Twilight(FanFic): Cain in Twilight[Dropped]
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Twilight(FanFic): Cain in Twilight[Dropped]


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What is Twilight(FanFic): Cain in Twilight[Dropped]

Read Twilight(FanFic): Cain in Twilight[Dropped] novel written by the author G0DSH4ND on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering reincarnation, fanfic, smartmc, ruthelessmc, twilight. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Haven't seen a lot of good Twilight fanatics lately so I decided to make this. Twilight belongs to its original owner - I own Nothing except my OC:Cain Hope you enjoy, and be free to poke as much holes in the story as possible. Critics help improve authors works, I read all comments so I don't think I'll ignore anything that can help me improve. English is my first language but I'm a Garinagu so I usually shorten my words, just a bad habit I'm trying to get rid of. Before anyone says is Garifuna is the language. !Enjoy!


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Who ever wrote this is acting a bit i di otic I never seen such messed up writing and story logic and bull sh it names even if other authors themselfs tried to do bad writing they couldn't do it this bad .......... JUST HOW HOW CAN IT BE THIS BAD IT IS LIKE STORY ITSELF IS TRYING TO SUICIDE MY GOOD WHAT A ABOMINATION OF WRITING!!!!!!!!


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dear author-kun it was a great book over all for the few chapters you had done. it was very interesting and easy to follow I wish that there was more chapters but sadly you dropped the story via cliffhanger-san. I think it would have turned out to be a great book.🙃🙂😃☺️👍❤️


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Yes. I'm giving myself a review. I'm shameless. Already knew that, but it's your fault. Yes I'm talking to you. Think I can't see you cause you behind your screen. Worst part is, your gonna read this and probably still won't leave a review. Your what's wrong with these people today. Back in my day I wouldn't even need to ask for a review, but I'd have to pay fo... I can't 😂😂😂 I'm done I'm dying😂🤣😂 Send help.


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