1 Prologue

The war engulfing the Land of Dawn is a never-ending event. Light and darkness struggling to gain dominance throughout the years. The blood of great warriors stained the land, painting the ground red, showing that this war would never end not until something has to bring peace and gain dominance all over the entire land. Sinners fought, Saints pacify, believing the matter of their own beliefs. The apocryphal truth is merely a lie. Heaven and hell raised up, the paramount of noticing the affair of armageddon is very crucial on both sides. As a belief, one must dominate in order to bring an end to this war. But little did they know. Bones on ichor, the flesh may decline. Chaos brings the mind and Order strips and naturally bind.

A void made out of rocks, out in the middle of the desert, A castle lies in a pressurized compact. Among the walls stained with ichor, found the resurrected Leomord in vigor. Planning to counter an attack after barely defending himself from Tigreal and his expeditionary army.

Killing the remaining survivors, he filled himself with uncontrollable rage cloaking his deepest sorrows and greatest sufferings. He only knew one necessary thing to do and that is to slaughter, driven by the words of Vexana. "I'll have to do what is necessary for the sake of my warriors, even if it means to be Queen Vexana's slave!" Leomord mumbled as he rode his horse Barbiel among the half-dead corpse of his enemies, killing anyone who dares to stand. The dark chaotic energy inside his body, reborn, rebuilding the sins that he had left after Vexana turned the whole misty land into a dark pandemonium kingdom. Cursed by the Lord of the Abyss, he couldn't do anything to get things right. His whole incarnation, a metamorphosis! To slaughter is only its one true goal and thus becoming his own poison, killing his soul and mind. Satisfying the greed of his chaos-infested heart, slaughtering, and devilish exaltations are only enough for his heart to bear the slightest nirvana that he could have. His eyes are burning bright, revenge! Nothing could bear this fright. He looked upon the sky watching the bloody, clear night.

Meanwhile, at the Moniyan Empire, the Moniyan council called a meeting in regards to the defeat of Tigreal's expeditionary forces where he told them everything that happened. The meeting was held inside the courtroom of the Moniyan Castle, a luxurious place for all the royal facets. Its walls made out of shimmering gold and ruby, the chairs and the round tables were so grand, the paintings of honorable heroes from the past that is entirely reminiscing and commendable, everything was at the peak of its perfection and nobility. The doors were opened, all of the officials proceeded on to their designated seats neatly and orderly, all sat down ahead of the time. Courageous and admirable, the mighty Tigreal stands up after he was mentioned by the Grand Magus in regards to his great loss, the death of his expeditionary forces. "We must not be in comfort, an enemy greater than we expected, an impending threat is about to be on its way! I believe this is our karma!" Tigreal warned. "None of us is in comfort! facing our karma is but a test of courage and faith to handle what lies ahead of us. The actions you've done is commendable but the loss of your forces could've been your karma." the Grand Magus replied. "What is your response after this? Should I entrust this burden to you to cope up with your defeat? The fall of the empire is your greatest loss... remember that!" the Grand Magus pointed at Tigreal. "I won't let that happen!"Tigreal replied with a fierce will burning on its eyes.

After the meeting was dismissed, Tigreal went to the Temple of Light. It was a temple that the mages used to perform rituals and holy sanctifications and is now considered as the holiest place in the empire that even one could not understand the power engulfing the heart of the temple. He found Alucard sitting among the holy columns, polishing his sword, the Sword of Damocles reflected by the mind and the soul. The wind suddenly blows really heavy as they converse... "How many demons have you slaughtered?" Alucard asked with a serious tone in his voice. Tigreal couldn't reply because of the failure that he had done recently and it might disappoint Alucard. His ego keeps him from talking honestly. "It is fun to kill isn't it?" Alucard said with a sweet, devilish smile on its face. Structured out of vengeance, Alucard lived his life in suffering and despair. The death of his parents, a thing that he couldn't bear. He spent his whole entire life hunting demons, killing them, just to make an endorphin out of them. Philosophizing that one couldn't just live his life without a goal. Revenge is but his goal, however, if we look at the darker side without being a bias, he could've done a terrible thing.

After the moment of discussing some critical matters, the wind stopped blowing and silence filled the whole temple. "Alucard, you've grown in pain and sorrow! If vengeance would devour your entire self, it'll destroy you whole!" Tigreal replied. Alucard laughed, "I am just serving the purpose of my existence! I don't entrust this empire to satisfy my own self-centered will, yes I know that this is selfishness... so what? I'll soak myself with the blood of those demons and prove to them that my vengeance isn't just only words!" Alucard replied. Tigreal felt Alucard's strong will as they continuously converse. Even though he's just too young to portray such strong desires. He's in his twenties and life before that is really hard for him because of the barriers that keep on dragging him down. "Life is but a perfect and unique thing that a person could have. But life beyond individuality—complexity, will only depict uncertainty and self-inquiry. Being alone and meaningless in this life doesn't mean that this life hath forsaken you. A goal is set beyond the comprehension of a simple human mind who's beliefs are only imprinted on the universal truth. If you are able to understand that goal, then it means that life has given you a meaning. I Alucard do believe that revenge is my only one true goal and nothing can stop me from chasing that goal life has given me!" Justified his stand, Alucard after then left the temple and Tigreal in deep cognition.

Brittle bones, blood-on-meat.

The human veracity molded out of bias and deceit.

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