4 A talk with her

It's been a few days since cullens came to Alex's class. Even if the Jasper doesn't come Alice and Edythe always come to his classes.Sometimes Alice tells him she is feeling not well and while sitting on the conner of stadium she stare at him like Alex was a walking icecream.That's bother Alex to no end. 'This is little creepy.'

"Don't mind my sister coach she really like you.I mean she like your teachings" Edythe said.

"Is she always sick like that?"

"No she started to becomes sick lately"Edythe replied trying to hide her smile.Meanwhile Alice glaring hole through her sister's body.

After weekend when he parked his car Alex saw a familiar truck.'She is here' Alex thought.After few hours Bella arrived at PE class.

"Coach this is Bella Swan new student " Mike introduced Bella to Alex.

"Hmm...a new student huh. Let's see your sport talents then"

A few moments later

"New girl, move already.Ball not gona walk towards you.You need to walk towards the ball"

"Are you a cactus because dicot trees move more than you" Alex said to bella

"You need to do some exercises and eat healthy food. Right now you can be blown away by a little wind"Alex said. 'Her physical abilities are below the below average.She will become a vampire in a few years anyway'

At night in cullen's residence

"So you are telling us you can't read new girl's thought too " Rosalie said.

"She smelled nice too.But it's different kind of nice from Coach Alex.Do you think they are related to hunters, Carlisle " Edythe asked.

"I don't think they are hunters. But better keep a eye on them."

"More importantly Edward like that girl right.Did the mate bond formed?" Esme asked.

"Yah I can feel it.What about you Alice?"

" I don't know.I clearly felt bond start to form when I saw him.But he never respond.It's felt like his psychic shielded and I can't have any vision of him.Yet I am really attract to him" Alice said with sad expression.

"Hehe...No need to be nervous you just need to seduce him old school way "Edythe said teasingly.

"Se..seduce " Alice starts to fluster.

" By the way I am not going to school.I can't control myself around her.She is too appetizing "

" I don't get it. Why you two fall for humans?"

"we were all humans before Rosalie" Carlisle said.

Since Bella's arrival cullens stoped come to school.This morning Alex went for a jog.It's not for exercise just to get some fresh air after all he doesn't have gym equipments that can handle a Kryptonian.

"Coach Alex...wait" Alex was surprised when someone call out.It was a road near forest normally people don't use much.

"Hello Alice,Good morning! What are you doing here?

"Good morning coach.I..I was jogging. "

"Ok but why didn't you come to school?"

"emm I..I..I was sick. "

"So you are telling me that all of your siblings become sick at same time.Must be a serious sickness."

Looking at Alice who start to panic Alex said"Ha ha don't be nervous I won't ask anymore.So do you want to join me on jog?"

"Yes coach"

"Just call me Alex, we are not in school."

Alice nodded and they started to jog and while jogging they talked about sports.'She really like baseball huh' Alex thoughts looking at Alice.Before Alex knew she was beautiful but now he can tell word beautiful is not enough to describe Alice. she is like a fairy.

"Do you want to stay for breakfast?" Alex asked after their jog.

"NO"Alice said loudly " I have to go now"

Even before Alex could talk she start to ran away.

watching she ran away in panic Alex could only think 'cute'.

"Edythe" Alice appeared inside cullen's house with her super speed.

"Why are you shouting early in the morning" Edythe said in displeasure.

"I messed up.He asked would I like to join breakfast and I panicked and run away.Now he probably thinks I am a weirdo"Alice said in hurry.

"Woha...clam down first.Now it's just a Breakfast and you are a beautiful girl so be more confidence.When we go to school you can talk to him" Edythe said trying to calm her sister.

Alex arrived Forks Highschool and he saw cullen's vehicles.'Looks like they are back.'When his class start cullens also joined.After class ends students start to leave and Edythe left with Jasper after signaling Alice with her eyes.

After that only Alex and Alice were inside the stadium.

"So don't you have a class next?"Alex asked when he notice Alice didn't leave.

"No, I am free right now"

"By the way your family looks..."

" weird" Alice said trying not sound to upset.

"No, unique is the word I was going to say.Because you don't look alike"

"Well we are not related in blood.Carlisle adopt us.He is a doctor works in Forks hospital"

"So you guys are couples"Alex asked curiously to know changes that has occurred.

"Not all of us tho.Emmet and Rosalie,Edythe and Jasper are couples . Edward like someone and I am currently single. Also Edward and Edythe are actual twins."Alice said while thinking ' finally he knows I am single'

"emm Alex do you like to hike?"

"Yah why"

"Well I wonder do you like to join a hike to nearby forest.Of course not just two of us Edythe and Jasper coming too."

"I guess it will be a good experience.I will join then"

"YES, I will come and get you in next Saterday"

Alice said happily.

"Give me your number " Alex said.

"Wha...my number " Alice flustered.

"Yes, what happene if we need to share some information."

After that they exchange their numbers Alice said bye to Alex and went away.

'She is not trying to trick me into trape and eat me right.I hope nothing bad will happen' Alex thought.

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