TWISTED: Chess Piece

"We are the Pawns. Disposable pieces used by the King to maintain their reign." But is that all there is to it? 8 twisted Pawns in a board of 64 squares with 32 Black and White Pieces, who would win this game? Is it the Whites who delivers the first move? Or is it the Black who successfully parries the first blow? Whoever you thought the winner might be, please keep in mind that twisted Pieces are bound to twist the entire game.

Kiyaaan · Realistic
Not enough ratings
212 Chs

Chapter 206

"What? You got a schedule with Chess?"

Hans widened his eyes in disbelief with Freya's words. Freya then glared at him and stomped her feet on the floor like a little girl throwing tantrums.

"I'm telling you, I did! We're meeting at 01:00 in the afternoon today, why won't you believe me?!" She yelled.

Hans disregarded her complains and only focused at the mentioned time.

"01:00 o'clock..." He mumbled, his eyes darting straight on the clock.

The moment his eyes saw the hands of the clock pointing at certain numbers, his eyes went even wider.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?! It's quarter to 01:00 already!"

After that, he hurriedly ran back to his room and fixed himself. He simply changed his shirt and cleaned his glasses before walking back to where he left Freya. Without even asking for her permission, Hans simply walked passed her before speaking in a determined voice.

"Let's hurry. We can't keep Chess waiting." He said.