1 Lu Meihui

My name is Lu Meihui and it seems like I've died and taken over the body of a young miss at the age of 7 sharing the same name as I. I've laid in bed for a week now, I wonder if her maidservants think she's dead yet? On that note, I should probably start functioning as a normal human being after hyperventilating for the better part of the week.

I jump off the bed and onto the floor, it seems I've made an oversight and immediately my legs give up on me and I fall on my butt. I quickly recover and drag myself back onto my bed and act as if that didn't happen. I'm no longer a healthy adult woman but a small and helpless child who starved herself for a week. Repeating it like a mantra in my head 10 more times, I feel confident enough to continue as this new Lu Meihui. First things first, I should get some food in my stomach instead of relying on my almost nonexistent spirit energy to replenish my growing hunger, maybe then I'll be able to sort my thoughts better. Maybe a maid could feed me? Ah, what was my maid servant's name again? Aish, whatever who cares anymore I'm starving!


How inconvenient, now my throat hurts. However, it was worth it when I was greeted with the sight of 10 people dressed modestly all tripping over each other trying to feed me. This isn't bad at all! While enjoying my meal I noticed the servants don't seem to particularly care about me whatsoever. They had a nonchalant attitude and held themselves with an air of arrogance. They seem to not see me as a master but more as a chore they were forced upon. However, even if this annoyed me, what could I do about it? I don't know where I stand in anything. It's too early to act, I must endure this shame for now. Then again what bothers me right now is the fact none of them seem concerned about the fact I locked myself in my room for an entire week without food and don't find anything out of the ordinary with my mannerisms. But that wasn't the main problem, after I finished eating and sent the servants away with a few coins that were laying around I realized that I could not recall any memories of this little miss' body. Heck, all I remember is her name, none of her memories are surfacing up! There also seems to be something amiss with her body too but I'll have to investigate later, right now I need to find out what my identity is now. The servants here aren't trustworthy. Although they didn't find anything wrong with my performance earlier, they'd surely be suspicious if I started asking more personal questions like who's my father. I should know who my own father is! And there doesn't seem like there's anyone particularly close by my side. The only thing I can do is do some investigating myself!

I walked aimlessly around the mansion, familiarizing myself with my surroundings. The building was large and grand but unkept. It looked old but when I looked around I could tell this was recently built. Clearly, the servants are slacking off and not taking their jobs seriously. But they also seem to give me little mind and ignore me when I'm not asking for them, which makes exploring and searching easier. They don't care about me so it's easy to do what I want, how convenient. Most of the servants pay me little mind; however, I found a young boy who gave his all in his duties. He worked hard, regardless of the fact it did little to nothing. But his temperament, it's very rare and left a good impression on me. If I were to run away, I'd be sure to bring him with me but for now, I must continue looking for clues for my identity. And after 5 days I was able to form a conclusion on who I now am.

A young daughter of a powerless family with little to no influence is what I've concluded. The Lu family is a cultivation family, like many others, and although they have produced many geniuses and promising figures they've all died or been crippled before they were able to do anything for the family name. I was able to figure out my family is wealthy to a questioning degree but weak in terms of power. I found many records in storage rooms that helped me reach this conclusion. The only thing I could not figure out is why I am here, I seem to share the same blood as the main family so why am I here in the middle of nowhere? Still, I couldn't ask the servants lest they find something wrong with me. I still need them to feed me after all.

As Lu Meihui spent the last 2 weeks locking herself in her room, walking around the mansion with no destination, and seemingly very carefree she believed no one had noticed this strange behavior of hers. Although most of the servants could care less, one person noticed. The young boy who left a positive impression on her, the hardworking little boy with no name. He noticed how the young lady seemed to become someone else entirely and although he wanted to ask her, he was but a servant boy with no name. How could he dare question a noble lady even if her family is on the edge of ruin? Regardless, he'd watch her from the sidelines, watching her every move. The old miss was a detached child, like a shell of a person without a mind of their own. A husk of a human being. That's why she was brought here, the patriarch assumed she was suffering from a disease and sent her here where no one could bother her. Although she was cured now, the little boy still found it suspicious but he found he was captivated by this new girl who carried herself with pride and grace. Nothing like his old master.

As Lu Meihui mulled over her situation, she found it not unbearable. Before I wasn't even able to take a single night's sleep without fearing for my life, now however now she could live as she wished. But she knew, this world still revolved around strength. It didn't matter her family was rich, they were weak and had no power. In this world, power is the law. Lu Meihui sighed in her heart. Be it her old life or new life, she must cultivate and become powerful, it's the only way people will listen to you, and Lu Meihui hated when people didn't listen to her. However, as Lu Meihui began to prepare to begin her road to immortality she realized she never checked her body's condition. Inside her heart, she hoped maybe this girl was born with a useful composition.

What?! As I searched throughout my new body, I realized this girl had no spirit veins! People cultivate by collecting spirit qi in the atmosphere to strengthen theirs. Spirit qi is needed to perform techniques and is the building block for cultivators. To harness this, however, you need spirit veins to circulate the qi in your body. If this girl has none then she's a trash who can't cultivate! But... but that's impossible! I used her spirit qi to save myself from dying of hunger and now to visualize her body! Perhaps, this is a rare body structure? I must have read about this before, after all, I spent 5 years of my life in the largest library in the universe. I must have come across this before...

Yet after Lu Meihui spent an hour going through her brain, she was shocked. I... I have read this before but it shouldn't be possible. It turns out this is a body constitution but in this day and age, it should no longer exist. Lu Meihui spent the next 2 days going over everything she remembered about this topic. How can I utilize this in my favor in the easiest way possible? Missing any information can lead to complications because no one else may know about her body. It wasn't just rare now but what she had is most likely extinct!

This body type originated from an ancient lineage. The world was extremely dangerous back then and they had to use ways to keep on surviving. Eventually, a miracle occurred and a new type of cultivation was born that day. Cultivation requires one to give it their all, to focus their everything on what they're doing. But this new type of cultivation was different, instead of needing absolute attention one needed to be unconscious to collect spirit qi! This was a game-changer and saved humanity as a whole. Even in ancient times this body type was so mysterious and select few had it. No one could understand how it worked, or heck even why it worked. It defied the heavens and earth, ignoring all logic and common sense. However, if you ask this to anyone nowadays they'd tell you it was probably a far-fetched tale. How could such a body constitution exist and why aren't there any records besides text about it? How could they believe such a cheat existed? And so people gradually came to the conclusion it was a tale created by a talented writer and hopeless dreamer resulting in almost everyone forgetting it ever existed. However, besides the information on how one would collect spirit qi with this overpowered body type, there was nothing else about it.

Lu Meihui spent 2 days going over all this and anything more she could remember but that was it. She couldn't even find out why this little girl was capable of treading this way of cultivation. But Lu Meihui quickly disregarded this because she did know this body type was developed at birth and not through one's own will. She most likely was not even aware of this fact. But Lu Meihui stopped thinking when she realized this cheat had no drawbacks! She can cultivate while she slept?? How overpowered is that?! I don't have to go through all of that again! Lu Meihui was so happy, she was in bliss before she started crying tears of joy.

Ever since she was reincarnated into this new Lu Meihui she was scared. Although the body has changed, the soul stays the same. What if her previous pursuers found her? She was weak now with almost no spirit qi in her body. Only a few days ago did she realize her past way of cultivation would no longer work. She was terrified that this new life would only last a week. Perhaps that's why she stayed in her room until she realized she wasn't going to die, from people who want her dead at least. Only now did she realize this was a new opportunity for her. For her to truly learn what living meant. The only thing that stayed the same throughout her 2 lives was the fact she was so severely different from other cultivators. Even in this life, I cannot walk the same cultivation path as everyone else. But she didn't mind that too much because her path was a lot easier.

As I looked outside from my courtyard, I realized I've been here for 2 weeks. I've slept for almost 4 days straight in the first week then continuously slept 10 hours each day afterward. I've been cultivating for 196 hours or about 8 days. Although at first, it seems like this cultivation method was severely overpowered, it seems to be very slow when running its course without any catalysts. I wonder how fast it would go with pills I refine, I guess I'll know when I try. The speed of my cultivation is on par with someone who's very hardworking while I just lounge around. And with that thought, I was reminded of that young boy I saw giving his all on simple tasks. That boy... I wonder what his name is.

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