1 Graduation Party

Royal Pub at Qi Hotel,

Music on the stage gradually became a bit louder. In fact, it became chaos. Most of the people here raised their hand without a care. Their head shake and drummed to whatever direction they like followed the upbeat. A girl sat between two boys in the corner sofa. They held a glass of wine in each hand, except for the girl. They forced orange juice to her hand which she accepted with rolled eyes.

'Who is gonna drink a juice in a pub?' She thought.

Although she never came to place like this, at last she knew what one should drink in here; Alcohol.

"Don't ever thinking about it, Yueyue!" The boy who sat on her left was the first brother of her. Ling Feng.

"What?" Ling Yue averted her eyes from wine in front of her, on table.

A soft chuckle heard in her right ears. "Your face gives it all, stupid!"

Ling Yue glances on her right side. Ling Huang had his lip curled upward. Her face became a bit shade darker. Embarrassed being caught red handed, her hand in juice glass tightened. Her second brother took away the remaining wine on the table.

"Jezz what are you doing? Don't be so strike with her. It's only a wine though." The other boy who sat opposite them, spoke. With a playful smile lingering his lips, he place his wine in front of Ling Yue. "Treat it as graduations celebrate from me."

His action welcomed a glare by two brother. "It's a no!" Ling Feng send a death glare to his friend.

"If I were her, you're gonna be my first-hate man in my life. For sure!" He spoke louder this time, beat the music in his ears. He placed his hand on a girl's shoulder beside him and moved his hand upside down in her upper arm before rest on her waist and drew closer to her body. The girl stuck her whole body with him.

Ling Yue saw what he was doing and her face became redder. Accidentally -the boy- Xi Jian, saw her too and realized her face a bit red.

'What a pure heart' he laughed in his head.

Today, Xi Jian, Ling Feng and the other friend came here to celebrate their college graduation. While Ling Feng invited his brother and sister, Xi Jian brought his date tonight, Wei Nuan.

"You shouldn't bring your innocent Yueyue here, Fengfeng. Look how red her face is," Xi Jian raised his chin to Ling Yue direction. Ling Feng and Ling Huang turned their heads to their timid and shyness sister of them. Ling Feng rubbed her head. A gentle and a loving look showed on both brothers' eyes.

Xi Jian sneered. "A pair of dumb brothers."

Xi Jian befriended Ling Feng when they were in high school, more than six years now. In those years he learned how doting Ling Feng to his sister. Alas, his brother just did the same as Ling Feng. Their love for their sister is unbearable. They stick like a glue wherever Ling Yue go, especially when Ling Yue in her last year in high school. Both of them switched each other place in various ways. Sometimes, Xi Jian dragged along when he played with Ling Feng and suddenly a call from Ling Huang came and said he couldn't keep her company.

Ling Feng acted like a brat older brother wherever he saw a boy try to get nearer Ling Yue, while Ling Huang acted like a spoiled boyfriend to shoo them. They schemed and disposed all unnecessary threat behind her. Even, there's a time when Xi Jian gave a hand voluntarily.

For the first time, he got annoyed whenever Ling Feng talking about his sister. Later when he and his friend came to their house, all of Ling Feng's talks were reasonable. He came to know all Ling Feng siblings. Ling Huang, Ling Yue and the youngest brother of three Ling Huansheng. Ling Yue was the only girl among four of them. Ling Yue was a pure girl by heart whom he never met anywhere.

She was only twelve years old while he was 16. Although she's very young, she could conduct their entire household like a mistress of the house. Despite the real mistress was died when she five, leaving the brothers and sister in such a young and vulnerable age. But it didn't show in her attitude that time when he came. Her consent for her brothers was on the top world. Her cooking skill was excellent. Xi Jian secretly loved her cooking too. Alas he didn't dare to admit it openly. It will cost his life. It wasn't his body that he feared scattered on the ground, it was his mind and peace soul that would be half 'wanna death' and half 'definitely' death with their torture. If the three of them knew what he was thinking, they gonna skin his alive for sure.

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