Twisted Destiny: The Alpha King's Mate Book

novel - LGBT+

Twisted Destiny: The Alpha King's Mate


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Nathaniel has been obsessed with killing werewolves since he was just a boy. His wounds from the attack on his home by werewolves that took his family from him keep him going on his mission to kill all werewolves. He joins the Marikan a group of demons who teach him how to fight and make him part demon. A halfling, half-human, and half-demon. Seeing that he was ready to start his goal. He seeks out the alpha of all alpha, the leader of the biggest and most powerful pack known to their kind. He is the king of all werewolves. He believes that he can seduce the alpha, make him his and use him to kill all the werewolves. But what happens when he finds the alpha and discovers he is a twelve-year-old child. How will he manage to seduce a child? It is even legal for him to do so? And how can he kill a child? He is out for blood but he is not a monster. Will he be able to keep his head straight and complete his mission or forget his grudge and move on. And what happens when the sister he thought was dead comes back into their lives. But doesn't remember him and calls the demon king brother. Will he be able to get his sister to remember him and love him again? Will he be able to harm the demon king when his sister is acting as the demon king's protective shield? Will he be able to uncover the events from his past and learn how the bond between his sister and the alpha of all Alpha's came to be? Find out the struggles Nathaniel has to go through in his journey for revenge and discovery. Many secrets lie beneath the black and white lines of life. Will he uncover the secrets of the demon king and his sister? In the end, who will he choose, his lost sister, the demon king, or revenge? *Image from Pinterest. Credit goes to the owner and if he or she wishes for it to be removed then he/she should let me know*