2 part 2

"They're the protectors and they're the only ones that kept the twins alive, and their powers at Bay", Emily acknowledged.

"If they take it, trouble will fall, we must make sure nothing happens, but how, our human souls will be gone soon and Kanisha will lose her memory of all this,'' said Kiya, then grabbed the scepter seeing how little power.

"Mighty scepter grant us our last wish, to handle the power to keep human souls to protect this dimension and it's people from the evil that hides in the night, please grant us this last wish tonight, with your last bit of magic", said Kiya, while she starts glowing along with her three friends.

"Did it work?" asked Emily.

"Only one way to find out", said Kiya and opens the window and watch the sunrise, to notice the baby wake up.

"Morning Cameryn, wait morning, Emily wake up", said Kiya.

"Five more minutes, I haven't gotten a chance to see if my inhumane life is filled with terror yet, wait morning,'' said Emily, wakes up.

"The spell worked, I wonder if it happened at the other place,'' said Kiya.

In the house, Kanisha is flying in midair, then notice Ilena and Karsh.

"Seriously, why do you people think spying is a good idea?" I asked.

"We wanted to say thank you and wonder what you were doing,'' said Ilena.

"Okay, wait I sense trouble 2.0, Misa let's go, Re la you stay with Ilena and Karsh", I said, then I went outside.

"Well, well, if it isn't Kanisha the vampire and one of her meddlesome friends come to foil my plans again,'' said 17-year-old girl wearing a black cloak.

"Well, first we came here by accident, but since we figured you're going to try to get our friend's powers,we're going to stop you", I told her.

"Not a chance, goons let get them", said the mysterious girl, and tries to trap them in a cage.

"Now, what are you going to do, vampire?" asked one of the goons.

My eyes turn crystal, making the wind getting stronger, which breaks the cage, and put the girl and the goons inside the same cage.

But, doing that drained Kanisha of her vampire energy and makes the space time continuum change and takes the girls 21 years into the future. 

"Kanisha, please be okay, please", said Misa.

"Uh, stop yelling i'm okay, when and where are we?" I asked, getting up, and see Alex asleep and notice I'm in Lucinda's place.

"We're still in the earth realm, but I feel danger, oh no The consumers are gone", said Misa, while I notice Re la is gone and takes Misa's hand and hides behind the couch.

"We need to go to Cameryn's house quick before the consumers get them without the twins, this universe and Coventry is doom, and means we can't leave", I said, looking at Alex.

"What's going on, Kanisha?" asked Alex.

"Hi, i'm surprised you recognize me", I said.

"It's been ages, I wrote about you in my journal, but I thought it was just a dream, where's the others", said Alex: a 21-years-old girl wearing a purple scarf, a blue blouse, brown belt, blue jeans, blue jacket.

"That's an explanation for later, right now. We must go before Lucinda comes, don't tell anybody you saw me or Misa, let's get out of here", I said.

"Alright, let's go", said Misa.

Misa and Kanisha teleport out of the house, which damages Kanisha more.

The screen shows Emily and Kiya appearing in Camyrn's house, around the time Camyrn is drawing a picture of Alex sleeping.

"We're here," said Kiya.

"Something's Wrong," said Emily.

"What?" asked Kiya, confused.

"I can sense magic from there," Emily pointed to the closet.

"That's impossible, it's too soon ... unless," replied Kiya.

Emily and Kiya notice Camyrn sneak up behind them.

"Camryn! You scared me to death", said Emily. "Which is ironic because I'm already dead".

"So, my dreams were true, you really did save me," Camyrn smiled. "Unless this is a dream".

Emily touches Camyrn's hand, and smiles.

"This is not a dream," Emily tells Camyrn.

"Why are you here? What's wrong?" asked Camyrn.

"We can't explain now, but we will, once you meet her," Kiya winked.

"Her?" asked Camyrn.

Emily looks at Camyrn's drawing and sees a crystal.

"That's not good,'' Emily whispered looking at the picture, then turns to Kiya. "Kiya, we need to keep an eye on Cam".

"Absolutely," said Kiya.

They hear the door creek.

"Quick, hide in the closet," Camyrn whispered.

Kiya and Emily run into the closet, Camyrn pretends to continue drawing, then the door opens.

As the door opens, two shadows appear, which is David and Emily Barnes.

"Surprise! Gotcha!" Camyrn mocked them.

"I swear one of these days, I'm just going to stick your head in the cake," said David.

"I told you, you couldn't surprise her, as long as the sun's up she's up, happy birthday, Camyrn," said Emily.

"Thank you," said Camyrn.

"So, what do you want to do, today's all about you?" asked Emily.

"Which is no different from yesterday, or the day after that or the day after that," David mocked Camyrn.

"As it should be, I can't believe it took you twenty one years..," said Camyrn, putting some cake on the top of his nose.

But, Camyrn got gets interrupted by a sound downstairs.

"What was that?" wondered David.

"I'll go check it out," Emily decided.

David follows her.

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After they left, Camyrn let's out Kiya and Emily.

"Anybody up for tennis?" Camyrn offered.

"Of course," said Emily.

"But, first you need to change, that your monster forms would be better for the party tonight," said Camyrn.

"Of course," said Emily, smiling.

Emily and Kiya gather their power to change into their human forms.

Camryn shows some lovely outfits that would work for them.

Emily has zdx a blonde girl with white dress.

I have a red vampire cape, a purple dress, and pink shoes.

Re la is wrapped up in bandages, her black hair is out, she's a mummy.

Misa is a werewolf, she has short brown hair, lovely ears, fang, wearing a pink shirt, blue pants, and white shoes.

Kiya is a witch, she has purple curly hair, wearing a green dress, and green heels, holding a broom..