1 Chapter 1 : Wonderous 1 December 7.00 am

The earth laugh in flower's and slow down and enjoy the simple pleasure in your life. Beautiful mysterious started in one day. That one day trees has the rythem in leafs chill breeze and birds chirping in the early morning then She came her hair was midnight black and it flowed over her shoulder. She had honey sweet lips with slender eyebrows a soothing voice, pretty smile on her face. She was looking like Angelic heavenly her name was Imnite .She was looking up the sky sun was shining and then she started to run carrying soul in "a dazzling inlay of precious stones". Over the bridge she ran she ran, Cold and wet, tired and exhausted she made her way along the path through the forest a deep forest with slient was the music around she ran till her legs aches then she stop, breathing hard "huff" "huff"huff"huff"huff", opening the eyes she looked at her hand the dazzling "aquamarine" stone tears falling down from her eyes dropped in the stone the drop on the stone made it sparkle all around the forest and a magic and fascination thing happen.

7 years back,

"Help me!" Help me!" Came the call from behind the wooden door. She heard a voice the voice sounds like cherry hearty loud voice she turned to the wooden door and she went near and asked" how can I help you ? " he replied can you help me carrying this door he never showed his face she helped carrying it from this road to other end of the road when he came to tell thank you and looked for her. She was not there, he only saw the hands of the girl wearing a dazzling gemstone and remembered the smell of her passing through the air. And he felt bad and moved to the work He is of course, incredibly handsome, and polite, kind, helpful, attractive with broad shoulders. He was working in place where historical and valuable object they sell or buy it was most popular place in the city called yellowstone in US his name was Zayon Parker .

Then she walked down the street and sat in the park and she was listening to music on and smile on her face looked around saw a bird was feeding its baby bird her only wish was to see all the animals and birds and fish and tree it should only speak with her and she need to hear all the thoughts and what where there conversations she always dream for it and she want to live a life with all of her dreams. With that thoughts she walked to her home and knocked the door Mom opened up the door she said "Hai Mom" and said to her I am gonna bath please make my lunch ready I have to move outside for the music class and to the library. Mom replied, yes honey I will make and please do make sure to clean your room. she replied "yes mom". Ran upstairs to her room and she kept her backpack and she went to bath. She heared a sound opening up her room door. She looked her eyes around and saw the door of her bathroom. The door opened slowly and slowly she was afraid and voice heared, Honey! I told to clean your room and take bath it was her mom and she said yes mom I will make sure to do it today now go down and make me lunch it's time. Then she took bath and got ready wearing a sweatpants and croptop for her class and went down. When she was getting ready for her class in other hand Zayon Parker was rushing to deliver a precious olden chain which the person who order it was next to imnite home. Then she had lunch got ready went out carring a backpack and her viloin box hearing music she stepped out of her home mom saying bye honey take care and she saw a boy confused with his roots she just smiled at him, she saw he was carry a bag of company which sells precious olden things and she crossed him and went he was none other it was zayon he was confused so he never looked at her she passed.

Later he found the address and he knocked the door and it was Imnite house he wrongly knocked the door instead of neighbors home he was asking to imnite mom your the one ordered the old precious chain she replied, No sorry that order was not mine then he said and said sorry mam I came to wrong address and he went knock the neighbor door and delivered the goods but the problem was the chain was not in the bag. That chain cost is ten thousand dollars he was shocked he was thinking how he lost many thought ran inside is brain he was confused sad and upset is he lost the chain or its stolen by someone how he is gonna find the chain how imnite and zayon is going to together you will know all these in coming chapter.