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Twisted Saints


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He knocked the knife out of my hand, making me cry out, pushing me against the wall, his knee pressed between my legs. "I don't think that's how you thank your knight in shining armor, Princess." His breath hot against my ear, his spicy cologne overwhelming my senses. Twisted Saints, the words tattooed on the inside of his arm, revealing the words to me as he pushed a piece of hair behind my ear. "Would you like to try again, Sweetheart?" Smirking at my slightly shaking body. "Well?" He whispered into my ear, his face almost buried in the crook my neck, His hands now pinning my arms to my sides. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Arlyne Elliott lived an expensive, wealthy life, but also a sheltered one. She knew nothing of her father's work, neither did she care, more interested in her own life than the people around her. Her life perfect, a supportive loving father by her side, her life planned, set in stone, but all is not well in the small Elliott family, when Arlyne starts to notice things, starts to get curious. While visiting her childhood origin, Venice Italy, Arlyne pushes and pushes for the truth determined not to be tied up lost in the deception of lies Arlyne has been told all her life. But what happens when her plans are disrupted, by a dangerous man, a gang leader? The leader of The Twisted Saints himself. Vincent Agnello promises her answers, but is she willing to take them? Or is she afraid of the truth? What happens when Arlyne feels a pull to this deadly stranger, luring her further into his grasp? Only she can decide her fate, or can she? Or will Vincent Agnello choose for her?


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