1 Prologue

A tear slipped from my eyes as I finally threw my diary in the fire. No, I wasn't burning a few useless stuff of mine. I was burning or rather destroying the already half-destroyed favourite things of mine. From my favourite pencil box which my dad gifted me on the first day of school, till my diary in which I've locked every single memory of my past. The memories no one knows about. I was giving up my past. I was destroying all those bitter memories which still makes me cry.

Hi! I'm Samaira Paul. A 16-year-old, weird, antisocial, bullied, literature freak. Someone, you don't want to speak with until and unless you want to be ignored too.

I've been bullied all through my school life. But no, this is not some kind of cliché story where the queen B bullies me because I'm some kind of Diva and I'm not aware of my beauty and stuff. No, I'm being bullied by almost the entire class of mine; Physically, mentally and emotionally.

But as they say (I still don't know who), Life always gifts you something good if you're facing something awful. So luckily, I've got some friends, who always stand by me no matter what the situation is. And I'm really grateful to have them.

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Today is 8th April, the last day of 'After-Exam-Vacations', as I would like to put it. From tomorrow, a new school year is going to start and I'm going to start a new life with a new personality.

From tomorrow, Stanford Day is going to see a new Samaira, who's confident and strong. But yeah, old friends obviously, I don't have a death wish. And another thing that I am not going to change is my 'teacher's pet' behaviour, which I call obedient behaviour. Let me tell you this one positive thing about my school life, the teachers absolutely love and adore me, except a few though, but still.

New life here I come!



"Listen here, Princess. I don't care what you think but you will not meet up with that piece of shit today." He said with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

Feeling a bit confident and angry, I replied, "And who are you to decide that? Because last time I checked, you were not my dad!"

Right now he was fuming, I can literally feel steam coming out of his ears. He took a few long strides and backed me up against the wall. "You. Are. Not. Going. Out. With. Him. Today. Or any day!" He said pausing at every word and in a low voice but enough for me to hear. I won't lie, his words and tone gave me shivers.

Conjuring whatever confidence I have, I pushed him away and said, "I don't care. And you. Are. Simply. No. One. To. Dictate. Me." Pausing at every word in order to copy him.

But to say that his reaction surprised me would be an understatement. His mood changed in a complete 360° way as he grinned at me with mischief in his eyes and said, "Ok then, I'll make sure you enjoy your date."

And with that, he was gone.


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