Twist of fate:Two hearts Book

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Twist of fate:Two hearts


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Her family died in a fire outbreak at the age of 15, and she was the only one who survived, she lived survived by herself for a year but at the age of 16, a gangster took her in to be part of them but fell in love with her and asked her to be his girlfriend in exchange that after 5 years she would leave. She struggles to make a living by working as an actress in starlight entertainment until she meets the most powerful man in the country and around the world. He is a cold and aloof person which no one can get closer to. She is the only one that can tame him. ****** Ning Quio dared not speak and Lu Laoyang also looked nervous but he spoke up. " I'm going to tell you something, I'll only say it once" Ning Quio nodded her head in approval but didn't expect the word that came out of his mouth" Be my girlfriend" she immediately froze, what did she just hear? be my girlfriend? "Erm Mr CEO could you kindly repeat what you said?" "I love you be my girlfriend" Will her destiny change? *Cover is not mine, credits to the owner*