up and offered his hand to Levi "let's go eat my terrible cooking" he said with a laugh. Levi took his hand and with no tears and a big happy smile she said "yeah let's".

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