1 Introduction

Safa Ahmed daughter of Shaik Ahmed and Shamshad is 25 year old girl who completed her degree in arts stream and resides in India with her family.She has her experience in teaching for 2 years. She is a very kind,beautiful,soft hearted and selfless person.She is 5.3ft tall.She has brown color hair,olive green eyes,elegantly shaped nose with a gold nose ring,light pink shade lips,with a slim body and a fair complexion .She is the eldest daughter in the Ahmed's family. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Saba being da second followed by Asim,Amaan,Sani,Sara and Yousuf being the youngest one in the family..

Mudassir Nazar son of Asif nd Zulekha ,also known as Tauseef is 28 years old boy who completed his degree in commerce and resides in Chicago.He is a manager in one of the automobile shops.He is a kind hearted,caring,loving,smart and good looking person. He is 6.1ft tall.He has short straight hair which are black,dark brown orbs,straight nose, thin pink lips,broad shoulders with tall frame and a fair complexion .He has two siblings in his family with his sister being the eldest Amreen (married with two kids),Mudassir being the second and only son with Muskan being the youngest in the family.

Come lets join in da love story of Safa and Mudassir nd see wer love takes dem...

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